Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Whirlwind!

The energies were moving quickly, round and round with great rapidity, for me during the last two weeks.

We've entertained visitors from Scotland and travelled to the Coast to visit family. I feel discombobulated; my routines have ridden the Whirlwind and completely disappeared.

Writing is the first thing to suffer, when I am very busy.  Writing is the one thing which settles me, yet I push it aside first, every time.

Where is the author who can shut the door to the room in which he writes? Where is the writer who can close his mind to exciting, joyful, and anticipated events in which he is involved? I wish I knew him.

On the other hand, eventful situations provide fodder for this writer. Without them, writing takes on a stilted quality, a been there-done that kind of thing.  Even my guides get bored.

Our visitors from Scotland were a delight. Seeing the Land through the eyes of someone from a completely different culture and way of life refreshes the entire experience. 

And you know...if people around me have an accent of any sort for any length of time...I begin to pick up the aforementioned accent.
I'm not very good at it, mind you, but the cadence changes in my tone and there is a lilt that was not apparent before.  I'm quite unconscious about it. It is not until I tell someone I have Scottish visitors and they say...You've picked up their accent. It is a little disconcerting.

Since we are planning a trip to Scotland to visit Graham's relatives next year, I only wonder who I will sound like when I return.

The trip to the Coast, albeit a very quick one, gave me a little time to connect with the family.  Visits like these soothe the troubled, homesick beast within me for a period of time thereafter.

The best part camera is filled with updated photos Brianna, my budding photographer granddaughter, took while we were there. Those photos will replace the last set from earlier visits, and on it goes...

Every time I return from one of these visits, I am filled with gratitude for my life...a happy, healthy family is such a reward for suffering through past experiences and crises. And the best part? I remembered to thank Spirit.

Just before the visitors and the trip, I had the greatest opportunity to join a cyber neighbourhood called Blogland Lane. I must apologize to my neighbours there; I have not yet visited many of them.

For many long years I have hankered for land on the Ocean.  I wrote about this in my last post. But the Universe has a great strange sense of humour. Instead of sending me real-life Land, I've been sent on a cyber adventure.

KJ, from Options Associates for a Better World, resurrected  an idea from another, and lo and behold, Blogland Lane was born.

What a great place for the fantastical child in me! I am letting my imagination run wild is complete play time! So far, I've arrived on a sloop, have anchored in a bay, and have placed my name on five acres of ocean front property...

I will have Forest at my back and Ocean in front, as I've written about many times, in cyberspace, at least!

And my Land is Lot 268.  These are my life path will be so interesting; this, my journey through the windows of my mind, opening them and letting Wind blow the cobwebs away. This will allow Spider to create anew.

It's a wonderful opportunity. If any of my readers are interested in joining, it would be wonderful to have you as neighbours!

Yes. The energies are swirling, a mass of resurrection and renewal all humming and singing their songs around me.

Can you hear them?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visualizing the Future

In my wanderings through the mists on the Internet, I came upon a site called It interested me for a bit; then I moved on.

But when I checked my email, I had received a message from someone who raved about these Mind Movies. Too much of a co-incidence for me! I downloaded their free movies, and have enjoyed watching them twice a day...on arising and just before bedtime.

The movies, six of them in all, are a series of photos set to music with affirmations, using the present tense. They are made with can tell easily...and so, it is a wonderful way to begin and end my day with these little mind movies.

I've been thinking about what I would want in my own personalized movie and have discovered it is not as easy as I thought it might be. When one has the option of being anywhere, anyhow, anyway one desires, when the floodgates of ideas open...well, suffice it to say, my personal movie will either be far too long, or it will need major editing...

Or perhaps, I will require two in which my only focus will be Mother Earth, and her people. Perhaps, if everyone played a Mind Movie twice a day regarding the health and well-being of the planet we live on, it might bring about desirable change that much more quickly.

One of my movies will be about our move back to the general area in which family resides. And if I'm going to dream, if I'm going to manifest, then I will manifest big...and hang the expense.

I'll show photos of homes by the sea. The favoured home will have a mature, settled feel about it, with fruit trees and vegetable gardens in place.  Out of the curved front window, from the living room, one can see a long, green space running down to the cliff, where stairs enable one to reach the surf...

The home is has the creaks and groans associated with aged wood and nails coming loose over time. It is a small home, with just enough room for the two of us, our dogs and the odd grandchild or two who stays the night.

But for all its cosy feel, or perhaps because of it, the home has wonderful detailed wood-working within it. There are built-in bookcases, wainscoting and mouldings everywhere. Candlelight glows on a ledge within a stone fireplace, blackened in places from previous owners who built fires under the mistaken assumption the damper was open.

And the bathrooms...oh!the bathrooms! There is tile everywhere...wonderful, glazed tile from some warm, Mediterranean place. The shower is an aficionado's delight...with inset places for all the accoutrement's one requires to take a proper shower. And with a wonderful, rainy showerhead, one which takes the day's hits and blows, allowing them to flow down the drain with the softest of ease.

