Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving with Raven

Time stood still as we waited for confirmation about our relocation. Over and over, I began to write...and over and over, I closed the computer when sitting in one place became too anxiety-producing.

I love the patterns in the bark of the Interior Fir Tree
I've been pacing for a couple of months, now. It's good exercise, at any rate, and does seem to lower tension a bit. And I've realized, during any chaotic period in my life, that I paced through it all. Not that this is a big epiphany or anything; it is only an interesting thought!

I imagine my pacing will accelerate over the coming months. We are moving to Victoria, B.C.; Graham will begin his new job on October 1.  

I'm not sure I quite believe it. Victoria is one of my favourite cities. Never in a million years did I ever believe I would  actually live there. But it appears as if, for the next four or five years at least, that is exactly where I will be.

Poppies everywhere!
This will be as much of a transition for me as moving from Qualicum Beach to the Cariboo. As I write this, traffic sounds and other city sounds have become completely foreign to me...yet in a couple of months, I will have to acclimatize not only to a noisier environment, but also to the change in weather.

Driving the highway into the city of Williams Lake has prepared me for anything. City driving will not bother me, especially since I already am familiar with Victoria, having had relatives there over the years.

Victoria is surrounded by Ocean...the Universe obviously listened carefully to my plea about, live by Ocean and her Beaches. You can believe my first  walk on a Beach will be something to write about...I will have come home.

Our young friend Raven  
The last couple of months of interminable walks and garden work has allowed me to say goodbye to our home here. Many tears were shed, believe me. I love this home, this place, the Animals...yes, and even the extreme weather. But I will love the memories just as much, perhaps even more, from afar.

We will be so much closer to the family! Day trips are not out of the question...Port Alberni, where family lives, is about two and a half hours from Victoria. It is a small hop, as compared to the vast distances  we traveled in the Cariboo.

And as well, we plan on buying our retirement home/weekend retreat in Port Alberni. I am so excited over traveling up Island to garden in a home I know I will not leave again.

These Poppies will bloom until Frost
There are many unknowns. I try not to trouble myself over them. Our house here will sell, in the time allotted. The garage sale will be organized; movers will be contacted, excess furniture will be sold. All those things, taken one step at a time, will be done, one after another. Worrying over them will not get them done any faster, in fact, it may hinder the whole process.

So say I...

Finding a place to live in Victoria is my main objective, right now. Something inside me needs to know I have a place to go arrive be. It will settle me down. We will rent and there seem to be many, very expensive homes but few in what I consider a reasonable price range.

Delphiniums a little the worse from Wind damage
But then, the last time I rented any home, was way back in the early seventies. Things have certainly changed since then!

An apartment/condo would be ideal for Graham and I, but we have another member of the family to consider. Lucky may not do so well with long hallways and elevators and an inability to go outside at will. And so, hopefully, we will find a house which appeals, yet does not cost an arm and a leg...a daunting prospect!

September, in my mind, has forever been the time of new beginnings. This year, certainly, will be one of the more memorable ones.

I will have time to harvest my garden, to watch the Perennials bloom a final time. Lucky and I have met a Raven who follows us on our morning walks. Having just made his acquaintance...and an odd acquaintance it is!...I want to study him a little more, before I leave.

He has a message. As yet, I haven't deciphered it, although somewhere inside me, I know what it is. It is only a matter of removing the blockages I've put in place, long ago, in order for me to hear...

One morning, he sat here for a long time, contemplating...
In the meantime, Raven appears to be listening to my concerns, inserting the occasional gurgle or squawk, as Lucky checks out the overnight visitors. He flies from Branch to Branch, Tree to Tree, as I walk...bobbing his head at me, cocking his head when I speak. He is a young Raven. I imagine he is as curious about me as I am about him.

I will miss him, as I will miss seeing all the wildlife I have made friends with over the years. I am so eternally grateful to have had the opportunity.

Lilies are smaller than usual this year
A new stage is beginning. There will be much to do before I can see the finish line for this particular stage.

I know more tears will fall, when I leave. A piece of my heart will always reside here in the Cariboo.

It is the way of it...