Friday, January 13, 2006


My friend Rodney created this clay figurehead, which hangs on the wall at the entrance to my home. The entry faces north, and I placed it there in honour of the North Wind.

I watched Rodney create Wind, as I call him. Wind's face changes frequently during the day, as the shadows and beams of light pass over him. He is enigmatic in many ways; but is honourable and just.

At times, I feel as if he doesn't quite approve of something I've done, or a decision I've made. Sometimes his face shows concern and comfort. Another face shows laughter and joy. Sometimes there is sarcasm. And because Rodney, well known for his quick wit, created him, Wind often speaks to me with Rodney's voice, always with faint laughter not far away.

But at all times, Wind is there to listen. Just as his creator did, when my marriage broke its painful past wide open to the winds. Both he and his partner Roger were my bulwarks during that time, a port in the storm of emotions that felt as a if I was living in a hurricane.

Wind listens, and then comes back with some of the wisdom I heard from the guys next door:- don't be a victim, fight for what is right, get stronger, you can do it...and on and on. With Wind, I get the same kind of no-nonsense advice as I did throughout the years of upheaval. When I moved, I left the closeness my neighbours and I had developed; yet, Wind hangs there and continues to reassure.

Last night, Wind reassured me Mother Nature was blowing off steam, as I sat by the fireplace with my two dogs listening to the howls and moans from outside. Every once in a while, the house would shudder as a particularly strong gust blew. Grandfather Tree is not far from our bedroom window, sitting in very sodden ground from flooding and tremendous amounts of rainfall.

Since I couldn't sleep, I felt safer in the living room. Gray, well-known for his sleeping abilities, slept unabated throughout the storm. Next to Grandfather Tree. Before I went to bed, I went outside to speak with Tree, and watched as he reeled back at times when a blast of wind hit, as a boxer might after a strong punch. He looked well able to withstand the storm, and he told me so. Gray has strong faith and beliefs, giving him ease of mind.

But in the dark of the night, hearing muffled booms and crashing noises, feeling the house shake, I can easily go into that 'what if' frame of mind. Hence the huddle with the two shivering dogs in the living room. Normally, I love the wind, he is one of my allies, giving me clarity of thought. I glanced at Wind hanging placidly on the wall and asked him, along with Michael and others, for protection during the wrath of the storm. I was immediately reassured by the comfort I very much like the comfort given so freely from my two neighbours, not so many years ago.

And with that comfort I was able to enjoy the storm. I felt safe, remembering the teachings I had learned about Wind blowing at this time of year. Last night, the wind blew and swirled in all directions, it seemed, but it was predominately a North Wind. It is the cleansing wind that blows in January...clearing out the old negative patterns that hang about. It embodies Spirit, giving and receiving energy. Quite often, when I am really aware of Wind's power, as I was last night, I am left with the feeling that a transition is about to occur in my life. And not a gentle transition, either...Wind's message last night was powerful and strong.

So, once more I prepare for a change in my life, centering and balancing and grounding myself regularly. I have an idea of what the change may be, just a glimmer of understanding...but I am by no means sure. The only thing I am sure of is there will be jolt in the natural order of things in the near future; apprehension and anticipation go hand in hand with this surety. But I've found out not all changes are disastrous...a new belief. Changes also bring joy.

I heard Wind shout, 'you can do it' last night. Just as the guys next door did, when I was bogged under with changes. And I am grateful to have Wind and Moon to remind me of times past when I approached life with such fear and caution. To remind me to walk the new path I have chosen with intent and authority and impeccability...and no fear!

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