Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lessons from Bear

For the last few nights, I have received visits in my sleep from Grand- father Bear. They are not threatening dreams…far from it. I wake feeling, however, that there is something just out of reach of which I should be aware.

Bear has accompanied me all my life. When I see Bear in dreams, depending on his actions, I usually feel calmed. Bear offers great protection, and knowing he is there reminds me of that boost of strength that I know I have in reserve. On some days, it is well-hidden.

The dreams by themselves, these days, don’t have much meaning, other than Bear’s presence. In one dream, a roly- poly little Bear kept jumping on a Red square. I took special notice of this one. The colour Red is often used to make us pay attention; obviously Bear felt I needed a clear reminder.

I know when Bear appears in my dreams I am to notice what I am thinking, how I react to those thoughts, and how I interact with others. I am being warned about my propensity to be too quick to anger…too sure of my own power, thereby throwing caution to the winds.

I have been known to chase off would-be thieves, in the dark of night. Bear is fearless in defending his beliefs and his own…but I am not Bear; I must remember that I have limitations. And when quick anger strikes, sometimes I forget.

Bear is sending the message to use discernment in all I do (and think) and to discriminate with careful consideration.

According to Linsdomain website people who identify with Bear will be quieter in the Winter months. I am like that; give me a good book, a mug of chowder and a log burning in the fireplace and I am happy. I find myself thinking…there will be time to research this or that, to read that long book, to organize things…during the Winter.

But, for me, the best message Bear sends is to centre myself and ground. And so, yesterday, when my thoughts were scattered and my energy was being given to nonsensical things...I shovelled dirt. I imagined I was using Bear's claws to dig deep... re-connecting, once again, with Mother Earth.

I worked hard. Not just at digging, but also at being aware of my thought patterns. I was amazed at how often my thoughts took a negative turn. Instead of either obsessing madly or blindly ignoring these pieces of garbage that ran through my mind, I gave each and every one a positive spin. I gave each thought, no matter how small or silly, the time of day, hearing myself listen to the cons and then replacing them with the pros.

I treated myself as if I was listening to another person tell me his woes. I gave myself my undivided attention. I found, as the afternoon wore on, the rush of negative thinking slowed and the angst disappeared. And the new thoughts that filed through my mind were clean and longer mired in the muddy confusion of a few hours before.

It was as if my mind had a warm Spring shower, leaving it sparkling clear.

And it happened just because I was aware of the lessons from Grandfather Bear.


  1. Your words come thru as a warm furry coat that offers the protection from the cold and your spirit shows you have the strength of bear.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Anonymous7:59 a.m.

    Thanks for sharing Marion, I love reading your radiates comfort and has such a great Aura around it :) Thank you!

  3. Dave, your words are beautiful. Thank you!

    Matt, thank you for coming by. I am told my blog has a great feeling to it. I certainly love to write for it, so perhaps that has something to do with it!

  4. How wonderful.

    I still haven't figured out which spirit I have. I know I have one as I have had a lot of protection all my life and it would be an animal spirit due to my great love for them.

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  6. Anonymous4:54 p.m.

    What a beautiful read, thanks for sharing your renewal process, best wishes, The Artist

  7. Anonymous8:37 p.m.

    I love your blog Marion. I always get really relaxed reading what you write.
    This text particularly touched me, I really see myself.

    I started doing Reiki again after visiting you a little while ago. It's been nice.

    I also picked up my Dan Millman book, The Life You Were Born to Live. I've been reading the the "Laws" for my life path. It really speaks to me.

    Thank you :)

  8. How do you find out what spirit you have? Do you acquire one or are you born with one. from reading Jean M Aul's books prehistoric people had animal totems and the cave bear was the most powerful one. the people who had this spirit were usually very gifted and went on to become leaders.
    The imagery of a bear is powerful so it seems to fit.

  9. Thank you, Jackie, for the link. It was exactly what I needed to look at!

    Gaia and Artist, I'm so glad you both popped by. Both of you are have such inspirational, knowledgeable sites yourselves! Gaia, I am going to need your recipes, it seems. Gray is on a new diet which uses mostly vegetables and protein...timely, Thanks!

    Jackie and DaveM, I have always known Bear was my Spirit Animal. Many people identify with Bear, because of the childhood connotations of the Teddy Bear. But not everyone carries that fascination through to adulthood.

    But Bear fascinates me...I could surround myself with Bear art. I am passionate about him.

    I believe everybody has a Spirit Animal, one that will stay with you all your life. And then there are Allies, who pop into your life at different times to give the appropriate lessons, and then leave.

    What animal fascinates you the most? Or what animal figurine or painting or photo have others given you? If there is one animal that you have a love for, get to know that animal's characteristics, who they are and what they do to survive. And then apply those lessons to yourself.

    Animals will often visit in dreams. It is the easiest medium in which to send messages. If you have an animal show up often in dreams, Google that animal and mention Totems, for instance, Snake Totem.

    I formally asked Bear many years ago if he would walk with me during a meditation/journey I undertook. He consented; I'm so glad he did!

  10. I had a v. powerful dream last night of a group of Spirit Bears gamboling in a beautiful river setting. I was afraid at first but quickly realised they meant me no harm. I saw each individual face, one lightly bit my hand, I expected it to hurt, but it didn't...any wisdom as to the meaning of this dream? I would appreciate any insights...many thanks

  11. d,

    Welcome! Without knowing your circumstances it is difficult to know what Bear was telling you.

    I have to tell you, however, that I see five Bears around you. Whether there were more in the setting you were in doesn't matter. Five are the important ones.

    Bear is introspection;in order to get your attention, your hand was taken, gently, to show you no harm was intended. I also feel you felt great happiness during the dream.

    If I had this dream, and I can only ever go by my own experiences, I would consider going deep inside myself, digging out insights to various life experiences I may not have dealt with. Sometimes doing this gives great anxiety; I would ask for help from Bear to show me the way.

    Bear appeared to you. You did not seek him and therefore already he has given you his protection to seek illumination.

    Bear is an extremely powerful ally. Sometimes, when I meditate on a problem, I will only see his hind end going before me, as I journey. But I know he is there; he gives me great strength to continue.

    With five Bears offering you protection, as you seek the answers you know are within you, you must feel great happiness, even as you stand and face your fears.

    Research Bear as a spirit guide, and I believe you will find the answers you are looking for. My very best wishes go out to you!