Thursday, August 07, 2008

Boulders and Blockages...An Update

The days are becoming shorter. And the speeding Train I am on this year has not slowed...each day brings new beginnings.

But the Train will slow...within a week, my family from the Coast will travel up to the Cariboo to visit for a few extremely welcome reunion. And then, visitors will arrive within a few days of each other until the end of August. And that Train...well, it'll just have to slow down enough for me to jump off for a time and enjoy my company.

The kitchen is finished and the guest rooms are freshly painted and decorated. The septic tank, which had not been attended to for fourteen years, due to lack of access, has been found and pumped out...just in time, I was told. Especially with the amount of visitors I am expecting.

Disaster averted.

The Excavator came in last week. The operator/owner has a great affinity for Boulders and Stones. It seemed as if the bucket was a true extension of his hand, as he moved great Stones and lined them in place in the retaining walls that hold the roadbeds.

And he stood our Guardian Boulder upright, at the entrance to the driveway. We found him after Snow melt; we instantly realized his predicament in lying face first in the draw near the driveway. He makes a strong statement as he guards the drop-off to the draw...big and black, he will show his presence during the snowy Winter months.

The Excavator uncovered giant Boulders, as he levelled a spot for Graham's wood working shop. Some he could not pick up and move...he nudged those along, with his bucket, until they were placed correctly. It will take me time to know all these newly exposed Stones. Each has his or her own identity and personalities and some send stronger energy than others.

The Shop space was levelled and is awaiting the concrete workers. It seems, at the moment, at least, that they might be difficult to find, as the population prepares for the coming Winter by working hard in the Summer months, when construction is possible.

After the concrete base for the shop has been poured, the Excavator will come back and finish backfilling all the areas uncovered for the process. And he will correctly place a chimney on the septic tank so that it can be easily accessed. No more near disasters!

I can visualize the finished look to the area, where raw dirt now lays exposed. Construction and landscaping, outside of my home, is truly exciting for me...I love to watch expert operators of big machinery. They make it all look so smooth and easy!

I look forward, now, to building garden beds in the Fall. I will plant shrub Roses along the driveway, at the top of the new Rock wall. The area outside the front door will be tiled eventually, along with sidewalks built around the house.

I will have Soil and aged Horse Manure trucked this rocky, boulderous area, there is little friable natural Soil. With great anticipation, I look forward to placing my hands deep within those piles of goodness.

It seems so long ago, since I built new garden beds. It is one of my very favourite gives me huge creative energy. But this time, I must take into consideration the fact that we have a Well...and only one. Water could become an issue in this dry climate. Xeriscaping becomes important here.

We plan on using cisterns, etc. to collect water for the garden...but this will be Spring's big project.

It seems, as the landscaping took shape (in my mind, if nowhere else), I have felt more grounded, more centred. Blockages to my my creativity... have been removed, rather suddenly. I am ready to move forward, much to my surprise.

Those blockages were removed as quickly as each Boulder fell into place. I am filled with gratitude to Spirit for allowing me to witness Stone energy in action, in such close proximity. Becoming acquainted with Stone energy can sometimes take a lot of time; with the Excavator, the time was shortened by far. Those Boulders...blockages...have been dealt with and firmly rooted in their places.

As have I.

So. The curtains have been hung, the kitchen churns out Muffins and Scones and Pies, the septic system is doing whatever it does, the rooms are ready and the Guardian stands tall.

The Inn is open...with widely extended arms.


  1. Anonymous2:23 p.m.

    I'm thankful with your blog it is very useful to me.

  2. Ah, I love those big boulders. When I was a kid my dad, who ran a backhoe, dug up our septic tank and dragged out two huge boulders. They became my favorite places in the yard. I miss them.

  3. I'm sure your family and friends will have the best visit ever. How beautifully everything is working out for you.

    I have always found boulders to be somewhat magical.

  4. I wish . . .

    I wonder what is the geologic origins of those boulders? They appear to be rounded, perhaps glacially, but broken as well; like they were rolled along then sheared at the ends. We used to vacation in Minnesota and the rounded glaciated stones would float to the top of the soil causing no end of problems cutting the lawns. You'd pull them out, then next year would be a new crop, like weeds.
    Sounds like you're almost ready for winter. Got that wood cut for warmth?

  5. Glad the septic tank problem was discovered before the company arrives. We always seem to have toilet issues with company. It is pleasant to see your contented mood as more things fall into place.

  6. The home is really coming along now, its amazing what you have done. I bet your visitors will really enjoy it. Have fun.

  7. Your place is beautiful. Those stones are awesome.

  8. Lotto,

    I'm glad.


    I love them, too...a child's imagination can go far riding atop a giant boulder!


    I pinch myself, at times! Things are really going great...and I can't wait for the kids to come up. Graydon is walking and talking now, a big change for me to see, and Bree will tell me all about Europe!

    Boulders are indeed magical...they have faces and personalities and a deep wisdom, not to mention great grounding energy.


    We're on glacial moraine, just as you supposed. The boulders are fieldstone, and get rounded through the ages and almost feel soft to the touch. Lichens and moss grow on the boulders that have stayed in place...I hope the same will happen to these ones we recently unearthed. There is a huge amount of quartz here as well.

    And you're far, the stones have been my best crop!

    You're welcome anytime...winter here is spectacular!


    I feel comfortable here and finally, at home.

    Especially with the special energy the kids will bring to the place! I certainly hope the septic system will not act up, lol.


    Thanks, will be the blind leading the blind, I'm afraid...I have been so busy with the new home I have not had much chance to do sightseeing myself. It will be a chance to discover the area I live in!


    They are. There are some really big ones, covered in moss and lichen, who I've discovered in my wandering on the property.

    They are so old. Meditating with them, you can feel a deep, solid heartbeat that actually reverberates. It's fantastic!

  9. Anonymous8:13 a.m.

    Removing boulders and old waste allows the doors to open wide to love and acceptance. Great illustration Marion. Thank you and ENJOY!

  10. It sounds like your family are in for a warm welcome when they arrive Marion. It sounds like everything is falling into place nicely in your new home. Moving the boulders and clearing the septic tank is a big step forward.

    P.S. I could smell the muffins and pies baking from here!

  11. such beauty...your blog is always such a treasure

  12. such beauty...your blog is always such a treasure

  13. I also love big boulders and think people mad when some of them have them carted away. Nice to see that everything in place for when you get your visitors, especially the septic tank LOL.

    On my Herbs 'n Oils blog I nominated you for the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award as one of my longtime favorite blogs to visit. You may acknowledge it or ignore it as you feel fit, especially seeing you had that recent Carnival.

  14. Harmony,

    Sorry it took so long to answer your's great to see you.

    My focus throughout these visits was to enjoy, just as you've said...and I did thoroughly!


    Those pies and muffins were consumed with great gusto...I found myself making more as the time went on. The kitchen worked marvellously, with no complaint.

    And the septic tank gave us no problems, either. It was a great time.


    So nice to see you...I enjoy visiting your site as well. It's where I find true beauty.


    Thank you so much! You are one of my long time readers, and I appreciate it so much. It is really great to make friends such as you in very different countries and environments.

    I am considering listing a few of my favourite blogs. The only problem I have is putting the logo on my blog. Any suggestions?

  15. I just right click on images and save them to :My Pictures" then load it into my blog via the "add picture" thingy in Blogger. I am very KISS with things LOL

  16. What beautiful pictures of the birds and a delightful family story to read. Those boulders are amazing!