Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Full Moon and Changes

Today, the Full Pink Moon shines over Mother Earth. Other names this full moon goes by are the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Full Fish Moon (Coastal tribes). It's also the Paschal Full Moon, the first full moon of the Spring season. The first Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon is Easter Sunday, which holds true this year, since Easter is April 16.

I like the term Full Pink Moon. It is named after the grass pink or wild ground phlox, one of the earliest widespread flowers to bloom in spring. As I researched the Moon this morning, I discovered that many scientists do not see any evidence relating to odd behaviour around the time of the Full Moon. They say it's myth...that we believe it because we are told it is so and in reality, nothing is any different than at any other time. In fact, according to studies done, the New Moon is when some disruption to the norm occurs.

But which came first...the chicken or the egg? Couldn't problems blow up out of proportion during the Full Moon, percolate...and manifest in the New Moon, traditionally known for new beginnings? Be they positive or negative?

I know a lot of nurses and medical practitioners who will tell you any large group event that occurs during the Full Moon is sure keep the emergency room busy. Certainly I am affected by the Full Moon. I don't remember being asked, however. I wonder who the experts studied?

Moons affect tides. And it effects all liquids on earth, including our bodily fluids. I retain water like crazy during the Full Moon time. According to Astrology Now. com, one of our three primary biorythmic cycles, our 29-day emotional cycle, is based on the moon.

From experience, from bringing my children to adulthood...I know puberty and its trials and tribulations are intensified during the time of the Moon's ultimate power. All the events in my life can be blown out of proportion, I sleep very little, and I feel tense when I do.

The Full Moon pulls at me...a direct tug. Many times during the Full Moon, I will go outside in the middle of the night, sit and stare at the wonderful glowing orb that brightens everything with a fine touch of silver. It is a time of reflection for me; a summing up of the last month, since I last sat there and communed with Moon. I find that, by the time the Moon is actually full, there are many things I want to discuss.

It will be cold this evening when I sit on my stoop, and question Moon. The wind will be sharp; bringing knife-edged songs of changes soon to come. The Full Pink Moon is still a cold Moon, in my part of the world. Even if the weather a few days before is balmy...shirt sleeve weather...the weather changes to a reminder of one of the coldest days in Winter, during this Moon's time.

The cold will enter my body, giving me clear, balanced thinking, reminding me to reflect now on the turbulent last month. Moon and Wind will endeavour to help me recognize and release my ill-conceived past choices, will help me cut the cord that binds me to them. I will try and unravel some mysteries in my life tonight.

It is a favourite time for me...this Full Pink Moon and Wind will set me up for Spring in all its new, reborn splendour. It is with anticipation that I look forward to this time...age-old in its beauty and promise. Another chance at living life a better, more aware way.

The Shamanistic way.

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