Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A New Home

Our New Home
Sometimes, when Lucky and I go for our Morning walk or when Graham and I go for a leisurely drive...I want to pinch myself. I must surely be dreaming a lovely, lucid dream...

The decision made, the employment accepted...those two things spun my life around for a few months. I'm so glad, now, I had that time, yet the period before we moved seemed never-ending.

Somewhere amongst all the decluttering, the garage sales, finishing bathroom renovations,  placing our home on the market, finding renters when it did not sell in our two week allotted time period for a sale...somewhere during that time we took a trip to the City of Victoria to find a home to rent.

One of the stained glass windows and wood ceiling
Oh, my! What we had considered reasonable rent turned out to give us very old, non-updated, rather unsafe homes. In one place, we were advised not to turn on one appliance with another...

We had given ourselves two days to find a home. Graham was still very busy wrapping up work at his previous employment, so our time was at a minimum. No longer hopeful our home in the Cariboo would sell before Winter, we decided to find a larger home than we at first anticipated, since we would not be buying a home elsewhere for awhile. 

At the end of the first full day of looking, trying to find addresses in a very busy City ( I don't recall Victoria being so large, and busy and vibrant, when last I often visited fifteen years ago! It has grown enormously...) we were both discouraged, tired and hungry...not a great combination.

A lovely cozy nook, where I'll while away rainy afternoons
At that point, my lowest, I think, I didn't care if I ever left the Cariboo. My home there had been updated to the nth degree; why was I trying to go backwards? Ah, me...

We considered paying higher rent. And we considered looking at another rental list...one we had not tried. The consideration about paying more rent did not bother me a great deal, but it was certainly bothersome for Graham.

Had we not had that day of looking at lower priced rentals, he would not have so easily accepted paying more. As tiring as that day was, it had its purpose.

Graham looked at another list, with a higher rent in mind, and almost instantly found our present home.

I looked at the photos on display and knew, deep inside, it was ours, even before the call was made to view the home...

Partial view of the front of The Church House
It felt like home, you see, the photos showed a home so familiar to me I could have been going home to dinner rather than a first viewing. I had enjoyed many dreams previous to this home-finding trip; most of them involved a home much like this one. I'd dreamt of an old red gate with much Shrubbery surrounding it...I had been looking for that old gate for most of the day...

That first viewing left me in awe. The home is a renovated church...I believe it was built in 1916 and moved to its present location in the '70's. It was bought by its present owner around 1996. With pavement right up to its doors, our landlord had to break up all of it before he could begin building his vision.

And what a magical vision it was! So many different Woods make up the exterior and interior I spent many hours, after moving in, trying to identify each section. There are two lovely stained glass windows, one depicting a Sunrise, the other a Sunset. The entry and our loft bedroom are graced with dancing light each Morning when Sun is present.

The Teak Door...
We left the first viewing with Graham saying he wanted to sleep on it and me knowing full well I wouldn't sleep until the papers were signed...

But Graham loved the home just as much as I did and the next morning, papers were signed and the home was ours. When we arrived, we parked our car on the other side of the home...and there, right outside the car window was the 'red gate' that had appeared in my dreams.

It was hanging off its hinges when I first saw it, as it was in my dreams. It has been fixed since and is no longer a gate, but part of the fence, now that we've moved in. It is a red Cedar gate, very like the faded red gate surrounded by Shrubbery which I visited fairly often in dreamtime. 

The second visit cemented the idea of living here even more strongly. I wandered through on my own, loving the feel of this place, where people prayed and celebrated, where children learned ( for a time, the home was a Montessori school) and where music was a prevailing hobby.

...leads to the backyard deck...
Music is ingrained into all the Woodwork which is so prevalent in this home. The piano that was used remains here still, and once in awhile, I'll play Chopsticks. Sometimes, in the deep silence of Night, I imagine I hear children with their voices raised in song...

We went back to the Cariboo tired but satisfied with the home we had rented and ready to face the last hurdles before our move on September 25th.

Again, once our possessions arrived...the ones we decided not to sell at all our sales...I was so busy trying to find where I wanted to place everything I don't think I was aware of anything much the first few days.

I had made a decision, when our move from the Cariboo became real, not to use the computer other than email. It helped enormously...my focus went entirely to our move.
...and one of the back gates.

Although I was not distracted by the computer, I missed my cyber friends more than I can say. I so appreciated the emails I received giving me encouragement and will remember to return the favour if ever anybody else goes through a time like this.

We've even already had overnight visitors! How wonderful it is to live close to family and friends and how lovely it is to know that in a couple of hours I can be in Port Alberni, where my family lives. As a matter of fact, I will be travelling up Island on the weekend, just to look after Graydon, my grandson. Oh, joy!

It is Raining today...buckets of Rain, the kind of Rain which, when I lived on the Island, would have made me cancel appointments. I loved Rain then but not with the appreciation I feel now. After living in a semi-desert environment for five years, I am relishing each huge drop of Water that falls. I can feel its nourishment against my dry skin  and I know each and every Plant on this Peninsula is loving it after the long, warm dry spell we've enjoyed since moving here.
Depiction of Sunrise using Wood...so beautiful to look at in the early morning!

Lucky is one, however, who does not remember how he once loved Rain as he raced through the wet, muddy Puddles five years ago. And he certainly has no appreciation for this funny wet stuff. He is accustomed to Rain in the form of Snow...

