Friday, May 25, 2012

Searching for Answers

The Comedian
When Spring bursts upon the Cariboo, when She really settles in, I can actually watch the Perennials in the garden take great leaps in growth each day. Sun stays out longer during the lengthy Spring days, which keeps the surface of the Earth even if the nights are still quite cool, Seedlings and Plants seem to enjoy some protection from Frost.

I have finished the general tidying up required after a long Winter...the branches, leaves and garbage have all been raked and piled. I've seeded the Vegetable garden with Spinach, Mesclun, Lettuce, Chard, Carrots and Radishes. I have had good success with direct sowing here...Plants grow so quickly!

It feels, these days, as if I am on a bullet train traveling faster and faster...destination unknown. I feel rattled...the train is not a smooth ride. Readying our home for the market, even though I am as ready as I'll ever be, is still bittersweet. I keep myself as grounded as I can by working in the garden, touching Boulders, sifting through the sandy Soil...

And by drawing the continual Faces which appear in the early Morning... my familiar Faces of the Night.

I have had many dreams lately which are very different from my usual. These ones seemingly have no conclusion...and what is strange is that I am willing to accept them as such. As if...I am being tutored, taught in these new dreams, given information.

About something...

And in the Morning, I draw the Faces of the Ones who are my teachers. As I go along this dream course...this Ascension 101, perhaps, the Faces change, become stronger, more odd, from the Humanoid viewpoint. But still, all the Faces exude such positive, loving energy...some, I have trouble stopping, I want to continue on and on, drawing with my pen, overdrawing...staying in their wonderful energy for as long as I can.

I remember the relevant parts of the dreams...usually the last part, the part just before I awaken, where I ask a question which I will remember later...a question that feels very important to me.

The Hunter
There have been five dreams in all, up to this point. The first one pointed the way the others would go, I discover, upon reflection.

After seeing the unexplained lights in the Sky during last Summer and Fall, I have become fascinated with these visitors, our Star brothers and sisters. But even taking this fascination into account, I could not have imagined this particular dream into being.

During the dream, I found myself in a large room, having just arrived. It felt as if I had just awoken; I felt heavy and tired. There were others there, and I seemed to be the focus of many sidelong glances, although all tried very hard and politely not to stare.

There was no semblance of lucid dreaming, no observations from on high. I was completely in and part of this dream.

The Guide
The large room wherein I found myself was dark and shadowy, but in no way frightening. As I began to awaken more fully, I noticed someone very close beside me, someone who was directing me.

He led me, as if I were a small child, to the large expanse of window in front of me...

And there...oh! There was the night Sky, but it was like no other I have yet to see. I held my breath, as I stared and stared at the sparkling jewels laid out in front of me. It was immense, the Stars had no end, and each was as brilliant and bright as the last. I found myself staring far out into the Universe...

I felt so good! I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, as joy flooded through, over and over. It was as if the Universe was laughing with me, as if it loved my reaction to seeing these luminous Stars, which blinked and twinkled before me.

The Healer
The others in the room left me to myself to stare in complete wonderment. I have looked at the Night Sky many, many times...I have yet to see anything remotely like this.

The Sky was a deep, velvety purple, with indigo streaks throughout. Stars were everywhere, so thickly strewn it looked as if they each encroached upon the other. And the light! So strange...light and dark all at once. Was the brightness inherent throughout the Sky coming from the Stars alone? It seemed impossible, yet I saw no other source...

In complete and utter awe, I felt more than saw my guide approach. I must have been told it was time to go, since I found myself backing away from the window, my eyes never leaving the expanse of Stars.

I was told to enter into this small vehicle, which may have been what I arrived in. It felt familiar, and I remembered the white, leathery, comfortable seats. Still, I felt no fear, only sadness that I was leaving.

In a small, earnest voice, I asked my guide..."Will I still see the Stars?"....

I was assured I would.
Master of the Barn Yard

And with this answer, I awoke. For some reason, I felt it was important to look at the time on the digital alarm clock. It was 2:22 AM. The beginning of a new cycle, in numerological terms.

In my last dream, once again I found myself at a desk ( I have had the schoolroom dream numerous times) with my instructor seated across from me.

