Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cats, Kittens, and More Cats...

Another dream with cats and kittens appeared last night. I am finally realizing this is a recurring dream... this is the fifth dream with cats and kittens in it in the last month. Now they are happening every night...and I am still confused.

For the first time in my life, I do not own a cat, even though they are my favourite pets. I have two fairly young dogs, who chase rabbits and cats with great ferocity. It would not be safe at this time for a kitten to join our household, although I keep hoping the dogs will suddenly grow up and become more accepting of small, wiggly creatures such as a kitten. A big wish, and not one that will likely happen any time soon.

So this morning I hit the Internet, with the purpose of interpreting these dreams that abound with cats. Cats are so familiar to me...any cat I've owned, the most recent one being Lennix, has given me long, intuitive messages. My cats and I would work out in the garden, and messages and thoughts would be passed on to me by the cat that would sit silently watching me weed. Many times I would tell my cat about troubles in my life; the answer would come to me in dreams or meditations shortly after the telling.

The importance of cats in my life cannot be emphasized enough. But what are they trying to tell me in my dreams this time?

This night I was visited in my dream by former relationships I had that didn't continue. In one, the man threw away some carrot soup he had made, telling me it wasn't good at all. At first I felt indignant ( how could someone throw away homemade soup...couldn't it have been resurrected?), but as I looked at the sludge of soup in the garbage can, I thought...it really wasn't any good. And it's true, this relationship really couldn't have been saved.

But I thought I had accepted this a long time ago, and I believe I had...mostly. There were remnants that had to be sorted and thrown out...the sludge soup.

There were other relationships with similar symbols...again, I believe I had accepted these endings. But in each case, something was thrown out, into the garbage. Again, sludge soup.

Ok. But throughout the dream, cats and kittens entwined themselves around me and the furniture near me. There were many. At times, I was looking out of the eyes of a cat, one I 'knew' really well. With the exception of one kitten, all the cats were tame and loving.

But this one kitten was feral. She would let no one near her. I was directed to see this hissing, growling, spitting kitten who hunched tightly in the centre of a blanket. She was black and white, with tufts of hair here and there growing longer than her kitten coat. She growled at me...loud, long, deep growls...the kind that come from the innermost part of a soul.

A soul in torment. In my dream, I asked my guides to help me give Reiki to the wee, spitting feline. I was not frightened of her, only sad for her. I placed my hand near her, and she flew at my hand. I did not take my hand away, and she became calm. She allowed me to touch her, her muscles in her thin body relaxing as I stroked her coat.

I was left with the image of this kitten looking at me with her greenish golden eyes burning their way into mine...what was it she was telling me?

There are many sites about cats and their properties on the 'net...two I liked especially are the Shrine of the Forgotten Goddesses, where I researched the Goddess Bast, and Notes from a Dreamer, where Bobbiann recounts her dreams and solves them. Both are great sites.

I have to take into account that this is a recurring dream. I have asked for an explanation; it seems it is being given, bit by bit. It is a message dream story, with continuing segments, and I believe it to be very important.

The Goddess Bast represents protection...if she visited me, and I believe she did, was she appearing as one of my guides? And the number one question...what is she protecting me from?
Another property is fertility...who's pregnant? Certainly not me.

Another is abundance. There are changes in the wind...all the signs point to a huge change that will happen, impacting my life in ways I've never even thought of.

Perhaps there is a moral lesson here, too. One of patience. When the time is right, I'll know...let it be, I hear, there will be answers...


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