Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Otherworldly Dreaming

I look outside this morning, and there is nary a cloud to be seen. Sun's warm rays brighten Daffodils' shiny, eager faces even more, making them shiver with delight.

Red Tulips, sensuous in their silken cups, line the path, sending a siren's scent, lingering...overpowering at times, soft and gentle at others. They seem to preen themselves with Sun's rays even more than usual, this morning.

Sun chases the last vestiges of a soul-speaking dream I had last night; the message given has not been deciphered as yet...

Sodden, it was...dripping and gurgling, sloshing and splashing...I was in a world of Water. I was not in my cumbersome physical body, I was only an eye, an eye that was ever aware of each nuance of the droplets of Rain and flowing streams that surrounded me.

Objects and Beings that came to me in my watery World shimmered silver at times and became gauzy grey at others, obscured by bubbling froth. My Soul's eye recognized these incandescent energy signatures, connecting with each as it passed through in a small whirlpool of wavering thought.

There was the Cat, sleekly gliding through heavy moisture, his eyes burning into my Soul, telling me to be aware, offering protection from deceit. Eagle, a frequent enough visitor in my daylight hours for me to nickname him Scree, glided by on a stream of Water, offering me the gift of farsightedness. He tells me his tales of prosperity and success...he tells me not to fear failure, for without failure there is no success.

An avalanche of Pebbles and Stones floated by, each turning and winking a bright light, each a warm bastion of strength in this uncertain watery place I found myself in. My spiritual guides for this journey had arrived.

I became a slithering droplet of water, with the ability to adapt and become entirely mutable, independent of other's words and thoughts. I experienced the silky sensation of runneling down a Flower petal, gathering with other droplets in the heart of the Flower.

I became a Raindrop, freezing into a Snowflake. I joined other droplets, gathering in pools, small and large. I entered the Ocean, tasting the brine. I kissed the tops of Trees, before running down to invite their thirsty roots to drink.

I became a Tear, sliding down a downy baby cheek, or gathering in the deeply carved fissures of an elder's face. I learned that different Tears for different Beings feel the same.

I tasted hard baked Sand and Dirt; I gave a small, insignificant flower, a survivor of neglect, a kiss to nourish its weak growth. I wanted to give it hope.

I fell through pollutants and tasted acid, making my soul curl and shrivel up in disgust, sadness and fear.

I merged with a dewdrop, I extinguished a burning forest, I slaked the thirst of a runner...

I opened my unconscious, closed energy and allowed it to flow freely, allowed it to be submerged and cleansed in the Water of Life.

But when I became aware, in my dream, that I was dreaming, I felt my body return, my guides leave, and I knew I would soon waken.

I am a Pisces; I dream of Water often. It is an entirely comfortable place for me to be. It is the first time I have experienced being a drop of Water, however. It is a difficult dream to describe...feelings and emotions were fleeting, hard to catch and hold. Always, Water in my dreams reflect my emotional status... so what did an insig- nificant droplet of Water have to tell me?

A glimpse into another World, it seems.

I would awaken to the sound of Raindrops being driven against the window by a strong Wind. Without a doubt, I thought, the morning would bring clear weather.

I snuggled in, leaving otherworldly dreams behind...to be dissected in the morning.


  1. You have some a beautiful writing style!

    Miss T

  2. Marion, what a beautiful description of a dream. You have taken all of us on a journey and we became drops of water with you. For the period of time it took to read your experience we were all part of your experience. I felt my soul turn liquid and flow. Girl, you have to capture all of these writings in a book and then let me know where I can purchase it. I stand in awe.

  3. Yes as a Pisces I know what you mean about water and dreams.

    Love the picture of daffodils which is my favorite flower.

  4. Thank you, Miss T...I enjoy your writing as well...nice to see you!

    Ahh, Dave, if I knew how to write a book, I probably might write one. I don't have much of a clue where to start! Thank you for a great compliment!

    Jackie, there is something about a daffodil that I cannot capture with a photo...they are so much more brilliant in real life! I love them , too.

  5. Very lovely and poetic.

  6. Anonymous10:45 a.m.

    I enjoyed your view of the world we don't always see as clearly as we should.

  7. Anonymous6:56 p.m.

    Hi, I just found you via Blogher. Will be reading...

  8. The words of a mystic........uplifting, inspiring and filled with light. Having a dream like that is an amazing gift.

    My Moon is in Pisces and I relate to the images of rain and transparency in this narrative.

  9. Sheila, I'm glad you enjoyed it. There was so much more, but very difficult to grasp with mere words.

    Jan, there are so many people who wonder what view of the world I'm seeing sometimes, lol! It is beautiful and seductive, in that other world.

    Welcome, Rhea...hope to see you again!

    What an enormous compliment, Princess!There are people I know who dislike the Piscean part of their sign; I'm not one of them. I love being a Pisces. I can't imagine being one of the logical grounded signs, lol!

  10. marion,
    I would love to be able, for just an hour, to be in your mind and heart. Your experiences and dreams are inspirational to all of us. I rarely dream, and this does sadden me in so many ways............keep dreaming and posting so I can continue to join yours. hugssssssssssss

  11. I don't think I've ever had a dream that was anything like that, so I found your description oddly unsettling. I can't tell you why, as I don't have a clue.

    But your writing, as always, is sheer poetry. I guess if I sat on someone's therapy couch they'd make a big deal of this dream striking me so oddly???

  12. This made me think of the Roy Orbison song;

    I close my eyes, then I drift away
    Into the magic night. I softly say
    A silent prayer like dreamers do.
    Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you.

    In dreams I walk with you. in dreams I talk to you.
    In dreams youre mine. all of the time were together
    In dreams, in dreams.

    But just before the dawn, I awake and find you gone.
    I cant help it, I cant help it, if I cry.
    I remember that you said goodbye.
    Copyright Roy Orbison.

  13. Oh, DB, I found this dream stayed with me for a long, long time. I, too, felt unsettled, even as I wrote it, where I can usually work these dreams out. But there was no ending to this one, nothing complete. And with a water dream, there is always emotional stuff that comes up.

    And perhaps this dream triggered the river of tears inside yourself, the ones you have not shed for your daddy and for yourself. You have come through a long, long haul, one that would put many people into distress. Maybe you just haven't let out enough of those watery emotions stuffed deep inside.

    Please take care of yourself.

  14. DaveM...I can hear Roy Orbison singing this song, with that wonderful, almost unearthly voice he had. One of my favourite performers is Roy...absolutely unforgettable.

    And now, I have this song going through my head, probably for the rest of the day! But that's ok, since I know all the words, and if Roy wants to sing in my head, he is more than welcome to do so!

    Thank you for writing out those wonderful words!

  15. How much do you charge an hour, Dr. Marion?? Interesting analysis, and quite possibly the correct one, too. I am trying really hard to let it all out, but it comes out in some very strange ways these days.


  16. Lovely post as always Marion. It's interesting you are a Pisces and dream about water a lot. They say everyone's dreams mean something. Your post was so well written, I could imagine myself as a drop of water on the journey with you. You have such a wonderful view of nature and of life. You could become a published author, your work is so good. Enjoyed the daffodils photo too. It reminded me of the Wordsworth post I did!