Monday, February 21, 2011

Kaleelah and Keauni!

We received the call at six AM. on Sunday morning. The twin babes were not going to wait any longer...they were on their way!

I wish we had arrived in time; we are on our way to the Island on Tuesday. But those two little girls were tired of waiting for Grandpa and Grandma...they're letting us know in no uncertain terms that patience may not be their long suit.

In my Cosmic horoscope from this morning, the writer had this to say:

"Today's psychic thunderstorm includes Mercury uniting with Mars (2:45PM PST) and Neptune (5:08PM PST) while Mars also unites with Neptune (8:18PM PST) - all of this happening at 29 degrees of Aquarius. Some of you may recall that on December 13, 2010, we had a triple union of Mercury, Mars and Pluto in early Capricorn. That was quite a handful.

There's no telling how a Mercury, Mars and Neptune trinity will influence each person - let alone humanity. And then consider all the souls being born around the globe having this union of three primary planets at the same degree of the zodiac in their birthcharts. Any one of these three alignments is an enormous powerhouse for potential illumination."  

So. It seems these two may be "enormous powerhouses" with Mercury, Mars and Neptune in their charts!


Some time has passed since I began this post. The babies were born at 8 AM, both weighing 5 lbs 11 oz, by Cesarean section. Both are well, as is Kimeesha, their mother. And Scott...our Scottie is now a father! Of twins, for goodness sake!

This has truly been a miraculous morning. 

Speaking of miracles, there were an awe-inspiring lot of them sent from the Universe last week.

With the arrival of the twins, it is way too difficult to decipher them mind is scrambled. I want to list them here; in all ways, they were simply extraordinary.

The weather has been very cold again...another Arctic front has slid upon us once more...and this makes some of the sightings rather strange.

The first was a huge Daddy Longlegs Spider who decided to visit, just as I came out of the shower. This felt right in one way...her message is courage. But where did she come from? She most certainly was not there when I went into the shower!

I placed her in the garage, where she might at least have a chance of surviving until Spring. Had I put her directly outside, she would have frozen in a mere minutes.

The next was the Moth. She visited in the dark of night, when dreams hold sway. She batted at my face until I woke up...or at least I thought I woke up...rather irritated and swatting at the Moth. I recall seeing what looked like white feathers falling to the floor as I batted the quite large white Moth away, wondering where all these Insects were coming from in the middle of a very cold Winter.
But there were no white feathers on the floor the next morning and certainly, no sign of the Moth. I had been dreaming.

Then there were the lights, in the middle of the day, in the Sky. I was out on the deck on a sunny afternoon...still very cold, but almost cozy in the warmth of the Sun, dreaming about one thing or another when coloured lights, beautifully coloured streaming lights, danced across the Sky.

I stared, open-mouthed. What was it? I have seen Aurora Borealis lights, when I've visited friends in Saskatchewan, but never in the brightness of an afternoon. Those lights were similar to what I was seeing, but oh! these were so much brighter than my memory of them.

I was mesmerized. I wanted my camera, but I didn't want to leave the colours in the Sky, not even for a moment. And then, oh wow! an Eagle flew across the colours. So close he was, so very close to me...I stared into his eyes, just as he locked eyes with me.

I could not believe it. With the cold temperatures, I have not seen a Bird anywhere, let alone a Bald Eagle. In the Summer, Eagles will circle above our home, and it is not unusual to see him then.

But this big Bird appeared from nowhere, looking at me, and then flying directly into the lights, until he was only a tiny pinprick in the distance.

It sounds delusional, when I talk about it. It is such a cliche. An Eagle flying across Northern Lights? In the Winter? Even I might ask for a break on that one. But it is true.

There were others who saw the lights; I was not the only one by any means. But no one saw the Eagle fly past...

Eagle was my mother's Totem.

It is enough, right now, that I am aware of all the special occurrences. And that I have remembered them here.

And now it is time to pack for the trip to the Island. It is time to gather myself for meeting two new souls who have arrived. Kaleelah and Keauni...twin Pisces babies, with a Life Path number of 8.

The same as me.

I think that's quite miraculous, all on its own!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Spirit of Spring

I enjoy rising early in the morning, even in Winter's dark. It is the time of day...the darkness before the dawn...when Animals move about the Forest. Even though I can't see them, my ear picks up slight sounds in the silence of the coming Winter's morning.

If it is not so frigid, I will bundle up and go outside, on the deck. If the Stars are out, I know I will have only a few moments in the cold before I must go in.When the Sky is clear, the temperatures can be too dangerous...frostbite can occur very quickly.

