Monday, October 16, 2006

Morning Rainbows

We've had some rain recently...I think the rainy season has started. I captured a rainbow here, early one morning, just at sunrise.

What a wonderful way to greet the Sun! It peeked through the mist, dispelling the Rain, to the sound of water dripping off the leaves of the Trees.

In my research, I find that one can only see Rainbow with Sun behind one. And that it is impossible to walk under Rainbow.

Legends tell Rainbow's story in differing ways. Some African tribes feel a Rainbow foreshadows bad luck, because it will stop the rain, which was needed for crops.

Rainbows bring light into the darkness, grounding negativity. It's the symbol of Iris, the Messenger of the Gods. Rainbows bring a sense of joy and energy...Rainbows bring hope.

It was needed that dark morning. Sometimes all the little troubles in life join up and become one huge, menacing, black ball. And it colours the surrounding world into a dull, troubled place.

One where I forget there is light...and hope.

Rainbow reminded me. I watched the ribbons of colour shoot across the sky, and my heart lifted. I remembered just in time, that morning, the very great gratitude I feel about where I am today.

I felt the energy that Rainbow sends. It flowed through me until a smile replaced the frown, the anxiety and fear I felt was displaced with peace. I could feel myself become grounded and balanced. My emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies, when I applied the balance meter, were aligned at that moment...and the serenity I strive for appeared.

It is reminders like these that I need in my life...far too often, for my liking, I forget the light that shines. I don't see it, I feel closed off.

But there are always messages from Spirit that arrive in my deepest, darkest communion with my negative self. Sometimes, the messenger brings just a small pinprick of light, which grows, finally glowing steadily, if I focus hard on it.

Rainbow's message of hope was a big one for me that morning, bright and unforgett- able. What might have been a sad, fearful day turned into one of joy and peace.

I don't think I could ask for anything better than that.


  1. Anonymous3:53 p.m.

    To share a rainbow, is a wonderful gift, thank you Marion. To see one in a mist, as you saw, is nost unusual.

    Sometimes when we feel we are loaded down nature has a way of making us stop and look at her magic and then, somehow, our load seems a little lighter.

    I love legends too, thank you for trhe link.
    Btw. My blog name Hiemdallr is the guardian of the magical rainbow bridge, bifrost, created from fire, water and air.

  2. Sandy, I know your blog name. I have visited your site many times. It was not on my mind when I wrote this post, but how's that for synchronicity?!

    Nature is my greatest teacher...she constantly throws little nuggets of knowledge my way!

  3. I have always loved rainbows but sadly don't see many these days with so many buildings and polution around me.

    I never noticed Africans feeling anything about rainbows but with the hundreds of tribes in Africa , all with different native tongues I probably never bumped into one :)

  4. Here is a link I found that describes African tribes and Rainbow. I don't know if this link will work when I post! We shall see.

    According to this page,from Myths and Legends of the Bantu, Chapter 25, the Kikiyu, Baganda and Baila, among others, are not enamoured of Rainbow.There are different stories as to why.

    I am sorry you see few Rainbows...they have always uplifted my heart!

  5. Anonymous3:29 p.m.

    Love rainbows, `The Convenant of New Beginnings'.

    At one of my darkest moments prayed for a rainbow. Was sitting down despondent after the prayer when I looked out my window and the most joyous rainbow filled the sky.

    Ran outside to look at its wonder with hope again in my heart.

  6. Marion, your comment on my blog brought me to yours, and I'm so glad it did. Your words are lovely, and the colors in your photos are so vivid that I suspect you don't really need to have a rainbow to lift your spirits. All you have to do is scroll through the beautiful colors on your page.

  7. It's great to hear from someone who has the same affinity for rainbows I do, Artist. The beautiful colours in a rainbow are very much like your paintings!

    Thank you for visiting, Velvet. Your site is beautiful, too!