Monday, November 27, 2006

Arctic Front

The North Wind has brought the Arctic to our doorstep. Wind's voice sounds like long, slow moans, as it helps clothe branches of Trees and Shrubs with a mantle of Snow and Ice.

Water, so abundant last week, has frozen in place...the treacherous Ice lying in wait underneath the Snow.

And there is a mountain of Snow, it seems. It has snowed for three days and nights, starting with the coldest Blizzard I can remember. It is still snowing; the forecast is for another huge Snow Storm to hit on Wednesday.

These photos were taken three days ago. Today, after another night of snowfall, I went out once again to clear branches of Snow. But it wasn't to be... Snow has turned to Ice and is clinging and enveloping each branch. The branches are brittle with cold; I hear snapping sounds from twigs in the distance. Were I to brush them, in the interests of helping, it would be all to easy to introduce harm instead.

I break holes through Ice in the ponds, where Koi lives, deep beneath plant roots. It is cold. It feels as if it will never be warm again...the ice-laden breath of the Arctic has driven all thoughts of Summer and too much heat from my memory.

For awhile, the dogs like the cold. It is a change from the mud and water we slogged through last week. I appreciate Snow, too; it keeps the dogs more muddy feet. Even as the driving Snow blurs and obscures the sight out of windows, kids are playing...building snowmen and forts and race cars and playing hockey. Their muffled, happy laughter rings true.

But the dogs get cold, in this icy Northeast Wind, and so do I. I go inside, sending the plants, so frozen and lifeless, many Reiki blessings to help them through this continuing strange onslaught of aberrant weather. What will be next? What is the weather showing us, trying to tell us? We have had an unusually long, dry Summer and through most of Autumn, we have had little rain.

But in November ...things changed. Weather became just as extreme as the hot dry days of Summer. We are no longer in a temperate climate, it seems. The normal topic of conversations these days is the weather. The question...What will the weather do today? on every one's lips. Life has changed for many longer is electricity something we take for granted; nor is Water, still being boiled in many areas. Some towns and villages are cut off from the outside world. Suddenly, due to the whims of something we can't control, our way of life is no longer a sure thing.

The Snow and Ice contributes to the sense of emergency. The muffled sounds and whines of emergency vehicles has become almost constant. There are many elderly people who live here; weather such as this can sometimes precipitate dire straits, with electricity flickering on and off. We are lucky to have the paramedics we do...lives are being saved.

The landscape, with blowing Snow and howling Wind mostly obscuring familiar land points, is eerily beautiful, picturesque as a Winter postcard. But it looks like this from inside, where Gray and I are warm, grateful for our good fortune in still having electricity.

Outside, an Arctic Front holds us in its hoary grip...bringing change to our modern lifestyles and reminding us of ancient lessons learned long ago from Mother Earth.

Ancient lessons of survival.


  1. I really enjoyed your post. It was so real that I could envision myself looking through your eyes at the wonder of the snowfall. Thank you for a beautiful post.

  2. Beautiful photographs & thoughtful writing. How nice to have found you!

  3. Hope you are enjoying a nice cup of tea. Looks like a wet, heavy snow. Is this early? I'm going to be mean and tell you I'm headed out to rake leaves. 75 today. Your weather has been something lately it seems.

  4. Ahhhhh....75 degree weather. It is -15 C here, with wind chill making it feel like -30 C.

    The snow, when it fell, was fine and powdery, but by the time I took pictures, it had frozen solid, making it look like wet, heavy snow.

    Here, on Vancouver Island, we are generally in the path of the Pineapple Express (from Hawaii)and enjoy temperate weather...about Zone 8 in gardening terms.

    but when there is an outflow of Arctic Air hitting the wet, warm storms from the Pacific...we get snow and ice.

    Way too cold...and there is another snow storm on the way, before we get back to normal weather.

  5. You have unique way of expressing what is happening. After I read your post I went and put on my winter boots, heavy jacket,muffler and started a fire.
    Then I realized that it was your story. Thank you for your words it makes my day

  6. Hi

    Thanks for droping by my blog, just had a look through your blog and enjoyed the photos, My daughter has a nice blog with lots of storm pics at
    I will be back to keep an eye on your blog

  7. Beatiful. It must be a long winter for you if the snows are like that now.

  8. I just looove the photo's.
    I am gonna use them on my blog, hope you don't mind??

  9. Dave, I'm glad you enjoyed the post; I'm glad, too, that it is warmer where you are!

    Outhouse, I enjoyed visiting your daughter's site...she's got some really pretty pictures...with sun! I haven't seen the sun in a long time!

    Davem...that's what I'm sorta worried about...a long, long winter. I can't even see a lot of the shrubbery in the garden!

    Hannalie, my pleasure!