Friday, June 24, 2011

Manifesting Parsley

The soft, seductive scent of Wild Rose is everywhere...
I'm not a physicist. In fact, it is a subject I have forever thought I had little interest in whatsoever. But recently, I'm once again reading about parallel universes and guess what? Now I really wish I had a physics background in order to understand what I am reading and experiencing...

But my wish for that kind of background will not happen, now. And since my interest in why and how the string theory works is not huge, I guess it doesn't matter at all. What matters is how quantum physics affects me...and so I feel all I am required to do is enjoy in absolute wonder the remarkable incidents which are happening more and more.

I gave up counting the Buds on this Rose!
As an example, the other day I was searching for Parsley bedding plants. I attempted to grow these from Seed, and did have some very weak Seedlings growing in the greenhouse. I use a lot of Parsley; being impatient, I wanted to have plants ready for use in as short a time as possible.

It is late in the season; most nurseries here have little in the way of Herbs or Vegetables left. I went to a department store which has a seasonal nursery. As I'd suspected, there was a section with some very sad looking Vegetables and Herbs...plants which should have been transplanted into the warm, deep, loving Earth a long time ago.

But there was no Parsley anywhere.
The Purple Crabapple Tree also has an unbelievable amount of blossoms!

I asked the clerk in attendance whether they had any Parsley left. She said no, they'd had other people asking for it, and perhaps the next shipment would have a few plants. But there was none in the store at the moment.

Hmmm. But being in the nursery meant that I had to take a bit of time to check things out and besides, I needed some Bark mulch.

I can never just go into a nursery and turn around and leave...who can?

I felt that funny, familiar feeling I have in my gut, where my intuition lies, as I wandered the store. It told me to go back to the Vegetable aisle...perhaps I had missed something? 

I ignored it for quite a time. I told myself not to obsess, not to be silly, not to expect a thing when I've been told over and over it isn't there...

The view from our deck, far above the Field, in the Trees...
Just before I went to the check-out to pay for my mulch, I gave in. Alright, said I to myself, okay, I'll go one more time to where the Vegetables are situated.

For whatever reason, I get annoyed when that 'voice' kicks in. By now, I know something is going to happen I have no explanation for, no control over...

I walked down the aisle. I could feel what I call my intuition almost giggling with anticipation. Is this not the strangest thing?

And there, sitting right beside the Rosemary plants which I had searched through just a while ago, was a six-pack of the most gorgeous Parsley plants anyone could ever want. Just one six-pack, beautiful and lush and glowing.

I laughed. What else could I do? That six-pack wasn't there earlier. I had searched this whole area really well.

I awaken to the scent of the Wild Rose each morning...
It was early in the morning...there were no other customers about. I thought perhaps someone had returned this one six-pack, while I was perusing the aisles in the store.

No matter...I was happy to see it there. 

I took the Parsley and the mulch to the cashier, the same lady whom I'd asked earlier about the Seedlings.

She looked askance at the Parsley. She said...Where did this come from? After you asked for it, I went and looked for it myself. There was no Parsley there...

I told her I had no idea, that there wasn't any Parsley there when I searched earlier either.

Marguerite showing her cheerful, loving faces.
We discussed the oddity of the whole thing for a time and then she said...Maybe you walked into an alternate Universe, one where there is really great Parsley, and by wanting it, you manifested it in your reality...

And she went on to explain, in very convoluted language, how this could occur.

I understood little of it. I went home and researched, finding myself going deeply down the rabbit hole, finding myself completely confused. I asked Graham, who explained it again. While he was talking, it made soon as he left, none of it did.

I've decided it doesn't matter. As I've stated before, my mind doesn't wrap itself around scientific matters, especially not something as difficult to comprehend as Quantum Physics.

The scent of Wild Roses will remind me forever of the very beginning of  School Summer holidays.
The Parsley wasn't there...and then it was.

It's only one example of is very much the same as entering a full parking lot, knowing I will find a space, even when the sign states there is none. Or searching high and low for a utensil, only to find it in its proper space a short time after. Or having someone call whom I've only just thought about. Or knowing that around the next aisle will be the person who has just popped into my mind...

I take all these examples in my stride, smiling to myself when they happen, happy with my small miracles.

