Friday, March 24, 2006

Only Fools Rush In

I woke up this morning with the refrain... "Wise men say... only fools rush in..." running through my head. The words to this song are presented by different voices, without accompaniment. And, of course, it's another message from my from a song, this time.

Quite often, messages and answers sought from my guides come in the words of a song. The harmonies may just pop into my head at odd times during the day, or perhaps an appropriate song may be played on the radio, at the same time I'm thinking about something. In this case, the dream that caused this chorus of voices has long disappeared into the far reaches of my subconscious. But the words linger...

Again, I am too impatient, and the song is how I was told. The time is not right yet for me to have all the answers, just because I want them. And insist on having them, as I did last night before I went to sleep.

Shaman Elder Maggie sent Graham and I a pair of quartz crystals from The Life Healing Community. The crystal, along with many, many others, was found on the land where the LHC is situated. As soon as I opened the package, the vibrations from the crystals shot up my was a dramatic first meeting.

Shaman Maggie had blessed the stones before she sent them to us. I have never met this wonderful lady in person; if I had any doubts about her power, this reaction of mine to these crystals dispelled them in short order. Along with the crystals, she sent some information on them.

She writes that quartz "Recalls forgotten memories, solves problems, dispels negativity, finds capabilities we thought we had lost." The stone, Shaman Maggie says, will remind me that I am a spiritual being who is having a human experience. And it will open the doors further for contact with my guides and their collective wisdom.

I chose the crystal I wanted, and put it under my pillow. Before I went to sleep, I, make that demanded...answers to the dreams I 've had, the warnings and portents that I have received lately. This time I had the quartz crystal. I felt I had added protection and power. I misjudged my guides.

I know my guides, at any rate, don't like petulant demands. My guides and I are one, and I don't like petulant demands. The kind where there's a whine just underneath whatever request it might be. The kind I'm pretty good at, if good is the word. I did it, last night, once again.

It takes a hammer, sometimes...

Along with a lot of answers and directions and advice to the questions I have asked lately, I have also received messages to be patient. To wait. Over and over again, the Tarot has told me to learn patience, patience has been counseled in dreams, and patience is the answer I receive from my guides when I request counsel.

Some things take time to come to fruition. And there is nothing I can do to alter that fact, other than attempting to manipulate the desire to 'know' by demanding more.

I don't want to do the work...I just want the answers, like a two year old who wants a cookie, now! The Old Box is still sitting on my bedroom chair, like a silent taunt. I spring-cleaned the house yesterday rather than sort through those old memories.

There are steps to be observed here...I don't believe I will get many more answers, if any, until I do them. The thought that I might be a fool, who doesn't have all the tools given to me under my belt, who rushes in half-prepared, chastens me. I've got to do the work.

And that includes that old box, which has assumed gigantic, dark proportions. It seems the quartz crystal may help with my procrastination and apprehension, if I remember to ask with humility. This is a very powerful is the one I was most drawn to, out of the pair sent. It's already taught me, once again, a lesson I'm having trouble learning.

The lesson of waiting in silence...watching and learning. And patience.

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