In my dream, he looked and felt completely human, yet when I awoke, I realized he was vastly different.

In the dream recall, he had a mane of hair running down his back, straight back from his forehead. His face had soft, fine hair covering it, with well defined eyebrows and vaguely feline eyes. I attempted to draw him, as I feel I know this person well, but it was difficult...I did him no justice.

The Instructor
I recall the intensity of our conversation, although I don't remember one word, as yet. But as I untangled myself from the desk chair in preparation for leaving, I asked the important question, as if I were wrapping things up..."So, we are all transitioning, then?"...

After hearing the answer in the affirmative, once again, I awoke. This time, I forgot to notice the time. But I awoke hearing the word Ascension as if someone had just spoken it into my still rather doubtful ear.

The World is in upheaval, to put it mildly. So many indiscretions are being revealed...every day I read about a new invention, more medical breakthroughs, human heroism along with falling governments and some fairly evil craving for power amongst a few people.

 I hear Mother Earth urging us to join her in her own Ascension, of which we are all a part. I feel the intense pressure of the solar flares, which affect me in myriad ways.

The Dreamers
I feel that I am being guided in these dreams. For what, for once I don't know. I am not in control of much these days...the weather does what it wants, governments go awry over the simplest things, I'm not sure where I'll be at this time next year...but I feel peaceful, if one can feel serenity in the midst of a roller-coaster ride.

I am being taught to be an observer, more than a part of the action. This is a little different for me...I am accustomed to wading in with both feet. But I feel I am going somewhere I am not supposed to plan for, to control, to force my outmoded ideas upon.

In the words of John Lennon and Paul McCartney...

And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
Shine until tomorrow, let it be
I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be 

And that's what I'll do...I'll let it all be.

As the song says...there will be answers...


  1. Nice to see you posting again, Marion! It seems as if you’ve been busy now that winter has finally passed. You describe so well a time of transitioning through dreams (unknown but beautiful vistas ahead) and drawings. It reminds me of what a character once said to the heroine of a pc game called The Longest Journey. I find myself turning to these words from time to time: “You see, seƱorita, mystery is important. To know everything, to know the whole truth, is dull. There is no magic in that. Magic is not knowing, magic is wondering about what and how and where.” :)

    1. That's a great quote! There is much freedom in giving one's life over, in surrendering to who knows what. Anticipation, as well. I think I'd lose that if I knew where I was going next...

      The garden has certainly kept me busy. It was difficult to wait out the cold weather, when Sun was shining every day, yet the ground was still frozen. Spring is very fleeting here. The heat of Summer will be upon us soon, and it will be too late to plant then...xx

  2. oh my marion! those drawings! i cannot stop staring at them, i have the weirdest feeling, a kind of familiarity? i could almost feel them, so real it's spooky! the solar eclipse blast knocked me out! haha! i'm feeling much better now. i'm with you with the uncertainties part, i feel like i'm hanging in mid air not knowing where is the next step leading to. doing my best to stay grounded and breatheee.... :) xx

    1. Thanks so much, Alison! They do send out a certain energy which would be familiar...they're all drawn with Love!

      Yes. You are on a roller coaster as well. I hope that paper work is finding its end soon! Breathing is really good! xx

  3. Lovely post Marion, your pictures have developed significantly since you first began drawing them you know. They are far more confident and detailed, brilliant stuff. Everything is in the air for you at the moment, but the main thing is you're enjoying whatever is happening and not fighting against it. I wish I could see that wonderful night sky you saw :D xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! A compliment from you means so much, since you're such a brilliant artist yourself!

      I wish you had been there as well...what an amazing sight! I have it burned into my memory.

      I tried to enter a comment on your blog this morning and the computer couldn't find you...I managed a few comments but not the one I wanted to make. I'll try again later.

      Hope the heat wave has died down...xx

  4. Wow, Marion, what an intriguing post, and what wonderful imagery--and energy--is flowing into your mind through your dreams. Wherever life takes you next, I hope you will frame your drawings and hang them all together on a wall. Such a collection would be amazing!

