Monday, April 24, 2006

Healing Pets With Reiki

Nate, our lab cross, woke up yesterday morning with what we think is a pulled groin muscle. He was having difficulty walking; he shivered and shook, his eyes clouded and held small with pain. It was Sunday. In my small town, vets also need weekends to recuperate, and we hesitated to call because it would entail taking them away from their relaxation time.

It became a day of almost non-stop Reiki, on both Nate and Lucky. Lucky is a retriever/airedale cross who, with his extreme sensitivity towards others, worked along with us, as the healer he is, in making Nate more comfortable. It was my first experience in watching Lucky work. We have always suspected Lucky was a healer; he proved it yesterday.

It was a warm day. Nate insisted on lying underneath Grandfather Tree's spreading branches, keeping himself cool. Once he settled himself, Lucky lay right beside him, even if Lucky usually loves the sun. I thought both dogs needed time to rest and I continued with my house and garden work, peeking at the dogs on and off.

I was in the back of the house, when Lucky came in and nudged me. I patted his head, told him what a good dog he was, and continued my work. But Lucky wouldn't leave...he looked at me with his big brown eyes full of worry. I reassured him; I asked if he wanted me outside to look at Nate. Indeed he did.

Nate was lying where I had left him. His shivering had escalated to the point where I thought a call to the vet was inevitable...he was so full of misery and pain. Lucky was beside himself with worry. He looked as if he was frowning and he was so intent on Nate, lying beside him...almost on top of him. But I was alone, and Nate is a big dog. I knew I would never be able to lift him into any vehicle, and there was no way he could get into a car by himself.

I have Level 2 Reiki...I rarely use it, other than on myself, and distance healing. But the dogs get more than their fair share of Reiki energy...I use it when they are over-excited or frightened of thunder or fireworks. And Gray uses it on the dogs at least once a day. But Graham wasn't here. And Nate needed help now.

Asking for help from my guides, and Grandfather Tree, I placed my hands on Nate's body. He groaned as he felt the Reiki flow, his eyes projecting the pain he was in.His body was stiff and tense. I felt all over his body, scanned his etheric field, and discovered that sick heat I am familiar with that tells me where an injury might be. In Nate's case, the heat was most pronounced in his groin and back area...

Nate's tongue flicked in and out, as dogs do when something is uncomfortable and he gently licked my hand, as I reassured him with a pat on his head. Lucky, at this point, lay down next to Nate, looking less worried. Mom was here now, and Lucky handed his responsibility over to me. Nate's shivering became more pronounced as I found the area of pain; he shivered so hard I was worried myself. Lucky pressed close to him, and it was as if Nate was receiving strength from Lucky's wiry body. Lucky's eyes were almost closed as he did this, and his body gave off tremendous heat...I felt it even as I concentrated on Nate.

Nate's groin had tremendous swelling, and that is where I placed my hands. Lucky's back was touching Nate's back. Nate was as stiff as a board with pain and fear...I felt his fear as a palpable being. After what seemed an eternity, as I crouched over Nate heedless of my own discomfort, the swelling seemed to abate and the heat grew less intense. But Nate's shivering increased; he let out large groans and yawned many times.

Even as he shook, his body became more relaxed and he stretched out his leg a little. As more time went by, his head dropped, and he was able to manuever onto his side. Lucky, meanwhile, moved a bit...he no longer pressed quite so close to Nate. But Lucky was still very, very concerned.

Asking for help from my guides, I was told to get a covering for Nate. The energy from Grandfather Tree and my guides and the Medicine Wheel right beside our tableau made the area thrum. I felt I could leave for a moment to fetch a blanket; I found an old towel warm from the dryer and covered Nate with it. Lucky, once again, immediately pressed himself close to Nate.

At one point, as I gave Reiki to Nate, I placed one of my hands on Lucky's shoulder. I actually lifted my hand in surprise...he was giving off so much heat. His eyes were almost closed, focussed on the distance, as he concentrated on sending energy to Nate. I felt honoured to be in the presence of such a great healer, who gave comfort and love so freely and instinctively to his beloved brother.

Continued in Part Two.

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