Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter Blessings!

Most holidays for Graham and I are spent on the Island, and Easter is no exception.

It's 4 AM on Thursday morning, April 1, 2010. April Fool's Day...and our travelling day. So far, everything that can go wrong has...our primary travelling vehicle bit the dust yesterday and won't be fixed until today sometime...but we will have taken our little commuter vehicle and will be long gone.

I booked the Dog sitter.  But I screwed up the dates, and we'll have to return a day early. So Lucky and Nate will have a long day in the house on the day of our return on Monday. We will hope for no accidental pools and piles when we enter the house, but with Nate's kidneys and his age, we can't be too sure of that!

No matter.  We're off to visit the family.  My daughter and her husband have planned a full weekend for us...Easter dinner and Graydon's birthday party.  Graydon just turned three on March 27 and he has graciously decided to wait until we arrive to celebrate.

I have a surprise for Bree. The camera we bought her for Christmas a year ago had broken. I'd bought her another, but she was attached to the little underwater camera and so we had it fixed.  But she doesn't know and I am looking forward to her reaction when we give her the old one.

I am looking forward to the Easter Egg hunt.  This year, I plan to find more than anybody else...but then, each year I plan to do this, and I haven't won yet...

I have offered to make Scalloped potatoes for Easter dinner. I found a recipe which uses smoked Gouda cheese and Parmesan and one other cheese, which at this early hour, escapes me.

Graham has a second cousin who is visiting his mother. Nineteen years of age, he has decided to travel the world. I shall look forward to meeting him and enjoying his Scottish accent.

It will be a weekend crammed with people, food and most of all, love. 

My dearest wish is for all who read this blog to have a very Happy Easter, one that is filled with people, food...and great love.

May the Easter Bunny bring all of you much joy, in this season of renewal and rebirth.

And, on my return, I will let you know how the scalloped Potatoes turned out...the one with the smoked Gouda, Parmesan, and that other cheese.

A blessed, joyous Easter to you all!


  1. I'm sure you are having a great Easter weekend, Marion. And what a thoughtful gift to have her camera repaired. Looking forward to finding out what that other cheese is.

  2. Anonymous10:18 a.m.

    Hello Marion,

    A blessed and joyous Easter to you too. Sounds like a yummy time, scalloped potatoes and Easter eggs!

    Have fun!

  3. Hey, you're making me jealous here, but I wish you a most delightful weekend anyway. At least all the schnafoos are behind you, so it will be clear sailing from now one.

  4. Oooohhh - Marion, those scalloped potatoes sound amazingly good. My mouth is watering!

    Have a Happy Easter with your family, and a safe & easy trip to and from!


  5. Marion, I'm sure with all the people and love that you've managed to pack in you won't be the least bit upset to come home to the possibility of piles, etc. (and the kids/dogs will be happy to have you back!)

    I love love love that shot of blue flowers. My favorite color!

    Blessings to you during this season full of hope and renewal ;)

    ♥ Lolo

  6. I am planning to ask for that scalloped potato recipe! Have a marvelous Easter! What is better than happy family, good food, and lots of love?

  7. We arrived last night around 8 pm. We had a good trip to the ferry and with reservations we were assured of getting on it. The ferry was packed, as is usual at holiday time.

    Graydon was already in bed when we arrived, but Bree was very surprised and happy to receive her old camera back. She's grown 4 inches since Christmas and is much taller than I am. Wow! At fifteen, she is such a gorgeous girl, with the longest legs! As a soccer player her body is really well-toned. Did I tell you how gorgeous she is?

    It's early in the morning; I'm the only one up.But I want to thank you all for the comments...after I figured out how to use my family's computer, it was great to see you all.

    On my return, I'll post the scalloped potato recipe...and photos of Bree and Graydon. They are both growing so fast, I want to have their pictures on this blog, before they both grow to maturity, lol.

    Happy Easter to you all!

  8. ah, marion, you know what i like most about this post, what brings me to a comfortable smile?

    it is that YOU are happy, comfortable, content. i am a friend of yours who is just delighted that you are going to have a fun and wonderful holiday weekend with your family.

    graydon and mr. ryan are both three, so i know how cool it is going to be for you! and the love you have for bree comes singing off the page.

    i hope you win the easter egg hunt. even emily is rooting toot-tooting for you.

    love love love!

  9. Have a great weekend, holidays like this are a great time for visiting family and friends. Spring is slowly creeping in here, and it is a creep, as no doubt you will have read about the dreadful weather in Scotland and Northern Ireland in the last few days.

  10. ♥! marion!

    happy happy easter.

  11. Aw, that's lovely, hopeyou had a great one too. I emailed you at the address thats on your dashboard, did you get it? Just want to check it hasn't got lost in the ether, take care , Michelle

  12. As the sun warms the soul and the day light last longer we are all washed in the energy of peace. I wish that this peace stay in our spirit and guide us along the flowered path of love.

    Happy Easter

  13. We have had a lovely Easter filled with family friends and laughter <3