Monday, November 13, 2006

Ocean Whispers

Have you ever wandered by the Ocean shore, and listened to the whispering of the waves, imagining what the Waters have seen? The sibilant sounds of the waves as they wash to shore can easily transport me to different realms.

I can imagine I am walking by a tropical Sea, if I want, with soft, warm breezes. Or, if a recent storm has stirred up the ocean, and a cold wind blows, perhaps I visualize myself by a northern Sea.

Ocean called me the other day. Waves were pounding on the shore, punishing the rocks and sand on the beach. Wind was howling...I had the thought that it was perfect picture taking weather. But my camera does not work well in inclement weather any more...

And so I just wandered along, enjoying the sounds and Wind without having my attention taken away by a perfect picture opportunity. And I listened to what the angry, tumultuous Ocean was trying to tell me.

There was little wildlife about this day. A few Sea Gulls swooped and swerved with Wind, calling their distinctive cry. I found a perfect rock to on which to sit, and I watched the hypnotic waves pound the sand a few feet from me. My thoughts travelled to what I had read about Water, and what its magical properties were.

Water is immensely responsive to Spiritual vibrations. Experiments done by Dr. Masara Emoto from Japan shows that the crystalline structure of water is dramatically changed by the vibrations it has been subjected to. It is a living substance, with its own life process and its own Spirit.

Theodor Shwenk (1910-1981) a hydrological engineer, proved that Earth is a living organism, with Water as its sensory organ. Water perceives vital Cosmic influences, transmitting these into Earthly life, showing, with dramatic results, how the differences in our thought patterns changes the crystalline structure of Water.

Water comes in various stages of ripeness...from juvenile water to mature water. Juvenile water is not good for our health, it needs to gather up to 33-36 different trace minerals after it falls to the earth as Rain. It seeps through Earth, gathering these minerals, and emerges as Spring Water, becoming mature in the process. Juvenile water, along with distilled water, has a mineral leaching effect on our bodies, because this Water is "hungry", needing these minerals in order to mature.

Water remembers. It absorbs the vibrational patterns from other substances in its crystalline structure, long after the actual substance has disappeared, and is no longer in the Water.

As I sat on this flat, comfortable rock, with Wind blowing water droplets from Ocean over me, I wondered if I could ask Water to remember the treasures it had surely come into contact with...the treasures of Gold from pirates long dead, or the mindset of long ago civilizations. What knowledge would Water share with me this afternoon?

As I drifted into meditation, the howl of Wind and the crashing of Ocean Waves receded, and a soft, warm breeze enveloped me. The shrill cry of the Gulls disappeared, and song birds twittered in the Forest that suddenly sprang up behind me. Waves slowly washed ashore, bringing a gentle sense of peace and well-being.

Water is Earth's sensory organ; it picked up on my thoughts and showed me how I could change, just by believing, the reality of my life. It proved this thought well this afternoon, and it has stayed with me. I have dreamt many dreams of what Water showed me that day.

Before I went to the beach, my thought patterns were all about security...a richness... I felt I didn't have. My mind was focused on debt, on health problems and a million other negative ways of thinking. I did not think I was mired in negativity; rather, I thought I was trying to find the solution. But the thoughts I was sending out to Ocean were filled with unhappiness, even if I was not aware of it.

Ocean took my thoughts, swirled them around, washing them clean, and sent them back to me.

Suddenly I was surrounded with Gold. The rocky beach turned into a long space filled with golden spheres, some large bars of gold, others small golden coins...the beach was covered in them. The Rock I sat on became a throne, embedded with jewels. I saw myself giving the bounty I was in to deserving charities, I felt myself becoming secure and happy, knowing I could do whatever I wanted to do. I heard the words...Ask and Believe.

Had I ever expressly asked for Abundance, and what it means to me? Did I believe enough to understand that if I changed my thought patterns, the Universe would send me what I required in life? What if I didn't think of debt, but of a constant flow of cash, enough for my needs and others? What if I thought of myself as healthy, instead of arthritic? The rest of life's problems...could I change my thinking, change the words I used to describe them, to more positive terms?

And would I be able to sustain the belief that with thought changes abundance in all things would occur? Water told me to Ask the Universe...that is the easy part. Even if I must remember, when I ask, that I use the proper terminology. I could ask for abundance in Cash, but I must remember, at the same time, to ask for abundance in Joy. There are many people who are wealthy who are unhappy, because they have forgotten Joy.

The hard part is believing, on a constant, flowing, ongoing basis. Every minute of the day, I must work at believing I already live with abundance. Even if I am stuck in sadness and fear...I must rework where I find myself, must find the balance and must know, deep within my soul, that the sadness and fear does not define me. It is not who I am.

Ocean's whispers, on this blustery, stormy day, told me who I am, told me I could have abundance of joy, health, money...whatever I a manner I will never forget. The golden stones stay with me and permeate my dreams.

And suddenly, my dreams are filled with good things, with happiness and laughter and yes, wonderful security...enough for the rest of my life on Earth. No longer are they muddy and convoluted and sad, hard to decipher.

The human body is made up of at least 70 percent water. If water has memory, and I pollute that water in my body with negativity, could it not follow, then, that the water in my body would remember those heinous thoughts and react to them, giving me a different viewpoint than I really desire?

Water cleansed my thinking last week and changed it to a positive vibration. Ocean's whispers of other places and other times has taught me that even if I am not aware of how my thinking comes across, if it is in any way negative, the negative is attracted to more negativity, more unhappiness. It feeds on itself.

Just as joy does.

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  1. If only we could understand the language of the earth, what stories and wisdom it could share with us. Thank you for another wonderful post! :)

  2. Wonderful post.

    I read somewhere that it is not just what water contains mineral wise that makes it good or bad for your body it is also the atmosphere of what is happening around it.

    Rather like those Dutch sisters who were in the camps during WW2 who took their meagre and unhealthy food and meditated that it was healthy and nutritious. They stayed healthy and survived the camps.

  3. I felt at peace listening to your words in my head as I read them. Thank you for my own bit of vicarious

  4. Anonymous9:53 p.m.

    What a beautiful piece of writing. You bring home so powerfully the interactiveness of us all to the world around us, best wishes, The Artist

  5. Thank you for the story about the Dutch does underscore how powerful positive thinking really is, Jackie!

    Sheila, my pleasure! Glad you liked it!

    Matt, it's always nice to see you,thank you!

    The do that pretty well yourself, with your creative site! thank you!

  6. Lovely! I once lived on a little island with a year-round population of 7, and I sometimes blog about it. It was a transformative experience, and I definitely know what you mean about being called by the ocean.

    You may even enjoy reading a recent post of mine, entitled 'Heart of the Woods' in fact.

    Nice to meet another nature lover. :)