Friday, December 30, 2011

Gardens of the Future

The light from the camera's flash in the perfect place...
We left the family two days ago and it already seems like forever. It was the best Christmas...I suppose other Christmases felt just as good at the time, but this one had just a little more added to it. It seemed there was just a little more loving energy, felt in all manner of ways.

Graydon and I became dentist and assistant as we played with his play-dough dentist kit. I made the teeth and placed them in Mr. Towell's cavernous, plastic mouth and Graydon drilled, made fillings and pulled any tooth that looked suspicious. And eventually...they all looked suspicious!

It was his favourite game...he even dreamt about being inside someone's mouth the night after we'd played hard with the toy. Perhaps he will become a dentist in future years...he may be surprised to learn, however, that not all patients want every tooth in their heads pulled!
My grandson Graydon pulling one of Mr. Towell's teeth, completely intent...

Brianna and I went shopping together on the Internet this year. She and I would go peruse the actual stores so often, when I lived close by. This year, we decided to try and shop together on the web and it worked very well. She found her items and I bought them...could there be any better way for a seventeen year old girl and her grandmother, who do not live near one another?

Our granddaughter Brianna, looking angelic, but do not be deceived...
She also modelled her graduation dress for us. Oh, my goodness! So many thoughts raced through my head as she stood before us in the glimmering, shimmery white dress! How could the baby I'd held in my arms, just yesterday, it seems, turn into this brilliant butterfly? I wanted to take a photo, but that will wait until the actual date. Suffice it to say, tears ran freely...

I enjoyed watching my super efficient daughter Heidi cook for the hordes of people who forever required food. I did make the stuffing for the Turkey...oh, and I made some butter tarts...but that was all I contributed this time to the holiday feasts.

My daughter Heidi washing the inevitable dishes...
Years ago, my daughter refused anything to do with cooking. She was sure it was not something she had any interest in whatsoever. But after a few years with her family, she's an amazing, passionate chef and loves to experiment with unusual ingredients. And after a summer spent in renovations, even her surroundings in the kitchen reflect her passion for foods.

A treasured ornament...
I am, once again, in awe at how the Universe works. You see, I am waiting for another surprise that is, most definitely, in store for her, another passion which will shock her with its intensity.

She will become a gardener. There are hints of it showing now. I want to chuckle; it is so obvious to me...

Once someone becomes passionate about cooking, about using fresh ingredients instead of canned or prepared foods, about finding out and realizing how many pesticides and hormones come in becomes interested in searching out the freshest, most local of foods. 

Yummy, cheesy biscuits...
At first, it is to showcase one's Art of Cooking. After all, one cannot show off a lovely salad with wilted Lettuce. But soon, interest turns to the taste of these foods. Surely, a row of Lettuce grown with love and care from one's own hands will reflect that love in its taste?

And this is how one thing, one passion leads to another...

Heidi, at some point, will become interested in the Soil and what it can produce for her, and I will be delighted to stand by and watch and offer advice, needed or not, heh, heh...

With extended families there is not always as much time as one wishes to have. We only spent an afternoon with our ten month old twin granddaughters...not nearly enough time for me to even distinguish the two with any certainty. I discovered, however, that they are intensely huggable, never mind which one it is...Kaleelah or Keauni.

Another suspicious tooth...yes, very slimy and disgusting, for sure!
Graydon was counting the days and nights we had remaining to our stay every day. When the time came to leave that little boy, my heart bled, as I know his did as well. It is the hardest thing for me to leave my family, all of them, knowing there are many things I will miss as they go about their lives.

Granddaughters Kaleelah and Keauni...
But. I am so grateful I am able to have great quality to our relationships, even if there is not much quantity. All of us in my family have worked hard to keep our contact with each other close, no matter the distance between us.

I find I love being a grandmother. I find it is, perhaps, my passion. It is so great to watch these little people grow into adults, with no more requirement on my part than to listen, advise and love, and with no expectations. What will be, will be. How different from parenting!

And so. Now I am at home, picking up the threads of my own life. What will be ahead, in the coming, tumultuous year?

A young mule Deer welcoming us home, back to the Forest...
No matter. I will live life day to day, as I have practiced doing for the last few months. I am becoming better at it; the difficulty is with knowing which day it is in the mundane World. Living life in the now, this instant, has its drawbacks, at times.

I wish all of you, those of you that have taken time out of your busy lives to read this long essay and those of you that haven't, all of you...a happy and healthy and abundantly, loving year in 2012. May you all experience balance and serenity and joyful, peaceful energies in the year to come...



  1. ah ah marion. am i the first to comment? maybe, maybe not.

    i follow every word here. i understand every word, every proud feeling, every longing to be too far too often, every joy to know children as they grow. and your joy is obvious here, marion. that makes me so happy.

    you and graydon and your teeth is hilarious! you have to wonder if his interest in inate or sparked. perhaps he will become a dentist and you will have been there for the root canal (hee hee)

    the twins are adorable, marion. and brianna is just beautiful.

    and heidi. so it will be.....i see the writing life in my jessica, the easy way she speaks the difficult and it warms my heart. so you see the process that leads to the natural world and natural foods in your heidi. another heartwarmer.

    i am just thrilled to read this post, my dearest friend. been thinking of you. yesterday the christmas card i sent you was returned undelivered to me. did i mistake the address? (i don't think so). of coursse i will send it again. and again if necessary.

    more later, now yay!

