Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The first time I had actually heard of Abundantia is when I read Doreen Virtue's book Archangels and Ascended Masters In my research, I also found Annie Zalezsak where Ms. Zalezsak has manifested her vision of Abundantia in her paintings.

Since I started calling on Abundantia, she has sent small miracles our way. She doesn't just help with financial matters, although we are very appreciative of that, but she sends us daily gifts. For example, Gray might be given fresh shrimp, during the course of his day, or I might be given a discount on something I'm buying.

It makes me smile, knowing the reason why things are going so well. Everytime it happens, I chuckle...Abundantia is such a happy guide! She is absolutely carefree and full of faith. It is not that I even expect a discount when I go to the cash register; it just happens. Suddenly there are freebies everywhere.

Abundantia's beautiful kind image was placed on Roman coins centuries ago. She is also known as Abundia, Habone, and Fulla. Ms. Virtue describes her as "a gracious hostess, constantly asking if you need anything, and then lovingly fulfilling every wish." And she does this so easily.

It made me uncomfortable to ask for success, prosperity, abundance and good fortune...Abundantia's forte. In Ms. Virtue's channelings, Abundantia says she becomes ecstatic at the sounds of gratitude and joy when she rescues someone with her financial interventions. She says worry and concern about financial affairs can rule over you, leaving no time or freedom for healing projects.

But it was an old belief...where I was not worth asking for abundance for myself. When I recognize this, I find a certain amount of freedom and gratitude for the recognition. I realize how differently I feel about this. I am worth it, as are we all. Abundantia asks for nothing in return other than faith in the Universe's readiness to help.

And she makes a great guide...she directs me to places where there is opportunity, or she'll come to me in dreams with ideas for financial abundance. When I shop, I invariably find something at fantastic prices, sometimes with potentially huge payoffs. And I shop at places now where it wouldn't have crossed my mind before. All the while, I hear this tinkling sound (at first I thought it was her laughter, but it was too repetitive...) and I have come to believe this is the sound of the coins falling off her figure, as Ms. Virtue describes.

Abundantia makes my life so much fun! She's hilarious, she brings tears to my eyes with the happiness she showers upon me. I still worry, at times, about financial matters (a hard belief system I am trying to work through) but her lovely laughter is never very far away. It is awesome.

Abundantia, in my life at any rate, does not just give abundance in financial matters. She showers me with abundance in all things...a hugely beautiful sunrise, a flower that transcends beauty, such happiness in it possible it was always thus? Is it possible Abundantia helped me change an old outlook on my life? And by doing so, changed a belief?


Abundantia...worth far more than her weight in paltry gold.

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  1. I so ardently agree...she is awesome and wonderful.