Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tea With Spring...and a Broom

I am so delighted to report Spring has graced me with a few lovely visits over the past few days.

My broom defying gravity...
Waking to the sound of dripping Water...not the silence a Snow Storm brings...but the sound of four o'clock in the morning is incredible, after such a long time spent in a frozen landscape. The gurgle and drip of Water running through the gutters and downspouts was wonderfully soothing

Later, that afternoon, it doesn't seem to matter to me that I can't see the garden beds, still under a two foot blanket of Snow. There are only a few Birds around, all busily feeding at the Bird feeder. The Squirrels who have dodged the resident Hawk all Winter are beginning to make themselves known by their chittering scoldings, but their number is still small.

And it doesn't matter at all.

A photo from an old, it is yet Snow-covered
Spring has dropped by. We share a lazy afternoon on the front porch, she and I, drinking copious amounts of Tea. This is a time of great transition for me, yet again. I ask her advice on what to focus on, on which item to give my complete attention.

She does not seem surprised, as she listens, contentedly and at peace. Each time she moves her hand to drink from the Tea cup, a warm breeze caresses my cheek. It gives me soft comfort.

I listen to the gurgle of the melting Ice and Snow, mesmerized by a Beetle of some kind, making his way drowsily and slowly, along a Sun-washed board.

Spring whispers to me...she tells me there are forever changes, always...that is the way of it. And never more than in the Springtime, when blood warms, bodies move and waken and Mother Earth re-blooms. She tells me I am prepared, as much as anyone can be, for the changes in my life I am currently facing.

Foxgloves...again, a former garden
She tells me this year Humanity's discontent with the way things work in this World will bring about huge change, an enormous transition, from where we began. Along with my own personal adjustments, I must practice balance throughout the swirling emotional revisions all of Humanity faces.

I tell her I was once interested in what this year will bring, it being 2012 and all. And I am still...yet my own personal life has superseded the World's situation. It is beginning to overwhelm me...

The Rose Hedge from my last garden
She laughs...a musical, tinkling sound, which makes Water, now flowing strongly from the eaves of the house, splash even more happily into the large puddle forming at the base. I notice nothing bothers her...not anything at all.

And I wish, rather futilely, I think to myself, for that enormous balance and peace Spring shows so definitively within herself, during our Tea drinking marathon. I can easily pick up on her joyous outlook.

Spring hones in on my thought, just as soon as the wish disappears into the ether...and quite suddenly, I do feel grounded and balanced and peace with it all.

She giggles, delightful, musical notes which inexplicably remind me of Lilacs. She tells me...Yes. It is just that easy. It does not take longing and wishing and wondering...if you want balance and peace, take it. It's yours.

Hmm. Another reminder to keep it simple.

An early double Tulip, grown on the Coast.
We sat in complete and utter harmony, Spring and I, that afternoon, until North Wind nudged my legs and Winter once again crept in.

And she began to fade...

Spring assured me she would be back, of course, as she is each and every year, never mind the swirling scenarios around 2012.

And she whispered to me, just as I was convinced she had never arrived, just as North Wind began to voice his loud opinion...she told me...The Deer will leave your Tulips alone again this year...

I laughed. I had been convinced I would not see many Tulips, with the Deer herd in residence.

As I entered the house, I thought to myself how wonderful it was I would be able to see, once more, all the hundreds of Tulips I had planted throughout my time here. With Spring overseeing the whole operation, I was assured of a lovely show.

I will practice balance by keeping everything a little more simple, I think. With the true arrival of Spring, changes will be quick, some of them harsh and strange.

An example...does your broom stand up on its own? Mine's a link about the story.

Brooms defy gravity

My broom doesn't even have a straight bottom...and it's been standing there on its own for awhile now. It seems to have no problem balancing...

I shall be dancing with it next...
Just another thing to grow accustomed to...brooms taking on a life of their own. What better thing to happen to a self-proclaimed hedge Witch?

I tell myself to remember Spring's advice...if I want to be balanced and peaceful, take it.

Just take it.