I couldn't capture the other-worldly blue of the Flax, dotted here and there all over the property.
If I was a physicist, I would feel impelled to find a reasonable, logical explanation for these events...

As it is, all I am required to do is believe.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Young Finch drying off in unplanted deck planter
After an accident with a cleaver last week, wherein I almost sliced off the tip of my finger, I find I still have quite a few plants yet to slip into the warm and welcoming Earth.

I was trimming and cutting Carrots, my mind elsewhere in the stratosphere, when the accident occurred. The Carrots were juicy, making my hands  wet and orange, when the knife slipped and became embedded in my fingernail.

I stared down at my finger, which still had the cleaver inserted in the nail. I became aware of a huge pain in my shoulder and chest...vaguely, I wondered if I was having a heart attack.

Shock is an amazing thing. There was no yet...from the finger impaled by the cleaver. I was more concerned about the pain emanating from my shoulder and chest, telling myself to remain calm...just in case.

Sparkling white Saskatoon Berry bushes glimmer throughout the Forest
The sharp twinge in my shoulder receded, although the aftermath was still unpleasant. It was time to deal with the cleaver.

This all occurred in seconds. It astonishes me how many thoughts and ideas occur, racing through the mind, after an accident. Would the tip of the finger be salvageable, where was a towel to stanch the flow of blood which was sure to spurt once the cleaver was removed, would I need to go to the hospital, would I need to call Graham?

The only reason the cleaver was still impaled in my finger was because of the nail. Had it only cut flesh, it would not have stayed stuck.

Tulips did really well this Spring!
Blood flowed freely once I rescued my finger from the cleaver. Once I removed it, that's when the pain from the deep cut just above the quick of the nail hit. That's when I forgot about the pain in my shoulder and chest.

I managed to clean and bandage the slice, happy to find my fingertip still attached. Truly, this cut bled an unbelievable amount and I wanted to make sure it bled out of the nail and not underneath, where I knew it would be a mess if I had to release old blood later.

It was unbelievably painful. Cleaning up after the fact with one hand and a sore shoulder and chest was not pleasant, either. Because my chest and shoulder pain worsened when I moved them, I decided I was not experiencing a heart attack, only another muscle pull.

Lilacs thrive in this climate
It was not until later that I realized I had effectively stopped any idea I had of continuing to place bedding Plants, for the next while.

And I had to face the fact that I was not able to type very well either, so writing on the computer was put on the back burner. I apologize to all my bloggy friends for not commenting for a time...

Time is travelling on; it is now almost the middle of June. My bedding plants are still not all in their respective places. Because of a bandaged hand, I am unable to work very fast...and planting with one hand hampers the whole thing further.

But here, in the Cariboo, Sun shines very late into the evening, and rises very early. One thing I've learned, living here, is that gardens, be they Vegetable or Flower, can almost see them grow. The plants not yet placed will catch up to the others in no time.

The Deer didn't find these!
I've also strewn a great amount of Seeds directly into the ground this year. I experimented with it last year, never dreaming of the lush, perfumed growth that occurred in August. The climate is so dry here, the Earth forms a deep, dry crust and in my mind, it would be difficult to keep the Seeds wet enough to germinate.

To my astonishment, germinate they did! And I believe they did better than any of the greenhouse grown Seedlings. This year, my Seeds germinated just fine, but the cool weather has held their growth back.

Amazing colour combo...yellow and red Tulips!
The weather lately has reminded me of coastal climates. It has Rained a great deal, making Vegetation prolifically luxuriant, keeping the Dust down and if I'm not mistaken, keeping the Pollen from bothering me as much.

The Rain and Thunderstorms we experience at this time of year have helped with my impatience to work outside. As much as I love Rain lashing against windows by takes the pleasure out of gardening, for me, at any rate.

Even if I were well, it is doubtful I would be outside in stormy weather.

It was a small, irritating accident. It came out of nowhere, when my mind was involved in something else, other than what I was doing.

One of the young Kits from our Squirrel family
My mother, early on in my life, would constantly admonish me to watch what I was doing, where I was going. She knew I was not one to keep my mind involved in the task at hand.

You would think I would have learned that lesson by now.