Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Old Man Winter

On the weekend, North Wind blew his merciless, clearly cold message... Winter is on its way. Although Sun spread his light and rays from a cloudless sky, Wind shouted and stormed, warning me about the cold weather that was not far away. Leaves spun and danced through the air, leaving branches looking bare and forlorn, stark and black against the horizon.

And indeed, for the last two mornings, the temperature has dropped to a shivery -7 C. Outside, everything has a skim of white, sparkly frost, foretelling snow and ice in the near future. Driving becomes difficult, if vehicles are not in a garage. Yesterday morning, I attempted to drive to town, and discovered that I had no ice scraper in the truck. A credit card was put to good use shaving ribbons of frost from the windows.

I missed a few places I could not reach; it turned out these places were fairly crucial for driving. Blind spots abounded. I had to stop, and scrape the windows in a more satisfactory manner. Winter, with its attendant ice and snow, is not the time for laziness. A quick slash over the frost covered windows was not enough, yesterday morning. It was wiser to be cautious.

That's the message North Wind was giving me, when he blew the herald of Old Man Winter's parade. The self-expression of the North Wind is Logic and Wisdom. The Element of Air/Wind, that blew so ferociously for two days, was telling me to keep my mind active and clear, to work with my intuition, applying the dreaded Logic...and most of all for me, applying Wisdom.

But we live on a crossroad. Wind tunnels in from the North and the East. At times over the last few days, Wind blew from the NorthEast...

NorthEast Wind, from the website The Wild Rose, told me, in no uncertain terms, to re-member that I am the designer of my life's priorities. He gave me a challenge...I was to remember my set goals. I was to make decisions and choices, based on those resolutions and options I had already chosen.

He screeched at me, enveloping me with the warning that when I do not support those chosen goals, I am out of contact. With myself, my Sacred Image. I then resist, using negative behavior to fight back, with self-sabotage, procrastination and yes, laziness. Then I fail...all because I have forgotten my set priorities.

He also reminded me that when I align my goals with the yearnings of my Heart, Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit, I am at peace. I am aware and focussed, awake and impeccable. I am in balance and harmony within and without.

Wind was not just blowing in Old Man Winter...there were many whispers he sent to my soul when he blew from the North and the East. Reminders of the path I chose to follow, reminders of how good I feel when I walk that path with ease and peace.

And how badly I feel, when I forget my set goals.

Old Man Winter is breathing his icy, clear breath over the landscape this day. And along with North and East Wind, the cold Air once more sharpens my resolve.


  1. I love to read your posts, Marion. I applaud the gift of writing that God has given you.

  2. Thank you, DB.

    I so appreciate your comments; I have followed your accounts of Parkinson's Disease, finding it heart-breaking and inspirational, all at the same time.

    I want to thank you for your honesty in putting down your words and feelings on your site, as you face this disease.

    There is much wisdom on your site for all of us to learn.

  3. I really like your blog, and what a wonderful photograph in this post! :)

  4. Now this was a lovely piece! Hi Marion, thanks for dropping by my hunmble bloggy, I like what I have found here too. I bookmarked you and will come later and read some more.
    Sunny Australia greetings to you.

  5. hello...I cruised by Hannelie...It's lovely here and your words are comforting... a lot of what you said spoke to the same way..a lot of what you said seemed like a part of me was speaking it too...


  6. What a beautiful blog !!!! Your words paint paint pictures for my soul and I go to a meditative state.
    You are so correct when you say that: "when I align my goals with the yearnings of my Heart, Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit, I am at peace. " It is the peace that we all desire. I have a good feeling after going through your posts. If you do not mind I would like to visit often.
    Thank You

  7. We are experiencing a north wind at the moment and whilst temps have dropped they are nowhere near a low as yours -1C at night and 11C during the day. Lok forward to seeing more of your winter pictures.

  8. Matt, thanks for dropping by! I liked your site, too, and have bookmarked you.

    Hannalie, rainy Canada greetings to you...from one part of the globe to another! I enjoyed your site, too, and will return.

    Lady Lux and dave,thank you both for recognizing the intent of my site! I enjoyed my visits to both your blogs, and plan to return. Thanks for dropping by!

  9. Glad you're back, DaveM...the North Wind does have a bite to it!

  10. The photo made me shiver a little even though it's very hot and I am sitting in shorts and T-Shirt :)