Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Most people by now are familiar with the streaming video showing Eagle and his mate, sitting on their nest, protecting their two eggs. I know people who use this live video as a screensaver. Here is the link, in case someone out there doesn't know about the Eagle Eye Cam...

Sometimes it seems to me to be an unwarranted invasion of these eagles and their life. We can watch them sleeping, checking their eggs and moving them into a better spot, or watching the two greet each other when one returns from a hunting expedition. We can watch them for twenty-four hours a day. I am of mixed minds...Nature can be cruel. And the world will be watching wild real-life drama played out on the top of this tree. Not always is Nature concerned with happy endings.

But regardless of the outcome of these two eagles' and their offsprings' lives, what an incredible gift we have been given. I am in awe of the clear intent these two birds have to hatch their children. When I watch whoever happens to be on the nest when I tune in, I wonder what she/he is thinking during the long hours spent sitting on those eggs. How would I amuse myself if the job was mine? As a human, I have trouble keeping my mind from wandering away from any long task at hand. Do these eagles get bored? Or do they accept the absolute stillness on top of that tree, watching and becoming truly aware of any dangers their offspring might face?

How many times have they used this nest? Or is this the first time? When the babies are hatched, my heart will be in my mouth too many times to count...if one of my children wandered too close to the edge of cliffs, etc. I would always caution them, and return them to my side. I understand the instinctual nature of the eagle will keep them safe in the centre of the nest...but when they learn to will be as if one of my own is teetering at the edge of a giant chasm. But this is what Eagle does, over and over. This is their habitat, and not one where I can feel familiar and at ease. That's where I am of two minds...people learn so much by watching and feeling...and there is nothing better than to watch an animal who is unaware of any restraints. Every hour of the day, if it is so desired. And in so doing, become familiar with Eagle and his habits.

There are many eagles that live in this area; we watched a couple do their courting dance right above our backyard, by Grandfather Tree. And once, when I was just about to step into the car in the driveway, these two eagles flew so low, I swear I thought they were about to land right on my head. Eagle sends us messages from Creator; when this happened, it was a definite heads-up for me!

Each time Eagle flies low, or circles and calls to me when I am in the backyard, I stop whatever I'm doing, and wait for the message he is sure to give me. For awhile, I would receive messages four or five times a day, now it has slowed down to a call or flyby once a day. Sayahda has a great site on Animal Totems and their meanings and messages.

But I find the best way to figure out what an animal means to us is to watch and learn what they are all about. Eagle teaches me patience (another message, along with my dreams, counselling patience!). Any being that can sit for such a long time on a nest, on top of a tree, or any high vantage point for the amount of time that Eagle can, has my utmost admiration and respect.

Patience is always rewarded...all things become possible. Eagle reminds me of an elder wise man or woman who counsels the impetuous youth, who has twisted himself inside and out with impatience. When Eagle tilts his head, he looks as if he's listening with intent. When Eagle stares at an object, that object takes his total absorption. Eagle lives totally in the moment.

Just as our elders, with their penetrating stares and stabbing words, cut through the detritus of emotions the youth presents. Elders have learned, through experience and time and making mistakes, that impatience just represents wasted energy...negative energy that builds upon itself.

So I take the message Eagle brings, along with the messages in my dreams, and am practicing patience. And it is being rewarded. I feel far less tired, far less drained of lost energy, far more accepting.

Perhaps it is not coincidence for me that there just happens to be an Eagle Eye Cam, when I am learning such a big lesson.

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