I will, strangely enough,  truly miss the extremes of weather in the Cariboo. There is something large and grand in Nature's furious Storms there, where she will leave a silent, sparkling carpet of white, her fury spent; but assigning deep Cold throughout...

Three huge Trees guard our entryway
It was an unforgettable experience, and one I shall cherish. But it is time now, in my daughter's words, to experience the Urban, rather than the Country.

And if this is all a lucid dream? It seems to be a vibrant and welcome one, and if it is lucid, I guess I can choose to live it.

After all, I do believe it is one of the best dreams I've, so far in this life, experienced... 



  1. more to say, but right now i am awash with happiness for you. that wood is going to breathe with you every step.

    it's beautiful, my dear friend.


    1. The home feels so familiar and so safe and secure. I'm not sure I can explain it. Perhaps having an image in my mind of the kind of home I wanted to have when I moved...a constant image...made me recognize it so easily when we found it.

      There are no co-incidences!

      Wish you could have made your visit possible! But it'll happen...xx

  2. What a gorgeous home - just as you visualized it months ago! Congratulations. Enjoy the rain!!

    1. Oh, yes...that Rain was enjoyed thoroughly! It was such a gift, after years of dreaming about it! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Ha,ha...loved the pun! I get lots of those kinds of comments and so far, am enjoying them. The home is well-known and so I only have to say...The Church House...when asked for my address. Makes things really easy, ha! xx

  4. Congratulations on your new home. It is a manifestation that you and Graham have enabled by your desires and willingness to settle on what you love and feel. Enjoy your new envirnoment and continue to be as you are.

    1. Thanks, David! It certainly feels as if it's a manifestation. The whole thing was completely orchestrated by someone other and higher than only me, for sure, since everything that occurred slipped into place so easily. xx

  5. Talk about an answer to a prayer. You have literally ended up in a church and a very pretty woodsy one at that! I am looking forward to reading about all your new adventures on the Island.

    1. Ha,ha...it IS funny! Perhaps I used a little overkill in my manifesting, haha! But there is a little creek that runs through the property, there is a pantry beyond all pantries, there are all the different mature trees (even an apple tree!)and it is about ten minutes to any beach in the area.

      Every item on my list of where and what I wanted was fulfilled. I am amazed and beyond grateful!!! xx

  6. Congratulations on your new home, Marion. It is beautiful, a place that is bound to nourish your spirit in so many ways.

    It's good to hear from you again and to know you are happy.

    1. Oh, Linda, I missed reading your blog, amongst so many others. But time flies when I'm on the computer, and before I know it, half the day is gone. So something had to give!

      And now, there's so much to write about. If I had the time, still so little,I could go on and on!

      You're right...I AM really happy! xx

  7. glad you are settling in, close to relatives and oh my, what a gorgeous house. what i wouldnt give to live in such beauty. Blessings to you, suki

    1. Suki, one day perhaps you will visit and feel the inspiration embedded here. Raven has followed me; I hear his glottal tones in the woods nearby. He has quite a repertoire!

      He is a big bird, perfect for one of your paintings! haha xx

  8. Your new home is very beautiful. xo

    1. Marion, how nice to hear from you. Somehow, I lost your link and was unable to find you...google insisted you were not available. And then I began the move...

      Good to know you're still around, my friend! xx

  9. It looks great home Marion and has many of the features that you have written about you previous place. I'm sure you will be very happy there, especially being close to your relatives. I expect you will now have different things to occupy your free time than you had in the Cariboo. Whilst I love nature and the countryside I find urban surroundings comforting especially as I get older. All the very best. Dave

    1. Dave, I think of you and the photos you post of your cycling when I see so many people here riding bicycles. They seem to love the road I live on, lots of twists and turns and very scenic! It reminds me a lot of the gentle countryside in your photos...xx

  10. Yay! I'm so glad you're excited, and so glad you're posting again too.

  11. That house is gorgeous and so YOU!!! It looks perfect and I'm sure you will be very very happy there. Congratulations!

  12. I have house envy at the same time as having JOY for you!! What a place!! It's magical, Marion. Truly magical. I can only imagine what writing you'll do there! You and Graham must be so happy.

    Hurray! And so nice to have you back in Blogland :)


  13. Marion,
    I'm glad you have found this home which suits you so well. I do love converted church buildings. I hope you will be very contented there.

  14. Wonderful house, Marion. Seems to suit you perfectly. Wishing you many happy times in your new home.

  15. Oh marion!! what an absolutely stunning home!! i'm so happy for you both, twas meant to be that i have no doubt there,and i envy you the place lol. thank you for the mail, i know how crazy it has all been for you recently so its most appreciated. i'll reply soon. i'm all done in here and its not over yet. big hugs hon xxxx

  16. dreamy sigh..... what a lovely home! love love love everything about it. that nook looks so inviting! i'm so happy for you!

  17. Thank you for sharing you inspiring story and beautiful pictures. I am so happy for you!


  18. Marion,
    I see your blog is as wonderful as ever. I am on Facebook these days and if you ever open a page there do visit.
    Princess Haiku
    Diane Dehler

  19. What a happy post and what a beautiful house! Don't you love it when dreams guide us to just what we need? Glad to have you blogging again. Can't wait to read of your new adventures :)

  20. I am so glad you found such a wonderful new home. The inside and outside are so serene. It looks like the perfect place to live. And I know you are happy to be on the Island again. - Margy

  21. Im in awe. This is paradise.