Monday, April 10, 2006

The Lady in Red

Last night the Lady in Red appeared in my dreams again. This was the third time; I am studying her message with very great intent.

Her appearance is always the same. She reminds me of a teacher...she is strong-minded, forthright, confident...and personally, I would not want to cross her. She wears the same thing each time she has appeared...a fifties-styled red dress, with buttons down the front, and a wide belt encircling her waist. The belt buckle is deep purple and draws my eye, because of its unusual ability to change...shape?... or in the process of becoming something? It's unclear. The skirt flares a wee bit, but by no means is there anything as frivolous as a crinoline under it. The dress is businesslike, with a high neckline.

Her hair is short and black. She appears ageless...she projects vitality. When she appears, there are many other people around, but I am sitting down against a wall with chairs lined up along it. I watch her move amongst the people in the conference room, her red dress a bright spot of colour against the tans and greys of the others. Clearly, she has immense authority here.

In each dream, the room is the reminds me a little of the gymnasiums in schools...kind of bland, with that wonderful wooden highly-polished floor. I notice I am wearing shoes...we were never allowed to wear our shoes in the gym when I was in school. I am worried...have I broken the rules?

I wait in silence, knowing she will, in her own time, speak with me. As I wait, there are photograhers who want to take my picture. I stand, feeling people all around me...but I can't actually see them...they do not take form. They are like foggy, misty shafts of light. But the photographers do not see anything. I am instructed just to stand and smile, so I do. Flashbulbs go off, many pictures are taken, and I retreat back to my chair.

I am told the pictures will have to be re-taken. There are too many misty forms that show up in the photos, especially on my left side. I smile; of course there are...I can see the forms very distinctly now. The photograhers discuss lighting, etc. amongst themselves, as if with all their high-priced equipment they can dispel the forms. But I know the beings are always there. I can feel the mists enveloping me, giving great comfort. I know who they are.

I sit on the chair, watching. The Lady in Red moves towards me, and suddenly I find it hard to breathe. This is the third time I have seen her; I have never spoken with her. My chest feels constricted, I want to back away, but I am already against the wall. Then she is there.

She kneels in front of me, and places her hand on my knee, looking up at me. The beings are swirling around me in earnest now. She takes my hand, and leads me into the throng...into the crowd of people. I don't want to go, but I would not be able to tell her of my reticence. Bravery is something she expects from me. I draw courage from the swirling forms, who seem full of happiness and joy. Those emotions are not what I am feeling...

I am filled with fear. Strangely enough, it becomes muted and muffled. On my own, I would never be able to do whatever she wants me to do. But her hand in mine is also giving me the will and passion to continue on with her. I suddenly feel an urgency to face this fear that pulls at me; that holds me back. Strength floods through me, pushing the fear away...not completely, but the fear is turning into anticipation and excitement.

The Lady in Red is completely determined to lead me to the front of the crowd of people. There is a platform of sorts, she nods her head at it, and draws me towards it. Oh, Lord, I think, she wants me on the platform, in front of all these people. There is no deterring her; I try to pull back but her hand becomes as strong as iron, and she leads me on. It takes a long while to get there. People are clapping me on the back, smiling and shouting, camera flashes go off.

I am bewildered...what is this great thing I have done? The swirling energies do not leave my side...what were once foggy, misty beings are now bright shafts of colour...pinks, reds, oranges and deep blue surround me. The Lady leads me to the platform, releases my hand and places her hands on my shoulders. I suddenly feel completely balanced; empowered.

I awake, with her hands still on my shoulders, and her deep, black eyes locked on mine...

End of Part One.

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