Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Loving Energy, Ants and Heat Waves

Our last visitors departed this morning, to further their holiday through the Columbia Ice Fields and Ainesworth Hot Springs.

It has been an awesome August this year. Truly one for the books!

Finally, finally...I was able to connect with my daughter and her family once more.  It felt as if I had pushed the envelope between visits...my goal is to see them every couple of months.  This time, it wasn't possible. And I was greatly missing each and every one of them.

Bree is taller than I am, now.  Her self-confidence grows each time I see her. Along with her friend Sabrina, they turned heads when they visited the City of Williams Lake. I saw more than one boy trip over his feet as his head swivelled on his shoulders, to watch the girls pass by! But Bree's loving energy never changes for me...she and I are as close as ever.

Our connection was strongly forged, throughout our bodies, a long time ago. Mere distance could never shake it.

And Graydon...ahhh, Graydon!

At sixteen months, he's walking and talking. He is fascinated with numbers, can spell out the letters of his name and knows what they spell, has an absolutely angelic personality, which brings joy to any person he comes into contact with. He recognized me almost immediately...he remembers my Chakra pendant and it connects us very quickly.

As I walked outside with him, showing him the lay of the land, I suddenly realized I had a grand son. He has male interests, now.  It became definitive for me, since I had only seen him, before, as a baby.  It was hard to differentiate between boys' and girls' behaviours at that point.

It was a grand feeling. I am about to join in this little boy's path in his life...he will have much to teach me about the male gender; I have only been associated with female energy, up to this point.

And I have much to learn.  I scoffed at being told about the differences between boys and girls, convinced we were all the same, underneath it all. But I have to admit...the differences are there. First lesson.

It was lovely, in the cool of the evening on the deck, exchanging confidences and confessions with my girls...and strengthening our ties, making sure no frayed edges were left to disintegrate...re-bonding once again.

I swallowed hard, when I watched them leave...even with a heat wave, with temperatures soaring to 40C, and a hoard of Ants who decided to seek moisture and invaded the house from the Forest...I was proud of the way the family pulled together, in times when the atmosphere was less than clement.

There was little time to mourn their leaving, although I did take some time to release tearful, sad energy.  Guests from Scotland were expected shortly. Linens were washed, the vacuum cleaner hummed and the dust and Ant bodies flew...

The heat wave abated somewhat during Jim and Jane's visit. I enjoyed listening to the Scottish brogue and colloquialisms...and absorbing a different cultural view. I am already looking forward to plans made for next summer...and perhaps a visit to the UK in the near future, where ties will continue to be strengthened.

And then our friends from the US arrived.  We spent days just chatting around the table on the deck.  We watched Hawk circle above us for an entire afternoon.  We moseyed around the area, seeing the Hoodoos at Farwell Canyon.

The weather had broken entirely, and the days were warm, sunny and windy. We talked, laughed and ate ourselves silly. It was the quintessential ending to a wonderful holiday.

Now, with the weather definitely showing true signs of Autumn...this morning there are signs of a Frost...I feel the urge to continue the renovations to the House and Land. I feel newly charged, newly energized, very open to new possibilities to enter my life. 

It's time to ready ourselves for our first experience living through a Cariboo Winter.

I find it truly amazing what a holiday which includes old friends and family will do!


  1. hi marion, been a while yes? lovely birds. so free and easy where you are. happy that all is well.

  2. Anonymous3:23 p.m.

    Hey, I live in the Cariboo too. What is amazing to me is that I found your blog via feminsite.us/blog from a post there by Daisy from Daisy's dead air blog.
    She was listing older women's blogs.
    I did not know if you know you were listed at feminsite. It is one of the top feminist blogs in the US. Have you been getting lots of hits lately?
    Anyway, it is always nice to find a blog from one's own area and about stuff I am interested in too. A bonus.

  3. Anonymous8:42 a.m.

    You know Marion I loved your last comment the most. You said you feel charged and ready for the new possibilities in your life. Whenever that is true, they are manifesting every moment. Watch for them...when the student is ready, the teacher, or miracle, always arrives!

  4. Alison,

    I hope you have recovered and enjoyed your quiet time. I have been lax in visiting my friends during the last while; hopefully that will change with the coming Autumn.


    It's great to meet you! Daisy had a super post about older women bloggers; it was an honour to be listed.

    And yes, the mention did indeed spike my readership. Her post also listed some great women bloggers...I look forward to visiting them.

    I tried to return your visit; however, I was unable to do so. I hope to see you again!


    How true this is! Always, when I feel so ready for opportunities, when my gut says something is coming, it does. And you know what? I have suddenly found the patience to wait until it does!

  5. Hi Marion. I'm nominating you for an award on my tattoo blog. Because you're awesome!

  6. I think its great to have grandchildren and once again enjoy their devlopment just as you did with your children. But a grandparent / grandchild relationsip is special as its that little bit different to a parent / child one.

    And ......you can always give them back.

  7. Anonymous4:04 p.m.

    I think boys and girls *are* the same underneath it all - but we do tend to have different filters through which to experience this world. Speaking of which, I can really empathize with those boys tripping over their feet as they looked at your granddaughter. I used to get quite a lot of injuries in that sort of way!

    Being with other people can really refresh the spirit. It's especially good for clearing away any unhelpful introspection which may have arisen. I'm glad you enjoyed your summer! (We didn't really have one here, not weather-wise. I heard a South African guy on the radio today who said he'd finally worked out the British climate: we have two winters, one in the winter and another, less severe, one in the summer.)

  8. What a wonderful August for you, but I'm glad you're back to blogging.

    Some friends gave their granddaughter a toy car for Christmas and the grandson a doll. They politely thanked them. Then when no adults were around, they switched presents. Yes, they are born different.

  9. Sounds like you've been enjoying some wonderful family time Marion. I'm sure Graydon will soon realise what a special grandmother he has in you. He is such a lucky little boy. I always remember the relationship I had with my grandparents. They were special people too.

  10. Livia,

    Thank you! You have listed some other blogs that I visited...very enjoyable!


    It doesn't feel so bad, to hand the grandchildren back, when there is no distance to see them again. This time was a little more difficult, I can no longer just drive a few miles to get my grandchildren fix.

    I truly hope I can build as strong a relationship with Graydon as I have with Bree, considering that distance.


    Well put!There are different filters between boys and girls for sure. I couldn't quite figure out what I was trying to say, until I received your comment...thank you, my friend...once again you've straightened my confusion out!

    Summer here consisted of a few days of very hot temps; with the rest being cloudy and cool, sometimes downright cold. We have frost this morning.

    Break up didn't happen until June. Frost begins in August...there's not much seasonal time for a garden in the Cariboo!


    As Simon says, perhaps the filter is different, but I noticed Graydon played with his toy truck, in his own world, for the longest time. Bree, on the other hand,could not have played with one toy for long...her mind was like quicksilver!

    I truly hope life now settles down to the point where I can comfortably sit down and write, without other things interrupting!


    Thank you...my grandkids are very special people and I am indeed very, very grateful!

  11. Anonymous3:20 p.m.

    I tried e mailing you, but I got no response. What one am I supposed to use? I did the yahoo one. Anyway, so it goes.

  12. Rhondda,

    I have found your letter in my Yahoo inbox. I must change the address on my page...it is not one I check very often.

    However,I found it and thank you so much! I will answer shortly; I am using my laptop at the moment, as my other computer is being worked on, as I write.

    Till then...