Friday, March 09, 2007

Images of Spring

There is nothing like the scent of newly mown grass to invoke the feel and emotions of Spring, in side of me. The weather has been mixed; on this day, I decided it was time to mow the front lawn.

I had already given the back area its first haircut a couple of weeks ago. Now the front seemed dry enough to labour through the growing Moss and Grass with the lawn mower.

Many people don't like Moss in their lawn. In fact, a few years ago, I thought I was the only one who loved Moss...but lately, I see that Moss has come into its own with the fashion aficionados.

My mostly Moss front lawn can get quite hilly; little hummocks of the most unbelievable, fresh green Moss can make the whole look unkempt. To other people, mind you...I think it looks charming.

On the other hand, there is something to be said, too, for a wide, impossibly green, smooth swath of a Moss lawn expanse, in the early Spring. It rests my eye from all the brown, twiggy plants that are just now showing green shoots.

And it pairs beautifully with the Winter Heather, giving a the front yard a vibrant personality. Spring's handmaidens are clothing the garden, in preparation for her full-blown arrival.

Birds twittered and sang in the shrubbery, as I rested for a moment just before I finished mowing. I pushed on...and then the roar of the Red Monster was stilled; in that moment, just after the growl had been stifled...there was pure blessed silence.

Then the World's hum restarted. I put the Monster back into the garden shed, and went for my new Camera, a most appreciated birthday gift from Gray.

For people who know about such things, the Camera is a Canon A630. I know that it has functions, many of which I shall explore at my leisure. But what I love about this camera it that it is an updated version of my old Canon digital Camera. So I already know how to use it. There is not much of a learning curve...leave it to Gray to know exactly what would please me the most!

I also prefer the Auto setting. To use the rest, I would have to hesitate, take my attention away from the shot. I am more interested in the tiny window of the World that I capture with this wonderful tool. And it does a pretty good job, but I use Photo Editor, too, for the shot within a shot.

On this sunny morning, the Breeze whispered soft promises of Spring...tickling my ear as if a feather had wisped past. I was warm from mowing, so I took off a layer of clothes, grabbed my new camera to see if I could find any Blossoms holding court with Sun.

There were wonders everywhere! Tiny, unfurled buds, open blossoms and the in-between lay between warmed Stone and sheltered corners of the garden.

I wandered along, amazed at the speed of this Camera, as compared to my elder one. I didn't have to think and wait; I just shot pictures. The results are displayed here.

I planned walks along places of interest, as I wandered. The weather had been gray and foreboding more often than not lately, and Elder Camera did not work well with inclement weather. But this new one!

I planned to start a photo blog, showcasing my backyard and neighbouring points of interest. With this new camera, I could meander along and take photos at will, of whatever happened to catch my eye. I could explore the miniature world more...the world of insects, tiny buds and blossoms just about to appear.

I could wander down to the Beach, and take photos of angry Waves, or capture the serene kiss of the Water upon the Sand.

And who knows, I just might happen to capture a fairy or two...

All sorts of promises to myself appeared before me, as the scent of the cut Grass...the smell that is so recognizable, and so welcomed! engulfed me. It is the scent of rebirth and renewal. It showcases new options and gives a sense of anticipation.

And even though I know the reality is somewhat different, where my time is at a premium these days, some of these promises or goals the scent of Spring evokes are just sprouting seeds, reaching for the right time to break into the light of day.

They will happen, in Creator's own time. And my soul knows this.

The day left me in peace; sure of my goals. This is Spring's gift...the offer of renewal. It is up to me to find the wisdom to know when the time is right.

The New Camera appeared in my life, as a wonderful gift. It is up to me, too, to use it.


  1. Anonymous7:00 p.m.

    You have a talent with a camera that I envy. My pictures never turn out the way they seem in my mind's eye and long ago I got discouraged.

    Mmmm, I could smell the new mown grass.

  2. Marion,the photos are great. Is that your home? It's so lovely. What a wonderful birthday present and you will certainly put the camera to good use. I took mine along today as I picked up a few plants. I have Spring Fever. Were those your primroses? If so, how do you care for them? I bought a pot a couple of weeks ago for the first time and haven't an idea how to keep them pretty.

  3. Lovely pics as usual.

    Are those snowdrops ? I have never actually seen any real ones.

    Time you wrote a book Marious it would inspire everyone. With ebooks so easy to do these days people could download it off your blog :)

  4. I use the camera with intuition, and using my third eye...the lens sees a slightly different viewpoint than the naked eye.

    Try seeing beyond what seems to be there. I guess that's how I take photos. lol!

    That smell of newly mown grass changes, as the Season's progress, but the Spring mowing is the best one for me!

  5. This is my home, Sheila. And those were my primroses. We are Zone 7-8, and I just plant them, some in sun or partial shade, and some even in all shade. Slugs seem to like the leaves, so I plant some in pots. Then I just give them water and fish fertilizer. And I take the dead blossoms off. Oh, and give them shade in the hottest part of the summer, they will die back in the latter part of Spring, and come back when cooler weather comes again.

    They seem to like the treatment, blooming year after year!

  6. Jackie, I am still fiddling with the camera, and some shots turned out less than sharp. The photo which I think you are referring to are miniature daffodils, just beginning to open.

    I think it was Sheila that had pictures of Snowdrops on her blog. They bloom really early, in little pockets here and there, very pretty white little blossoms.

  7. Thanks for the gardening lesson Marion. It has been in the 80s here in central Alabama which is about 12 degrees above normal. Spring is early and each day brings more irises, pear and red bud trees. Tulips, daffodils, the lovely azaleas. I'll have to post some of what spring is like here.

  8. Spring, the promise of new life. The rebirth. The smell of fresh and of new. The last faint of gray is washed away with the colors of the flower and the tree. The sun warms us just a little more as we brush off the winter's webbing. Ah how I love spring. I too love what you did with your camera (your 3rd eye). click! or should I say Wink?

  9. Nice shots Marion, you must tell us about the camera. Your house and garden look great, I like your porch overlooking the garden. We are having some warm weather here too with very high temperatures for the time of year. But then these climate changes are now the norm, but its strange how we all refer back to what the weather was like years ago.
    Spring has sprung and the grass has riz................the dawn chorus is back too, much nicer than an alarm clock.

  10. I would love to see Spring in Alabama, Sheila! You're ahead of me, for sure...the Red Bud tree in my garden is just showing its little red buds.

    Tulips are starting to show buds against the South wall of the house. Daffs are everywhere. But Azaleas will be awhile yet...they like it warmer.

    Something like 80

  11. "The last faint of gray is washed away with the colors of the flower and the tree."

    I love that. It really is true...the world shines differently in Spring!

    Thanks, Dave

  12. Ahh, yes. The dawn chorus. I think I used to hear much better, lol, because I remember it to be much louder...easily an alarm clock!

    But maybe because it is so early for us here, the birds haven't started their full rousing call. Or maybe I'm going just a little deaf,lol!

    Even the old folks around here are commenting how different the weather is now than years ago. You're right,Dave, it is a strong topic of conversation!

  13. Looks like your new camera worked overtime Marion! The photos you posted are really good. Beautiful flowers. You are obviously a keen gardener.

  14. With Winter coming here I am getting more sun on my herb laden windowsill so it almost looks like Spring as everything is flowering and very pretty.

    Goodness I should have recognized them as daffs not snowdrops seeing it is my family's country of Wales national flower plus almost identical to a jonquil which is my March birthday flower (blush).