I am looking forward to the days lengthening. In late Winter or really early Spring, Animals are on the move again, just as they are in the Fall. Then, when the Morning is not quite as dark for so long, they are easily seen. But now, it is only the sounds that tell me an Animal friend has visited.

In the darkness, my hearing becomes more acute. The deck is huge, hanging over an embankment, looking over the Forest. Everything seems to be completely silent. Until I settle myself and become quiet, I imagine Animals standing as if frozen, their golden eyes glued on my figure.

When I am finally still, the rustlings in the Forest begin again. If it is a larger Animal, and with two feet of Snow on the ground, there is no mistaking it. I can hear my neighbour up the road walking on the Snow and Ice...the emphatic crunch of footfalls is clearly audible in the clear, cold Air.

When a bigger Animal, such as a Moose or Mule Deer, wanders through, even though I can hear him, it is impossible to see him in the early morning darkness. My best bet is to look for the golden glint of their eyes which reflect the porch light, in the general direction of the sound. And then, to look for a shadow and a blocky, energetic feel that shouldn't be there.

Eventually, the shadow will move. Should it be a Moose or Deer, if I or the light has startled them, the silence of the Dawn is suddenly broken. The crackling noise of a Moose crashing through the icy, Snow-covered Brush is one not to be forgotten.

It is not unusual to hear Coyotes singing, on some small, Snow-covered Hill somewhere close by, if they have made a kill. But the other night, just as I stepped onto the deck for a moment of quiet contemplation, I heard the Wolves greeting the Moon.

The night was ordinary. There was a far distant honk from a vehicle on the highway, lights glinting way off across the Valley, and a soft Westerly Wind sighing through the Trees. My mind was far away on some concern or another...

As I leaned against the deck railing, looking out over the Snow covered Field, the Wolves began their indescribable, unearthly howl.

It seemed as if all sound stopped...I could hear the World listening as the Lords of the Forest raised their noses and howled at the New Moon.

The awed silence lasted for only a slight moment, though...more Dogs than I've ever heard in my life began hysterical barking, yowling and howling in return...from every corner of the Valley.

But that moment, when everything and everyone remained in surprised, silent wonder, that moment shone.

Coyote's song rarely brings forth such a frenzied greeting from the neighbourhood Dogs.

I wonder at the reason for the Wolves' songfest. Why did the Wolves howl? Generally, it is because they have made a kill and are satiated, singing out their gratitude. I dearly hope their kill, which is made for their own survival, is not the Mother Deer who has been missing from the side of her Fawn for the last few days.

The Deer and her youngster have stayed on our property all Winter. It is not unusual to see the two browsing on the tips of the branches of the Saskatoon Berry bushes or chewing on the young Interior Fir branches or huddling together under the grove of Fir Trees at the bottom of our field, during a nasty Snow and Ice Storm.

Mostly, Lucky and Nate stay inside, escaping the hypothermic weather which makes up the Cariboo Winter. But there are days when they will be outside when Mother and her Fawn trail through.

The two dogs have had good experiences with Deer; there seems to be an almost symbiotic relationship between them. There is a small excited woof which escapes them...and then they are off to the great divide...the fence. The Deer will retreat to a safe distance and turn and watch the Dogs, who, after heeding Nature's call and marking spots on every snowy Hillock, will sit and watch the Deer right back.

I am accustomed to their behaviour, yet the interactions between the two species still has the ability to warm my heart.

But, as mentioned, Mama Deer has been absent during the last few appearances of her youngster. The young Deer, as well, has a look of great hesitancy about him, as he steps gingerly through the very deep Snow, caution outlined in every muscle of his body.

The Dogs' behaviour has changed, too. They seem distressed, when only one Deer is there to greet them...and the youngster, at that. Lucky will run up and down the fence line, nose in the Air, searching, searching...while Nate stays, staring at the Deer, as if to reassure.

It seems early in the season for Mama to have left Baby on his own, which happens usually when female Deer seek solitude to nest. But, still, I am hoping this is the reason Baby is alone.

I know it is the way of things. The predator and the prey. When I found myself becoming a bit attached to the two Deer, I also listened to the warning I heard in my mind. Enjoying the close encounters with the Animals who live here is one thing; forming attachments is foolish.

The weather here, and of course, elsewhere, too, has been strange. A week ago, one could have sworn the Spirit of Spring was only around the corner. It became quite warm; Snow melted, turning into Ice overnight, as temperatures dipped. Buds on Trees and Bushes began to swell.

I was not overly worried about the young Deer then. But just like that, the weather changed; an Arctic front pushed its way down and once again, frigid temperatures were the norm, along with Snowfall warnings...and then, yesterday, a wild Blizzard blew. We were back into the thick of Winter.

