Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Moving On

The mornings are chilly. The afternoons herald Thunder and Lightning, with truly ferocious Winds that bend the Aspen and Birches to their knees.

Autumn is fast approaching.And with the changing of the season,something has shifted inside of me.

Just a month or two ago, I did not feel 'at home' here, in the vast central region of BC. And it was not until I showed my visitors the countryside that I realized how very deeply my roots have attached themselves to this Land in the interior of BC. The attachment happened in a very short time, really, when I realize at this time last year, I had no idea I would be living in the Cariboo.

On a visit to the Chilcotin Plateau, I fling my arms wide, in a vain attempt to gather the energies from the far flung landscape to me. The Winds swirl around me, grasping and lashing at me, urging me to listen to their sibilant whispers.
Whispers that can increase to a roar,should a weather system pass through. The storms here have more power than any I have ever witnessed.

The Coast has huge Storms, especially on the Beaches. There, Water holds power for me. Those Storms cleansed, taking negative thoughts and emotions and washing them away.

But the Wind has the power, in my mind, here, in the Cariboo.  This Wind speaks a different tongue than the one I had grown accustomed to on the Coast.

This Wind speaks of opportunities as yet unknown to me. Insistent, Wind tugs at me, at my Heart, at my Soul. And I listen, as yet unable to understand, but with a deep yearning for something.

Wind shrieks...Can't you hear?...And I answer,sadly...No,not yet.But I will.

Once, I thought I could not live apart from the Ocean.  Once, I thought I would enjoy this experience here in the Cariboo, and then leave again. 

I never dreamt I would grow so attached to the wildness and freedoms so rampant here. 

Endlessly, roads to far flung areas beckon;road anarchy, when I go where Spirit moves,is a given.

And, in moving away in such a sudden manner, ripping apart life as I had known it, I have learned to take what comes. Each day may have a chance, an opportunity to move on, to shake the common worries and woes.

You never know.
Just as I do not know as yet the message Wind carries for me.

All I know is that there is a great urgency to find out... 


  1. What a wonderful attitude you have about life and where life sends you. You are a joy to read.

  2. New weather to experience; what a treat. After a winter you will be a true resident.
    I just joined a duck group (on Yahoo) which originated on Bowen Island. Research yields that this place is just across the water from your old haunts at Qualicum : hard to find on the maps (I think they are trying to keep it a secret.)
    We never long for any of the old places we've lived; but I wonder if you might prefer the more moderated seasons of the coast, after winter?

  3. I wonder if our souls need to journey to places that feel like home to help complete the circle of our lives? I was practically your neighbour (Comox) until I felt that deep seated yearning and hunger last year that compelled me to move to the rugged west coast of Ireland. My spirit soars here...and will stay satiated until the yearning starts again.

  4. Jan,

    Thank are you! Your story about Toby brought my spirits up,just because something is being done. Toby was the perfect dog to showcase!


    Bowen Island is just minutes away from Horseshoe Bay,near Vancouver, and reached by ferry. Qualicum Beach is on Vancouver Island, across Georgia Strait,and north of Nanaimo. Still very close, however, in the scheme of things.

    How can I miss the Islands, when I am discovering how much passion this part of the country brings out in me? But I do. They have a haunting beauty I cannot forget...yet it seems distance from family, friends and my friend, the Ocean, does not impede my love for this Land here. I am surprised by this; I thought the previous items would blind me.

    You may be right. I have witnessed Summer Storms and a few late Winter Storms...but I have not experienced anything like what I believe may be in store this Winter. And up here, it is a long, long Winter, compared to Qualicum Beach, lol!


    Your comment gave me tremendous peace this morning. Thank you.

    My intuition tells me you are right. I need the Power here...a Power I have yet to comprehend...for whatever reason the Universe has. And it is beginning to feel as if I am full and satiated...a great word.

    I have not felt this way before, about a land, although Ireland called strongly at one time in my life. I used the West Coast of Vancouver Island for West Ireland, then.

    Your words..."My spirit soars here" describes my feelings exactly. Thank you again.

    You lived in Comox! How odd that I should meet you through the Internet, when we lived so closely to one another! I love those oddities which are occurring more and more often these days.

  5. Anonymous11:21 p.m.

    Marion, I enjoyed your post. How we learn to adapt to change,to move with time and space,to "be" wherever we are. I remember moving to Canada at 16 and living in Winnipeg, when I was used to California. What a radical change. Thank you for sharing your inner journey with us.

    This Wind speaks of opportunities as yet unknown to me. Insistent, Wind tugs at me, at my Heart, at my Soul. And I listen, as yet unable to understand, but with a deep yearning for something.

    Wind shrieks...Can't you hear?...And I answer,sadly...No,not yet.But I will.

  6. Wow...what a change for you, Harmony! California to Winnipeg!

    It does take time to "be" here. There are times I wake up still a little has moved quickly for me during the last few years.

    I think I may be catching up, lol!

  7. Marion, I wondered how much you would miss the ocean. However, I like your adaptability as you obviously have grown to love what nature offers in the interior. I always love reading your blog but have been busy on other fronts these days and I have missed you.

  8. Sheila,

    It is a difficult time for you. Your soul needs a quiet time, wherein you can go deeply inside, thereby finding where you will go next.

    I have missed you as well. But I understand, having been there where nothing much matters other than finding your own way.

    Your grandson must give you much joy, even so. He's a beauty and I love his name. Nic. I have always liked this name and I think he suits it well. I'll be watching him play baseball on TV one of these days!

  9. Anonymous5:15 p.m.

    Hi Marion - Just occasionally I seem to pick up energy from a web site or blog - and I'm getting it here from your post. I feel your attachment to the land in my heart and the energy of the wind like electricity around me. Perhaps it's your wonderful photos or perhaps something is on the way for me too... Thanks for the experience!