Monday, April 10, 2006

The Lady in Red...Part 2

I awoke this morning still feeling em- powered. Sleep was hard to come by last night; there was no easy drift into dreamland, as there is on some nights. And last night I was convinced I would feel really sluggish and foggy when I woke up to face the new day.

But Red is active, daring, passionate and optimistic. It enhances alertness and encourages activity. In old Egypt, Red symbolized the masculine side, life and warmth...and also warned of danger. So, with the dream still fresh in my mind and heart, the day began as if a power surge had charged through my body.

Within the last few years, I have been drawn to the colour red, more and more. When I moved to Qualicum Beach, Rodney (Wind) commented on the number of red flowering plants I had acquired. Plants with red flowers were strangely absent at my former home, with the exception of red of my all time favourites. Suddenly, without even thinking about it, I landscaped my new yard with a lot of Red, in flowering plants, vines, and trees with red leaves.

My daughter Heidi and her family gave me a pair of Sloggers recently. I tried to tell myself the garden clogs were hot pink, and they are in certain lights...but Red is taking over the pink. More people comment on my Red shoes, rather than my Pink shoes. Whatever colour they are, when I put them on, I feel empowered, ready to take on the worst weedy situation. These clogs are strong, ready to wade into mud and loose earth with no hesitation whatsoever.

When I researched Red I found red energy relates to the root chakra. This was clue number one in deciphering the message the Lady in Red gave to me. There is a lot of baggage still left in my root chakra...I have unearthed most of the negative packages and sent them on their way. For a long time, when I took The Tickle Chakra Test my root chakra showed terrible imbalance. Over time and work, it has become more balanced...but there is still a ways to go.

Another clue for me is that for years I thought I disliked Red. I rarely wear it...the colour makes me feel too "out there". And yet, I have surrounded myself with it, in different varying tones of the colour. It takes the Lady in Red to show me that my perceived dislike of the colour is really fear. Fear of Power.

Red stands for power. It stands for our own power, other people's power and power struggles between the two. Red indicates a strong-willed person...for me, who considers herself shy and quiet, a person who comes to me with lots of Red energy is one I should stay far away from. There is all this intensity.

Red is intense. When anger or frustration strikes, we see "red". Red gives energy to what I consider negative emotions, such as impatience and frustration and temper tantrums. Red is the colour of blood, inflamed physical fact, Red relates to the physical in all its aspects.

And with that in mind, I have just lately managed to almost overcome an extremely painful condition involving my hip and leg. It took red...the strength of the red continue with the therapy treatments. Many times, as I breathed through a particularly painful massage, I would visualize red, turning the shower of colour into green. The pain was reduced, and I was able to withstand and relax with it.

As with all the colours, there is a negative and positive aspect. Give that Red energy to someone who is angry...and it can fuel the flame. But give Red energy to someone who is afraid...and it can give them the strength to overcome their fear. Certainly I overcame my fear and dislike of the crowd in the dream with the Lady in Red's iron strength.

Was that what the people were all cheering about? The fact that I recognized the strength and will and power in myself, overcoming the fear of doing so in the process? That I recognized " red energy" as a powerful, positive of vitality, creativity and passion? One that also grounds...allowing me to face the recognition from others without flinching? seemed to be more than a hugely beneficial change of belief in myself, worthy of a celebration in itself. Who was the Lady in Red? And my guides...were they reassuring me of their presence, even if I can't see them? as in the photos, where they appeared to the photographer's consternation.

I intend to re-dream within the next couple of days. I've attempted it before successfully...I will re-enter the dream at the point where the Lady in Red places her hands on my shoulders. I will ask her to tell me her name and I will remember to thank her this time. It will be a conscious dream, as Robert Moss explains in his books.

But sometimes, as in the post Cats, Kittens...and More Cats the answer comes in future events. I wonder if Red Energy will help with my impatience?

There's a power struggle for you.

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