Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Power Places

There are certain places that resonate deeply within my soul...the Columbia River Gorge is one. Gray and I visit our friends Jerr and Melissa there. It's a place I've only recently come to know. Even before I heard Melissa's stories of the history of the property they live on, I felt the familiar rush of energy I feel when I re-visit a place from another time.

Every log, stump or tree is covered in ferns and moss. It rained a bit while we were there, and was misty most of the rest...but that only added to the feel of an ancient power embedded in the soil of the land. There are certain trees on their property where energy is concentrated, making the urge to listen to the trees irresistable. It is the kind of property one walks every day, as Melissa does, in order not to miss the words of wisdom and comfort coming from the land.

Out of two old stumps that overlooked the lake they are situated by, beside the Columbia River, Jerr and Melissa had the artist follow the vision they had of an eagle and a turtle. They sit side by side, these two, lending their wisdom to any who care to hear.

Eagle is Spirit, and Turtle is Mother Earth. Between the two of them, the power they impart is palpable. It is like an altar to the spirits, there where they sit beside the water.

Turtle is known for her honour and words of ancient wisdom, stability and protection. Eagle, as a Spirit Messenger, brings clarity, vision and inspiration. What a beautiful thing, to honour the old stumps by letting the messengers inside show themselves!

And these two figures sit right outside the dining room doors, where their presence becomes part of the daily family routine. I think that is the ticket...when I make Mother Nature and her messages of wisdom a part of my everyday routine, it becomes much easier to hear.

Turtle and Eagle hold the stories of Jerr and Melissa's land. Next time I visit, I will spend more time with these two, in their Power Place. And I will ask them to tell me the stories they think I need to hear...the ones with the age old wisdom that permeates the Columbia River Gorge.

Power Places are like that...they call you back.

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