Thursday, December 08, 2005

An Early Christmas Present

Gray's son Scott and his girlfriend Leanne gave me a Buddha board for Christmas. I received it early because they're both going to be enjoying Christmas holidays in Mexico.

This is an incredible gift, to this wannabe painter. The board sits at an angle on a black base. I filled the base with pebbles and water. A brush has convenient storage on the base. I paint what I consider masterpieces, and watch as the water dries, creating foggy images that somehow look better as they fade.

I use it to practice drawing Reiki symbols. Sometimes I'll ask a question for my guides and watch as the water dries to see if an answer shows itself. Watching the water drying is recuperative, soothing. The board is very conducive to clearing the mind of intruding, harsh thoughts in preparation for meditation.

The buddha board, according to the information on it, can be found at . I know nothing about it, really...I don't even know what kind of material it's made out of. But I so enjoy people just picking up that brush, and painting whatever comes to mind, knowing it will only take a few minutes to dry and so erase whatever was painted, whatever emotion prompted the image.

Sometimes, I'll get up on the wrong side of the bed, and paint a scream, or perhaps a happy face, if I feel great. Sometimes I'll wet the whole board, revelling in the soothing black void it presents. Not stable enough for children, the board gives adults a chance to remember childhood fingerpainting.

Someone came to the door the other day, collecting for the Cancer Society, and as he was waiting for me to find my purse, he edged closer to the board. I suggested he try it. An older gentleman, he seemed a little embarassed as he painted a circle, stood back, added eyes, stood back, and painted in a mouth, turned down at the corners.

Oh, I said to him, he doesn't look very happy. No, he said, but I feel better now. He never elaborated on his comment, but he did look a little brighter when he left.

And that's what the board does. It gives balance to my creative and emotional bodies. It lets me forget the worries of mundane life. As I watch the image fade, it is as if problems fade with it.

So, thank you, Scott and Leanne, for knowing me so well, and for bringing this incredible tool into my life.

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