And then, today, right at four o'clock, baby Deer visited as usual. He brought some friends, completely befuddling the Dogs.

Our Dogs didn't see the others, until they exploded out of the bush and even in the deep Snow, they did not have a problem with navigation.

Baby Deer wasn't sure what to do...should he follow the others or stay and greet two very excited Dogs? He chose to follow his friends at first...and then came back, browsing on his favourite Tree, watching Lucky and Nate, who seemed to go a little insane. Lucky actually ran headfirst into the gate...I'm not too sure what he was thinking!

With each passing day, the small Deer will grow. If he has learned well from his Mama, he will seek cover during the day, foraging in the early morning and late afternoon.

Young male Mule Deer will find other male youngsters to hang out with, while the females have their babies. They'll stay in friendly little herds such as this, until rutting season, when the males will become solitary.

The Spirit of Spring dips her toes into Winter's Icy Pond and retreats...but not before she leaves a hint of her soft breath behind.

Even with masses of Snow on the ground and sub-zero temperatures, that soft breath gives the reminder that the cold will pass, just as it does every year.

It won't be long now.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


"The time is now, the place is here. Stay in the present. You can do nothing to change the past, and the future will never come exactly as you plan or hope for."  Dan Millman 

Every year, close to my birthday, I check Dan Millman's book The Life You Were Born To Live for any insights into the coming year...this year being the year I turn 60.

I am a 26/8 number, meaning throughout the cycles in my life, I go through a two cycle, a six cycle and an eight cycle. But even though I retain these numbers throughout my entire life, there are other regular, progressive cycles through all of the primal energies expressed by the numbers 1 through 9.

So, in addition to my regular numbers, my birth numbers and life path numbers, the number of  this year in the nine year cycle will also influence my life.

This year, according to Dan Millman's book, I am in a fifth year cycle. This year, it is all about Freedom and Discipline. It is time for opportunity, of many options and choices. It's a time for celebration.

Sounds good. And then I went to the section of the book where the life purpose for the number 5 is dissected and explained. Mmmmm...not really all that good...

There are challenges associated with freedom and discipline. The freedom is inner...and I have not liked the word 'discipline' for most of my life. But on this page it states..."Discipline is the key in that it provides the focus, commitment and inner strength that overcome lack or limitation".

So. Much as I dislike discipline, it seems I will have to apply it if I am to find inner freedom, and by finding that, I expect I will find outer freedom and adventure. But that word discipline fights with the word freedom, in my book.

And then...then I read that unless I apply focus and discipline, I will develop skills in many areas, but master none. I will skim across the surface of life, touching down in many areas, but ultimately never reaching the depths of any.

Hmmm...that sounds a lot like me. And I don't really like that.

In the book, Mr. Millman writes by deeply knowing one thing, we can know many things. He tells me that if I stay with one thing long enough, past the point of boredom, I will break through into the space where all fields connect.

Really? For much of my life, I have studied a subject, until I get bored. How about that!

And then, after I have mastered discipline and focus, I gather, I will find the opportunities, options and choices this year can bring. But I don't know for sure that I can get past the boredom.

So I looked up the Law of Discipline. And right there, on the first page is a quote from Julie Andrews. She states..."Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly."

Discipline, as defined by Mr. Millman,  is a habit of doing just a little more, going just a little deeper, staying with something, pushing through it. He says discipline recognizes that boredom means we are beginning to get it.

He tells me if my goal is bright enough, if I keep my eye on the bright light that signifies my goal off in the distance, I will manage to work through the swampy guck which threatens to muddy the strength and determination required to reach it. 

All very well and good...but first of all, I guess I'd have to find a goal...which I don't really feel like doing, in my 60th year. 

I'll leave that to the younger folks. But, that sounds good.

I've been happy with my inner freedom; I believe, for me, I have figured my spirituality out. But I find, always, it is wise to check all the parts which make

I check my bodies. The spiritual body is in pretty good shape, I'd say. The mental body is neither good nor bad. The physical body is in poor shape and the emotional body is fair, right now, with the twins about to be born.

So the worst is the physical body. This is interesting because not long ago, after a few therapeutic massage sessions, I decided I wanted to take more control over the arthritis and fibromyalgia which plagues me.

With this in mind, I have been researching nutrition and different diets targeting my ailments. I have been eating differently, but it is all to easy to slip back into old habits...

So here, in this area, is where my focus will lie, this year. I shall see if I can break through the boredom which will surely arise, after a few months of trying a new way.


That's all it takes...