Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Village Thanksgiving

There was a festive, family coming for dinner kind of feel in the village of Qualicum yesterday. Everywhere one looked, there were stunning displays of Nature's final autumnal glory. And everywhere were the reunited families, out enjoying the sunshine, albeit with a stiff breeze from the shimmering Ocean.

These vibrant tones of yellows, reds, oranges and browns, like a fanfare of cymbals and drums, set off the holiday season with symphonic harmony. It was picture perfect, and I used my imagination when I saw so many families out and about. What were their lives all about...was this young girl home from university, going for a walk with her grandmother? Were these boys with the elderly gentleman over there spending time with their grandfather?

In the grocery store, there seemed much merriment as members of families went shopping together, discussing favourites and what items were absolutely required. Uncle Charlie's predilection for creamed onions, and the results of his passion brought howls of laughter to two young women. I was eavesdropping, I will admit, but also started to laugh at Uncle Charlie's unfortunate digestion...and before I knew it, the young women told me many such stories, every one told with a giggle. And each story was told with anticipation of seeing these members of their family...each story was told with acceptance and love.

I left the store, feeling what a difference it makes when acceptance of each other's foibles is involved. How much humour helps in situations where things are happening entirely against my better nature.

Laughter like the young women and I shared brought good Energy; made the routine shopping I was doing a joy.

Traffic was busy this day in the centre of town, both cars and walkers and scooters or other electrified contrivances. Was it my imagination or were people happier, not so quick to anger? Usually cars will circle the car park, over and over, waiting for someone to release a space, and people can get wound up in the process. Yesterday, with the holiday forefront in their minds, family that surrounded them, and favourite routines firmly in place...there were smiles on peoples faces.

It was a day that brought gratefulness to the forefront, and it seemed to ease troubled minds.

We had a terrific meal at Heidi's and Darren's place. Some family members were missing, but their presences at the table were still easily sensed. Camaraderie and laughter abounded during the dinner, and the turkey was consumed with great gusto.

Thanksgiving, families and humour...these were the predominant features of the day, helped along by the anticipation of more...many more... of these dinners over the years to come.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. Love the contrast of the silver birches and the leaves, a great pic.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you! We're just now beginning to feel the first of fall here in the South, but the nip is in the air each morning. Halloween is the big holiday coming up for us. What with the commercialization of Christmas, poor Thanksgiving tends to get lost somewhat these days. Thank you for the beautiful post, as always.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving - ours won't be for another six or so weeks, but it was delightful reading about yours.

    I'm here via James Jordan's (points of light) blog. Your intro was too good to pass by.

    I was in BC this summer (not for long and not far enough up the Island) but it is already calling me back.

    I plan on bookmarking your blog and coming back for more!

  4. Thanks, Dave, I enjoyed my visit with your little cartoon...I think I'm showing my age!

    And return salutations to you, DB,on your future Thanksgiving Day! It's one of my favourite holidays of the year.

    Thanks for the visit, Cedar, next time you come to BC, you'll have to let me know! Vancouver Island is delightful in all ways and has so much to do!