It is a big room, this bathroom. Since we own all the land within eyesight (or perhaps we live next to a park?) privacy is not an issue. And so, one wall is glass, with doors which open to the Sea.

Taking a shower next to Ocean's backdrop feels purely right!

Our home has a Forest rimming it...a deep, dark Forest, one which both my grandchildren love.  There are many trails running through it, each with its own delights, but all of them lead back to Nammy's house, and a warm hug.

The front of the home faces the Ocean. Our bedroom window also faces towards the breathing of the Sea...her heavy, angry, stormy breath and her soft, swishing, lapping kiss of the shore entwining themselves into the deepest part of me.

Throughout my movie, I will place pictures of people running, laughing and playing, exhibiting a joy for life. Those people are's how I am and how I want to be, with reference to the running part.

My health will be perfect...I will no longer be required to take masses of pills.  I will show smiling, happy shining out of every pore.

I could go on.  It takes awhile to decide on how and what one wants to visualize and therefore manifest.  One wants to be sure.

Visualization works well for me, in meditation, but it doesn't fall so easily into place for others. Being able to "see" a dream makes it so much more real.

MindMovies made me think about where I'm going and where I want to be, something not often thought about by this going-with-the-flow fish.

Not a bad thing, at all!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Yesterday morning, when I arose, the temperature was only 4C. I ask you, is this not strange? It's been so unprecedented heat wave...and then overnight, a drastic change occurs.

It's been difficult to acclimatize to the cooler temperatures. Because of Fibro, a quick change in weather makes me feel ill and the pain is so much worse. But the medication I take helped tremendously this time, although still the devil Fibro made his presence felt.

It's better this morning, however, my body having caught up with the weather change. Yesterday the temperature only went up to 18C, but it sounds as if today will be a little warmer.

This cooling trend helps the 800 or so Fires presently burning in the province. This morning, the deck was covered with sparkling diamonds of a very heavy Dew. Here, in the dry interior, visits from the Goddess Ersa (Greek Goddess of Dew) are so very welcome.

Wildlife activity has increased. During the past two days, I've counted sixteen Deer who have passed through the property. Owl has taken ownership of a Fir Tree, not far from the deck, and I am privileged to watch  his silent, deadly flight towards some hapless creature...a part of Mother Nature's cycle.

Birds of all kinds have descended on the bird feeder, many of them fledglings. The young birds huddle on the feeder deck, looking very curious and astonished at the sudden vast expanse of their World, which perhaps only yesterday consisted of a cozy nest.

I speak with them; their heads turn this way and that as they try to decipher my words. And so, I send images to them...and they become very still. I send quick snaps of feeders, our birdbath, Fir branches and then the Owl...

Instantly, as One, they fly away. How very interesting! Sending images to our Dogs works very well, but I had never tried it with Birds. Perhaps I will learn Birdspeak...a varied language it must be, for sure.

I witnessed an extremely heartwarming greeting exchanged between Lucky and one of the Deer. The Dogs knew their friend was near...just before I'd called them they had used their greeting bark towards something moving about in the bush.

As I went for my evening walk, I noticed a Doe and a Stag browsing along close to the fence. The female Deer had a familiar energy about her...a curious, wondering kind. 

I was unaware of Lucky slipping out of the house, where he was eating his dinner. His curiosity, just like this Doe's, could not be contained.

Instantly, silently (a first for him...his usual howl at an animal who had wandered near strangely absent) he ran towards the pair. He stood with his nose pressed through the wire fence...and the Doe came towards the fence, where they touched noses.

It brought tears to my eyes.  How grateful I am, to be the recipient of small miracles such as these!

The Stag stayed behind. He was a beautiful creature, his antlers still showing the fuzzy covering. I was wary of him, but my attention centred on Lucky and the young, female Deer.

She allowed Lucky to get his fill of sniffing her, and then she wandered slowly back to her cautious, poised Stag. Lucky watched her go and then he, too, came back to the house, acceptance of her departure written all over his dejected face.

I watched as Doe and her Stag meandered off, over the rise, her mission completed.

And the next day, I was so privileged to watch a Mama Deer and her two babies, spots barely visible, also make the pilgrimage to the fence.  There was only me, this time, to greet them, although I did not go close. It was enough to meet the eyes of Mama, and admire her babies from afar.

My feelings for living in the Cariboo are very complex. There is no denying life here can be difficult; yet for one who loves animal speak, there can be no better place, here in the wild bush.

It makes life magical, momentous. Touching a wild one's life gives me so much joy, along with the intense desire to 'know' more, understand more than I do.

Mutating weather might be difficult to handle for me, for a day or two, but living here brings me contact with a different form of being.

Practice makes perfect, they say.