Monday, April 24, 2006

Healing Pets with Reiki...Part Two

The energy from Grand- father Tree and the surround- ing area felt so intense, I felt I was able to leave Nate for a bit, to stretch my own body. Lucky stayed, not moving even as I shifted and moved away. He did not acknowledge my move in any way. I wandered through the yard, my eyes on the dogs, and praying for Graham to come home.

Nate, even as he slept on his side, still seemed in a very bad way.

He was lying under Grandfather Tree in the shade; the day was warm and sunny but we had just received a week of unrelenting rain. The area in which Nate and Lucky lay is a wet, boggy spot on our property, and I worried about the dampness. But I also received the knowledge that this was exactly where he was supposed to be, at this moment.

Graham came home. Lucky moved off to welcome him, and Nate, with enormous effort, did the same. It was a far cry from the usual raucous welcome the dogs give him, with Nate's head hanging and Lucky trying to commune his concern to Gray, who was busy unloading construction materials. But it didn't take long for the dogs' predicament to become apparent to him.

By this time, the walk to meet Gray had placed Nate right back to where he was when I first started the energy transfer. And Graham continued to give him Reiki, finally putting him into an uneasy sleep. We left him there for a time, knowing that Lucky would immediately find one of us should anything change with Nate.

Lucky has always been extremely sensitive; he immediately knows if a member of his family is in distress. He will not leave that person's side, pressing close or sleeping beside the bed, should someone feel ill enough to be in one. Tears and crying undoes him completely; he will do anything he can to make things better. As a pup, during one of the interminable discussions that went on during my divorce with my ex, he mounted my ex-husbands leg, in sheer frustration. He was only about three months old at the time.

Graham has always said Lucky is a healer. Lucky was showing me just how powerful he already was at a very young age, both in intuitive protection and sensitivity to feeling vibrations change in his area. And he reached for the only domination factor he knew of at the time of the divorce talks.

Eventually, Graham was able to coax Nate into the house, while I worked off the excess of energy giving Reiki always gives me in the garden. I worked in the pond area and the rockery; as I worked, I thanked Grandfather Tree and my guides for allowing me to witness such a profound love, such as Lucky has for Nate, and for giving me guidance in giving Reiki to Nate. I needed that quiet, meditative state I go into when I weed in the garden, around my old friend Rock and the water in the pools.

I was making dinner when Gray decided to give Nate a full Reiki treatment; I did not witness any of it. But Graham lay down next to Nate, and as he commenced with the Reiki positions, etc. he felt the vibrations of the energy flow, even through his own body. The energy vibrations were intense; there is a different feel to this house when Reiki is being used to the extent it was on Nate. Everything becomes muted; it seems as if every last item, living or not, concentrates on opening to the vibrations, and all things benefit, leaving behind an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

After the full Reiki treatment, Nate fell asleep naturally. We checked on him many times during the evening, but he slept on. He woke me up, as usual, at midnight to go out...and in the morning, he finally vomited...a thin stream of yellow bile. Still not one hundred percent, he slept for an hour.

Lucky, at this point, hadn't eaten for two days. It was almost as if he was waiting for Nate to eat...yet while Nate, as he became better, ate and ate, Lucky still did not touch his food. The intense worry and anxiety Lucky went through during Nate's illness took its toll on him, and he has yet to eat much of anything.

But Nate, after his hour or so of sleep, went outside and went on with his normal behavior...which entails marking all the shrubbery, drinking gallons of water for fuel for the next round, and barking ferociously at any hapless soul who happened to be out walking on the street, beside the back fence. When Scott went to work in the morning, Nate was still shivering, still looking ill. His remarkable recovery stunned Scott when he returned in the evening, and his dog bounced to greet him with his usual panache.

At one point, during the day, as I continued to watch the dogs, I noticed Lucky with an irritated look on his face. He had the same look parents have when their children have put them through an anxious, fearful time and then suddenly recover, acting as if nothing had happened. This is the time when loved ones release the fear they have been embroiled with; this is the time when irritability can show, and Lucky was no exception. He still seems to be a little stand-offish with Nate.

We don't know what caused Nate's sickness. But we have an idea of what it might have been, and Lucky's behavior corroborates it.

Nate is an inveterate bee catcher. He has been admonished for it many times; last year he got sick from numerous bee stings, although no where near as sick as he was on Sunday. Lucky, even if he will snap at bees or flying bugs that are in the house or fly too close to him, does not seek out the bees. He has heard the word "no", and doesn't like the tone it's delivered in. And he is very anxious when Nate flouts our admonishments and hunts the bees regardless.

Nate could very well have misjudged the bee or wasp he was currently hunting. Or he could have snapped and killed a bunch of them...and could have been stung repeatedly. George's story on the site Dog Breed Info Centre shows just how serious a wasp sting can be; Nate had very similar symptoms.

Lucky's look of disgust towards Nate, as Nate continues to hunt bees (rather half-heartedly, I must say, though) speaks volumes. It took an enormous amount of energy to help Nate work his way through that rough, anxiety producing time. It seems perhaps Bee or Wasp decided to teach a lesson...and I believe Lucky will let Nate know, in no uncertain terms, that perhaps he'd better learn this one.

Working with both Graham and Lucky showed me what great healers they are. It was an honour to watch and to learn from them both. Their clear intent on healing Nate with the loving energy both use in different ways was impeccable.

Exactly as the true Shamans they both are.

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