Sunday, January 06, 2008

Moving and Letting Go

In the rush of our lives at the moment, sometimes I take time out, just to reflect and walk around our home and remember the plans we had for it. There are still many restorations I wanted to do that will be up to someone else now.

At first, when this all started, I wanted to finish all our plans before we sold it...I felt the house should have those little touches we didn't, all of a sudden, have time to do at our leisure. But I soon discovered that people who want this house are itching to do those things...their way. I had to learn to listen to these ideas, without leaping in and telling them my way.

People listen politely, to be sure, just as I would if a homeowner loved his home and wanted still to be part of its ongoing life. And I would use what I could, and leave the rest. Just as the new owners will do with my ideas.

I walk through the garden, the scene of so many traumatic and joyful tales that have happened since I moved here five years ago. I remember a fenced in area that had a few Rosebushes against the fence and Grandfather Tree, when we moved in. And that was all.

It was a blank slate. I brought many Plants and Trees from my former garden, and the first year I was here, they were left in their pots for the summer, as I readied the inside of the house. I looked forward to the following Spring, when what I considered I would have the time to do true gardening.

With great gusto, I transformed the empty space into a well-Treed, perennial planted area. All the beds are edged with Rock and Stone, giving a sense of grounded parameters. The garden still requires structure, trellises and completed pathways. And anyone who buys this property will want to is an inescapable part of the energy surrounding this home.

Grandfather Tree will give me an offspring, to take with me into the Cariboo. I will find a sheltered spot for his youngster, who, many years hence, will astound those around him, by his awesome size and the wise energy he will emit. And they will did he get here?

Just as I did, when I first saw Grandfather.

This old home, built in the early 1940's, with parts older than that, has a firm, solid touch...I have always felt whatever Storms come my way, I could weather fairly easily, living with her.

We've replaced doors, added a hot tub, added a workshop done in board and batten, to follow the design of the house. We found a closet. We've replaced plumbing and hot water heaters, window panes with a low-e rating, and electrical. We've added a brand new Cedar shake roof, and replaced siding. Her kitchen is upgraded and she is painted inside and out.

Even in the dark of Winter, she glows.

I thought we had time here...I thought I was here for good and all. Next year, I would promise myself, I will have time to move that young Tree over by the other fence. Next spring, I will decide what to do with the area in front of the Shop...and what will I do with the Strawberry bed?

And next year was when I wanted to restore the old Fir floor, his beauty hidden under layers of linoleum. This is one project the new homeowners will have to decide on...and one I will miss out on. I wanted to see the image captured of it in my mind's eye, in reality.

This home will choose her new owners, just as she did with me. All I have to do is stand by and watch and do the mundane items required, with selling a home.

Stand and watch and be grateful for the time I had with her.

And then let go...


  1. I recently had the experience of going back to a home where we had lived and loved. It was an experience I would never repeat. Of course everyone has a different idea of what their environment should look like and the new owners were very proud of what they had done. But it was all I could do to keep from saying "tacky" and "trite." But getting a new home and putting your own mark on it will be exciting.

  2. Good luck with the sale of the house Marion and I look forward to seeing your new place. Its good to take some of your favourite plants with you.

  3. It is hard to let go of this home so well-loved. The yard is so beautiful. That would be the hardest for me. I believe once you find a new home, this letting go will be easier and you will get lost in looking forward to spring plantings and unchartered new growth.

  4. Jan,

    I know what you mean...I can't even bear to drive by my last home...they clear cut all the trees!

    But then, whatever I do to my new home may not be to the present owner's taste, either.

    Live and let live, I guess!


    I'm going to try and take slips here and there, it would be difficult to transplant anything at this time of year. And the zones are so much different...most of my plants can't survive in Williams Lake.


    I keep that thought in mind, when sadness overcomes. There is something new, just around the corner, and I can once again make my own mark. I'm looking forward to it; another opportunity to learn.

    Gardening in Williams Lake sounds a little daunting; we'll see where it goes.

  5. We have a bulletin board in one bedroom filled with pictures of the first house we lived in together. The memories are great...

    The best thing, of course, is having great memories to look back on while you make more.

    This I say, looking back on a life that has involved moving frequently through a number of states.

    All the best in your new home.

    Also, wanted to let you know that I've published my first post of 2008. It's a special edition of Surfer's Paradise...and you're in!

    No surprise there.

  6. Anonymous12:42 p.m.

    Your garden is so beautiful, and I'm sure difficult for you to give up. I hope you have a wonderful adventure in setting up your new home.

  7. new home? how exciting. new garden, new flowers, new fairies. read your previous post on the weather... brrr! that is cold! i've lived in the tropics all my life, can't imagine living in the freezer! :) looking forward to see your new home.

  8. Good luck with your house sale Marion. It's nice that you're taking some of your favourite plants with you as a reminder of your old home. It's always sad leaving an old house behind but you have the excitement of moving into a new home to look forward to. It will be a whole new adventure for you Marion.

  9. Letting go is a choice of growth. As we let go we give up a piece of ourselves so others can learn and grow. They will take what we have to offer and use it for what need. That way we continue to grow and stay part of what we have established with the help of the others before us. We are all part of the process.

  10. Anonymous1:12 p.m.

    You write so evocatively about your home, Marion, I feel sad to see it go myself! The work you have done looks lovely. Like you, I planted a whole new flower bed in the house we left last year, and the garden was the most difficult part to let go! But at least you can take comfort in the welcome challenges which will lie ahead in your new home, which is there waiting for you even now... somewhere!

  11. Anthony,

    "The best thing, of course, is having great memories to look back on while you make more." Exactly. Thank you!


    I'm actually looking forward to gardening in Zone 3...lots of new things to learn!


    I guess we live where we're meant to be. I have visited and loved tropical places, yet I love cold, clear weather. And I think of you, when I want to keep warm!


    I have lots of ideas for my new garden; I'll have to see if they are practical, in my new home. It is difficult to imagine, sometimes, as I as yet have no idea what our new home will look like!

  12. Dave,

    "Letting go is a choice of growth"...exactly what I needed to hear at the moment I read it...great reminder.


    Thank you! I keep an image in my mind's eye...I'll know the home when I see it.

  13. I have always disliked what others have done to former homes I have lived in so I vowed to just remember them the way they were and not visit.

    You luckily have some great photos to remember your home and nearby forest and can therefore remind yourself of how things were if the new owners do anything weird :)

  14. Your move is beginning to sound exciting to me, with the thought that people are enchanted by your home. I can't imagine that they wouldn't be, as lovingly as you describe it.

    It's been 40 years since we moved to this town, and about 30 since we built this home. I wouldn't even know where to begin with moving out!!

    I hope you both get to feeling better. All the stuff you have to do just doesn't leave you any time to be sick, does it!?!