Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Now that our family has a new baby among us, I wanted to research the process of incarnation.

In Barbara Ann Brennan's book Hands of Light, she talks about human growth and the development of the auric field. She writes that at each major stage in life, corresponding new and higher vibrations activate different chakras.

And with this in mind, each stage of life opens new energy and consciousness to us, expanding and evolving our ability for higher vibrations and expanded realities. Higher and more sensory than the previous generation. And so humanity evolves...

Many different scholars of incarnation have a similar belief in the process of a baby's birth. I agree with this...I think I have believed it all my life, I think I was born knowing it.

This belief states that the incarnating soul plans the coming lifetime with her Spirit Guides. Soul growth is uppermost, and negative belief systems that were prevalant in former lifetimes need to be cleared. Karma needs to be dealt with. So the Soul has to plan experiences where she can perform the tasks she requires in order to grow and evolve.

The incarnating Soul chooses her parents, who will provide the required environment for future life circumstances. The parental choices will give very precise energies that will give the Soul what she needs to complete her life task. There is a Personal task and a World Task. In order to work on the World task, which involves a gift to the World from the Soul, the Soul must first complete her Personal life task, thereby releasing energies that can be used for the gift to humanity or the Earth.

The life plan that the Soul chooses has many probabilities of different realities, giving her huge choices of free will. Aaah...there's the problem...right there is where I went wrong when I planned my life...I should have given myself just one road...no detours, no side paths that looked so inviting, but turned into huge rocky cliff hangers. I swear I'll remember next time...not so much free will choice!

After this planning period with the Spirit Guides, a Soul then enters a process where she slowly loses consciousness of the Spirit World. There is conception, where an energetic link is formed between the Soul and the fertilized egg. An etheric womb is formed, protecting the Soul from outside influences, other than the mother's. The baby forms, the Soul slowly feels pulled towards it, and then there is a strong flash of consciousness, corresponding with the time of quickening. And then the Soul again loses consciousness, to awaken slowly in the physical.

Upon birth, the etheric womb no longer protects the Soul. She is subjected to the outside energy influences, alone. She will have great spiritual aid during this period, but many babies are still attached to the spiritual world, having great difficulty letting go.

Babies sleep. The soul is, during the sleeping, occupying her higher energy bodies. She leaves her body behind to do the physical work of growing quickly.

Now Graydon must become used to the limitations of the physical sensations and three-dimensional space that is the Earth plane. He was born with a very wide open crown chakra...his spiritual body is very large and imposing...and he must now undergo an enormous struggle to open his lower root chakra and connect to Mother Earth.

It is a fascinating study.

What has our Graydon incarnated to learn? What lessons must he undertake in order to reach ever higher levels of energy vibrations? And who has he left behind, on the spiritual plane...the ones that he might mourn, when he cries?

Graydon's incarnation is the death of his Soul's old way of being. He has undertaken this journey on the Earth plane alone, just as we die alone. Along with us...his immediate family and others yet to be manifested into his life...he will learn how to deal with the detritus of his Soul's past and he will work towards his own further evolution.

He has already helped me move further on my own journey. In countless ways, since he was born and before, when I practiced Reiki on my daughter when she was in labour, he has allowed me to learn a new way...and he has looked, consistently, quite smug about it all.

Who is this Soul who has arrived, in time for Spring and all the rebirth that surrounds me? Who is this Soul who looks as if he is playing a practical trick on me?

I guess I'll find out.


  1. For whatever purpose Graydon has for being here, he will experience it. He like the rest of us are here to learn and to teach. I know that in the spirit world you and your little Graydon have made contact and contracts with each other to do things together. The things that you will do together will help both of you evolve into the type of individual that will keep you both on your journey. We are all here in the scheme of things there are no accidents in this universe. Perhaps you need to feel the beginings of a new soul in your life again to help you remember the way of the spiritual life, the one we will all go back to. Perhaps he needs to experience a love of a grandma that he will be able to take with him on his path and apply it to all situations that arise. To both of you I wish a life and an eternity of love.

  2. Marion,
    Dave said it all, I could not have put it into words as well.........one day at a time, two lives intertwining. Hugssssssssssss

  3. Anonymous9:23 p.m.

    Really enjoyed the read.

    Graydon sounds like an inspiring baby who is already making his impact on those around.

    I remember one of my nephews saying when he was four that he felt safe as soon as he was born.

    He can't remember saying it now, but it stayed on in my memory.

  4. This was a lovely inspiring post Marion. We are all here on a spiritual journey for one reason or another. The main thing is when we are newborn we have lots of love and caring to help us on our journey. Sounds like little Graydon has plenty of that. He is obviously a very special little boy who's arrived in your lives for a reason.

  5. Wonderful post Marion.

    Graydon will have a great guide in you showing him the way.

  6. i thoroughly enjoyed this post and your description of the soul's journey. It certainly got me thinking - am wondering about my soul gift to the world ... if we are ever really aware of what "it" is and whether it might be something different than we think anyway ... fascinating!

    and congratulations to you and your family!

  7. An insightful post Marion.Naomi has rightly said that we are here on a spiritual journey.Another inspiring post.Best wishes.

  8. There is a new baby in my family and I enjoyed reading this.

  9. Anonymous11:52 a.m.

    Hi Marion - I'm just catching up with your blog. Belated congratulations on the birth of your grandson! This is a wonderful post and I am fascinated by the ideas you present about the purpose of incarnation. I do kind of wonder why it has to be so difficult, though. Surely it would be hard enough to fulfill these twin purposes if we consciously knew what they were? The fact that most of us don't really know and have to spend a large part of our lives questing to find out seems to stack the odds further against us.

    I was recently writing in my blog about Neale Donald Walsch's idea that we can be reincarnated into the same life all over again to try to do it better next time - and this post of yours makes me think I'm going to need it! For many years, I thought that my life's purpose was to write fiction. More recently I have realized that a lot more people want to write books than there are people who wish to read them, and that this whole writing thing may simply have been a way of trying to escape from living a life. Yet I still have some talent as a writer - so why is that? Is it to write my blog? Or is the writing not central after all? Perhaps my purpose is simply to be a loving companion to my wife Chris. As a World Task, this seems more mundane than being a writer, but it occurs to me that it may be my Personal Task to realize that it isn't!

  10. Simon, I think if we knew what it was we were here for, it would be just as difficult to fulfill as when we don't know. If a thing or a gift or a job fulfills you, gives you pleasure, and the way becomes clear and things fall into place, I believe it is the right path. I may be beset with doubts, but there is something inside my gut that tells me yes...keep going this way.

    Writing may be a way of escaping. So could a job as a CEO of a big business. People use a lot of different things to escape what feels good inside, because maybe they don't feel worth it. And maybe that thing doesn't make money, which is the yardstick things are measured by.

    You are a very good writer, and your writing makes people think and evolve. Is that not a great thing? And is it not a great thing to be a loving companion? Perhaps your life purpose isn't either of these...perhaps it is to learn self control, or self esteem, or how to heal or a myriad of other things. All I know is that the knowledge I need is inside me and it isn't easy to find.

    Ok, off the soapbox, lol!

    Thank you all for the wonderful open minded comments...this is one of those subjects which,for all of us, will be explained one day.

    All I know is, I want to do the best I can at this chance at this life!