Sunday, April 16, 2006

An Easter Wish

So many people who are a part of my life don't live near enough to give a hug and a wish for a lovely, awe-inspiring Easter Season. I want to wish all of mom and sisters, Jerr and Melissa in the Gorge (Power Places), Roger and Rodney (Wind), Shaman Maggie, Joanne and Hugh in Mexico, Shona in the North, Aunt Jean and Uncle George in Scotland...a wonderful season of renewal and rebirth, good health and prosperity, love and joy...and above all...peace.

The rest of my family...Heidi, Darren and Bree, Margaret and Larry, Scott and Leanne...thanks for being you. Thank you all for accepting who I am...and loving me in spite of some pretty far out ideas! I am the lucky recipient of hugs from these people often.

And of course... Graham. What a wonderful being to spend the rest of my life with. Not many women get a Reiki Master for a is the most wonderful way to drift into dreamland, if Gray gives me Reiki just before sleep. Such loving energy pours out of his hands, sending me off to realms unknown and yet to be discovered. Thank you, Graham, I love you.

To all the souls who inhabit Mother Earth...I send blessings, joy and peace. Collective thoughts have a powerful effect on events happening around the world, and my hope is that everybody who reads this sends a good, positive thought of healing for Mother Earth...the nurturer of us all.

It can't hurt, after all.

Happy Spring Season, everyone!

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