Friday, March 23, 2007


Everywhere I look these early days of Spring, there are seeds. Seeds that are breaking through the crust of Winter soil, seeing their first light of Day and greening Mother Earth bring delight to my Soul.

The weather may not be inviting; in fact, this morning, Seagulls wheeled above the house in huge numbers, signifying another Storm...

But Nature is not to be denied. She has a set pattern, a well-oiled Wheel that continues to turn. And so, Spring may be delayed a bit, as those Seedlings try to find the warmth that has yet to be given them, but She always arrives.

And the plants mostly adapt to aberrant weather. Some may continue to sleep, under their crusty blanket. Others chance it, pushing their way through, only to stall when there is no Sunlight and warmth. Others really push the envelope at times, only to die when their tender growth is nipped by a Frost they cannot withstand...

This particular Spring, I feel an embryo of change growing within myself. It is not time to break through the heavy Winter crust that I have covered it with. But it is beginning its movement. I am trying to make its environment as inviting as I can, when it finally breaks through.

I don't know what kind of Seed it is. Will it bear fruit? Or blossom into a beautiful nimbus of colour? Will it take years to mature?

There is anticipation, for I have ideas about the Seed's identity, only a vague, half-formed one, however. There are too many variables in my life, too many to pick and choose, too many cloudy, cold days that are not inviting just yet.

I must wait, emulating the wiser Seedlings.

But there are smaller Seeds, too. A new grandchild, date of arrival any day now, will pop through the soil covering my heart, carving out a new niche for roots of love to grow. There is a new Seed of respect for my mother's courage, as she wanders a well-worn path. Small germs of Seeds yet to emerge proliferate, within the deepest parts of me.

I catch a glimpse of the results, sometimes, when I meditate. Any one of those new germs of verdant adult plants would indeed be wondrous!

But, as any gardener knows, the Soil must be prepared first. There cannot be too many stones in the dirt, which would impede the hairlike strands of roots of the Seedling. The Soil must be kept moist, for the Seeds to emerge from the crust that covers their hearts.

Care must be taken that too many Seedlings don't emerge at once. It would make them all weak and spindly for lack of nutrients. It is necessary to thin and weed out what doesn't serve...

A difficult thing, sometimes, for a small germ of an idea, which, with wisdom and acceptance, one finally realizes will not grow to healthy heights, as yet.

But there is only so much room for roots to grow, only so much time in a day.

I ask my guides for help in giving me the wisdom to grow only the strongest Seeds, the Seeds that will do well.

I ask, also, that those other Seeds will wait for germination, until I have prepared the way...

And I ask for patience in accepting there is a mysterious pattern at work in life. I understand that there is an intelligent and orderly plan behind seemingly random changes.

I understand Spring and her well-oiled turning of the Wheel, on her own Time.

My Seedlings will grow, with love and gentle care and Creator's time.


  1. What a great analogy, Marion!! I loved the post. Hugssssssssss

  2. Loved this entry, and especially loved the image of the seedling. There's such warmth and potential wrapped up in it!

  3. Anonymous7:52 p.m.

    What a wonderful post. Could feel the new growth of spring surging through your spirit and your garden.

    You are making me long to be close to the soil again. Nothing is more renewing than seeing a garden come back to life.

  4. What a wonderfully inspiring post Marion! I, myself will be taking the journey of quitting smoking in another few weeks and this has so inspired me...reading your words. Thank you for writing this and may our seeds each remain strong and grow in health and wisdom.


  5. Posts like this one are why I continue to love visiting.

  6. Even I, with my useless black thumb, see the life and hope in these seedlings about which you write so beautifully. I wonder if our lives would be very different if we knew, when we were younger, that we'd keep on growing throughout our lives. I used to think I'd reach a certain age and be "finished" growing. What a bizarre idea that seems from this vantage point.

  7. A new growing season a new seedling showing through, a freshness in the air, birdsong all around, warmth of the sun, its a great time of the year.

  8. Thank you, Lorna and Carmi...Spring does stir the blood!

    I wish you many hours of gardening pleasure, Artist, there is nothing like schmoozing with plants,soil, rocks...Mother Earth...for building creative ideas. I hope you find that garden soon!

    Tea, me too, lol! I am also a quitting smoker...I am getting there. I wish you strength and determination in your forthcoming battle!

  9. Sheila, you're pretty good with words yourself! I read your blog to find strength daily...You inspire me with your diversity.

    Velvet, no kidding! I had that same delusional thought when I was gave me comfort, really, that at some point, probably in my thirties, I thought, where I would know it all. LOL The joke's on me!

    Davem...your words are pure poetry! I feel pleasure just reading them, thank you, my friend!

  10. Great post. Great photos.

    Soil preparation is so important. I tended over the years to use the permaculture method and only prepared the soil once then let the earthworms do the rest for all the years afterwards. You have to be very organic for this to work.

    There is nothing so wonderful if you plant seeds to see them sprouting through the soil.

    Being a March person I am also preparing "the ground" for my year ahead.

  11. I love the picture of the dandelion puff. I tried to take one myself recently and it is difficult. Or it was for me. :) They wait for people to breathe on them and set their wishes free.

  12. Jackie, I have the largest earthworms I've ever seen...and so many of them! They are marvelous beings, and certainly my soil shows the work they've is highly nutritious without any other method of fertilization, except for with organic sea soil.

    We have trouble with slugs, and sometimes seedlings can be nipped off, etc. I always plant for me, one for the birds and one for the slugs, lol!

    Miss T, thanks for visiting! I love reading your blog.

    Princess, this is a photo I got from ClipArt. It is beautiful, just so light and airy. Dandelions are one of my favourite plants...they are so tough and ethereal at the same time!