    1. Thank you, Linda! I have a lot of drawings, and will probably frame a few. I find this sudden talent so interesting...especially since my hands are very shaky any other time, except when I draw. hmmm...xx

  5. You picture of The Guide reminds me of one of Mom's home care attendants named Sheri. She helped guide me in the early days of helping Mom live at home after her spinal cord injury.

    I know getting ready to sell a home is a huge undertaking. I was so overtaken by getting rid of things that had been in the family for a long time. Now five years later I don't feel bad about it. - Margy

    1. The Guide looks slightly confused to me, but then, I suppose I would look confused as well if I had me to look after, haha!

      It feels rather good, I must say, to divest myself of many of the things that I deemed necessary. I have stuff from people who died ages ago that I'm holding onto for no good reason. And that's after doing this three times in 11 years!

      It is good, as well, to have lots of time to do this move. We are under no time line as yet and so the preparations go much more peacefully. xx

  6. I'm so glad you continue to share these drawings and dreams. They seem profoundly meaningful even though there may be no words to "place" them.

  7. You're right, Kate...sometimes I wish I could explain this phenomenon, and other times I really don't care, which is happening more often these days.

    I loved the dreams, though, and somewhere inside, I know the faces are a part of them. xx

  8. Hey, Marion,
    The drawings from your dreams express the uniqueness and sensitivity of your character, and it's so intriguing that they seem to represent real beings that bring loving guidance. I hope that many of us could open ourselves to observe more of these mysteries, to help us welcome new life that will be born from the obvious disintegration of outdated ways of thought.
    Blessings, Julie

    1. Ahh, thank you, Julie. Some of my friends here have re-discovered passions from childhood and are acting on them with great success. I believe that's one of the ways the shift will affect us. xx

  9. Wow, Marion, how blessed you have been to receive such clear insight during such a stragne time. Although I still feel uncertain about the "future", I feel comforted knowing that I am not alone in the journey. So many strange things are happening to so many people right now ... but I feel like I might be the "only one" who is noticing sometimes!

    Thank you, Nicole

    1. I know what you mean...I feel much the same about being the "only one" with awareness of things occurring...but I do know I am not by a long shot. I think people keep it to themselves, rather than be open to ridicule by others who are still asleep. We'll overcome that fear with time...

      By the way, I love your newsletter...wish it came out more often, haha! xx

  10. Wow, what a powerful post! It always amazes me how much of your dreams you remember. I don't have the best recall of mine.

    Those faces are amazing! Some are even recognizable to me. Maybe they've guided me as well?

    I guess all we can do is let it be for the most part. But we can still be a voice when necessary :)

    I hope you're well, dear friend.


    1. It seems entirely plausible to me that we share our guides...especially since we are all One.

      These days, all I can be is a voice; physically marching in protest is out for me now, I'm afraid, haha!

      You've been enormously creative yourself, dear lo! I love your sites...very attractive! xx

  11. I love to read your posts, there is so much food for thought in them. I love your faces, so detailed and each one different.
    We are all in transition aren't we? But to have dreaming discussions of that, and feel peace, that is a blessing.
    Good luck with the house and upcoming move, those adorable babies will love having you nearby

  12. I wish that I had more control in my dreams -- I used to be able to fly.
    Now just an observer but I seem able to feel others' grace and honesty. No dark corners.

  13. Ah Marion, I have read this post and looked at these faces probably three maybe four times, and where is my comment? Did I leave one (I think yes) :-)

    I am fascinated by these guides. They scare me alittle; I feel like I would be in a different time and plane if I were to come face to face with them . I am fascinated and excited that they appear for you and I know you have the wisdom to hear them

    I wonder how your move is looking, feeling. I hope okay. I know planning and moving is no fun, but how great it will be on the other side of it

    ♥xoxo Marion

  14. Something is astir. I can feel it. I wish I could see as you do.

  15. Marion, this is all very exciting, I never remember the faces of the angels that come speak to me in my dreams, very nice that you do and can draw them. Also nice that you get so much joy from them. You are very wise to just be in the now and let it be. xoxo

  16. Wow! It's amazing how you can draw the persons in your dreams.

  17. Summers comes and summers goes and where youse is no one knows.

    You're a snapdragon? I'm a wee woodland violet that every young lass wants to put in her hair or hold to her bosoms.