Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Weddings and Weekends Photos

Tracy and Rich tied the knot on July 08, 2006.

Can you sense the release of the tension that came before.... during the preparations, the anticipation and the sheer other-worldliness of getting married?

The married couple...aren't the words..."You may kiss the bride!" full of the promise of huge changes to come?

This is Kyssa waiting for her mother to walk down the aisle. At this point, the ribbons hadn't been tied around her neck, but the colours were lovely with her soft, silky black coat. She's such a ham...I asked her, in the midst of this crowd of people, to pose. She did, a number of times, always with a smile.

Tracy and Rich intently wrapping the hand-fasting ribbons around their hands, signifying their bond with each other.

Isn't handfasting a beautiful old tradition?

I want to wish Tracy and Rich a warm, wonderful, exciting life together. Graham joins me in sending huge Reiki blessings, with the very best Intentions for a life together that may, at times, be filled with Stones and Boulders. You will find wisdom amongst those seemingly hard, unforgiving Rocks and tall, rugged impossible Mountains.

And I wish for much joy in the years to come when the Rivers flow smoothly, when the Oceans are smooth and serenity is your companion.

I wish you both a life together that will be well-lived.


  1. Anonymous1:51 p.m.

    Marion - this is the most beautiful write up. Both posts are. I have printed them and will save them with our wedding album forever! Thank you so much for honouring us with your presence and please thank Gray for us as well.

    As I was walking up the aisle I was desperately searching for some guidance and then I know you will remember when I met your eyes towards the front. What a relief!! You are always someone who encourages calm in those around you.

    Much love to you and Gray, from both Rich and myself. We will see you soon.


  2. There was such wonderful energy surrounding this whole wedding celebration and reception.I could have written reams about it...a whole book!

    But just a few words had to suffice. I loved writing them.

    Gray and I will look forward to seeing you both in the not too distant future.

    Much Love...Marion

  3. The handfasting ceremony is very meaningful. Thank you for sharing that.


  4. Congratulations Tracy, you look absolutely beautiful and I love your wedding gown.

    Lovely write up Marion and thanks for the visit to my blog