  2. It looks like a fantastic Christmas Marion. Its wonderful spending it with family. Have a very happy new year.

  3. The love shines through the words you used to describe your warm and wonderful Christmas. I'm so happy that you and your family have found ways to keep your bonds tight despite the geographical distances between you.

    May you and those you love be safe and happy in 2012.

  4. So glad you had such a wonderful family Christmas. Hope your drive home was uneventful. Was it very snowy? This winter was supposed to be cold and snowy here on the coast, but so far pretty mild. Mind you, I'm not complaining, but I always worry about the snow pack for summer. Have a wonderful New Years. Ours will be a quiet one at home. - Margy

  5. What a wonderful and loving post. Happy 2012 to you and to your wonderful family!

  6. Such a lovely post!
    Your grandchildren are so beautiful!
    I'll be a new nanna in Jan, can't wait, my heart is overflowing with joy!

    Wishing you a most wonderful new year!

    Margie x

  7. Awww … the twins do make the cutest picture for Christmas, Marion. Glad you had a warm family time and hope the New Year brings you and yours good health, peace and joy. Definitely seems as though you will have a dentist in the family in future. What a fantastic toy ... and visit with the family!

  8. Marion,
    It sounds like you had a lovely time. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a happy New Year!!!!

  9. Marion,
    It sounds like you had a lovely time. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a happy New Year!!!!

  10. Kj,

    During the holidays, I thought I would post something for Christmas by using Graydon's computer. Unfortunately, his computer no longer works well for the internet, only his games.I should have listened to my intuition and brought my laptop.

    And so, I hope you received my email regarding heartfelt sympathies to you and JB. I well know how difficult it must have been.

    I will be catching up on the blogs today. It felt very strange not being connected to the 'net!

    My address is PO Box 331, 150 Mile House, BC V0K 2G0. But it's the Christmas season and letters go awry...

    Love and hugs to you and JB...xx


    Happy New Year, old friend! You and I both miss children who have passed on. Some moments remain difficult over the season. On the whole, though, this was a very loving and enjoyable Christmas! xx


    The happiest of New Year's blessings to you, my friend! And to Levi and the others as well! I hope 2012 will be filled with happiness for all of you...xx

  11. Powell River Books,

    Margy, I have kept up with the weather on the Coast and loved how mild it was when I was there. It's been cold, but there is very little snow so far, about a foot on the ground. And the roads both ways were fairly clear until we were just outside of home, so that was truly a great thing!

    This morning, it is -15C so it is getting colder again and there is snow in the forecast. I worry about the snow pack as well.

    Have a very happy 2012, Margy...I'm keeping up with the renos on your cabin, so lots of wonderful changes in store! xx


    A very Happy New Year to you and the gang! Please give them all a smooch from me...xx


    Oh my! 2012 will start with a bang for you! How terrific! My best wishes to the new mom and family...and enjoy grandmotherhood, Margie, it's awesome, really! xx

  12. aka Penelope,

    That toy was brilliant! Apparently, it was not expensive at all. Graydon saw it someplace and had to have it and it really did seem to be his favourite gift. And I love to play with play dough! We made teeth in the moulds and then stuck them in the even squeezed out the red tongue!! A great toy, indeed...

    Happy New Year!! xx

    Annie Coe,

    The best of New Year's blessings headed your way, Annie...I hope you have a wonderful, creative year! xx

  13. Marion,
    Loved seeing photos of your family!
    All the best to you and yours in the new year,

  14. What a lovely time you've had my dear Marion, and there is much more to come I think this year too :)) Thank you for your mail, I am somewhat run-down to say the least but it's been wonderful reading and I shall, as always read it a few more times. A Happy New Year and wonderful wishes, I'm so glad you're world is filled with so many good things at this time. Big hugs and lots of love! xxx

  15. The best new year to you and Graham, from us.

  16. Beautiful photos, Marian, especially those two Christmas cuties! OMG! (((dead from cuteness)))

    Happy New Year and hope all is well with you in 2012!

  17. It sounds like you had a very special Christmas, Marion! I wish for you all and only the very best of everything for 2012 - may it be a year of happiness and joy!

  18. Happy New Year Marian*!*

  19. How beautiful Brianna is with her sparkling eyes. Graydon's intensity on his project radiates from the photo. Those soft little huggabled are so sweet. Your post read like a love letter, Marian.

    Happy New Year!

  20. Anonymous11:38 a.m.

    Hi Marion,

    What a blast, playing dentist, that's on a different level than playing

    Nice pics, lovely family,look like you had a wonder filled family time.

    May the new year be filled with love,joy and heart-warming graces.

  21. Anonymous1:21 p.m.

    Marion, I am sending you a wish for a very happy happy NEW YEAR !! May the light that fills your heart be the beacon on your journey. Your wonderful words and phots are always an inspiration to me. Many Blessings for 2012 Dave

  22. What a lovely honest wonderful post Marion - I love it. and those delicious babies! they are just gorgeous - I can't believe they are 10 months old already. Your grand-daughter does look angelic but mischievous at the same time - it's that sparkle in her eyes. I'm so glad you had a lovely time, it was a good christmas vacation for us too - thank goodness!!!

  23. And a happy 2012 to you, too Marion! I share your feelings about being a grandmother. I love every moment I'm with my grandkids and though I can keep myself happily busy when I'm not with them, they are constantly in my thoughts. It's such a marvelously filled-up feeling :)