Sunday, October 22, 2006

Inner Peace

These old photos show a young Graham climbing to the top of Uncle Ben's Wall. When he climbed, his focus was entirely in the present...all worries and anxieties were left behind, at the start of the climb.

When I am totally in the present, in the now, my life is far more peaceful. I forget the fears I have from past experiences that can colour my every move. My actions feel free; I lose interest in other people's movements and behavior.

I feel content with where I find myself in life. Everything and everybody are left to their own devices; I no longer feel the constant need to fix it all.

When I practice living in the moment, I smile more, my blood pressure goes down, and I feel far more connected to Nature and her Beings. My outer Body reflects the Inner peace; frown lines disappear, my body straightens, and there is a lift to my step. I find myself smiling for no reason at all.

Life, I find, takes strategy and battle tactics that are better made from a balanced mind, one that holds no past fears or future anxieties. The "shoulds" and the "what ifs" are better left behind, when a battle looms.

I find I cannot always be present, however. Life's lessons intrude, and before I know it, inevitably I find myself in a maelstrom of project- ions, if onlys, and woe-is-me's...

It takes total awareness of where my thoughts are leading me, at times; where this frame of mind is certainly does not induce Inner Peace.

Can you imagine if Graham faced climbing this wall, with its deadly overhang looming and taunting from above, with any thought other than where he was and what he was doing, at that moment?

He faced the Rock Wall with clear Intent, with Impeccability, with Authority...and above all, he stood fast against any Fear that came knocking. He analyzed the Wall from a balanced position. Anything else may have led to disaster.

And at that moment of total awareness of all things around him, right then, his body would have worked perfectly, in harmony with the messages sent from the Rock surrounding him. It would have worked from a place of Inner Peace.

Judgment, worry, conflict, fear...these traits disappear for me, if I practice living in the moment. It is a relief to know I can let life happen, the way it is meant to...without my thinking that I want to change the way my life has and will evolve. It is a relief to finally find acceptance.

And with it, huge measures of Inner Peace.


  1. Hats off to Graham. The climb says it all.

  2. Oh nice blog! Thanks for the visit. I hope you will come often because we have alot in common.
    I too am from the Rabbit,plus other things.
    I don't always talk about my spiritual practices in the blog. I like bringing it out just a little bit.
    I don't say so in the blog, but I am the resident Medium for PSICAN and Ontario Hauntings. And things I write in the forums for PSICAN are about my more spiritual side.
    You can goodle PSICAN easily. I don't have it on my links.

  3. Anonymous11:54 p.m.

    A beautiful blog. Totally understand what you are saying and so well expressed. The more who come to understand this place of total peace the more hope we have for our planet, with best wishes, The Artist

  4. Anonymous6:32 a.m.

    Living in the moment, the only way to be. I wish there were a few more folk with such wisdom around.

    Thanks for visiting my site, and for your comment, i too will be coming back here to check things out often, great stuff!

  5. Yes, Dave, Gray loved mountain and rock climbing...he has many incredible photos of climbing from all over the world.

    Lynn, how interesting that I was led to your blog! I plan on a long visit to PSICAN today...hopefully, I'll find your posts!

    Artist...that is a huge compliment, coming from you...your site is so inspirational to me. Thank you.

    Alastair, your site, too, has many words of wisdom! I love reading brings great peace to me.

  6. I have watched my 101 year old Daddy fret and worry about every little thing for as long as I can remember. It's a miserable way to live.

    I much prefer the peace of living in the now, which you have expressed so eloquently. I find your posts very uplifting, Marion. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous5:33 p.m.

    That looks amazing, totally absorbed, only the rock wall.

    Thank you marion, lovely post.

  8. DB, how wonderful that your Daddy made it to 101 years of age, worrying or not.

    One of my goals is to live to the age of 104. I wanted to live that long after I saw a lady give a speech at that age. I have never been as inspired as I was by this wee old lady!

  9. Graham would have known that Rock wall very well after that climb!

    Thank you for your comment, Sandy!