Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bird Talk

I've been experiencing and enjoying some odd events over the past few weeks. I have no explanation for any of them; strangely, the urge to find a reason for them has gone. Acceptance is the order of the day. It makes my life so much easier.

I must confess I wake up each morning with a certain wariness...What will occur this day to make me feel unbalanced and anxious? So much is happening in the World...even a 6.7 Earthquake, along with many minor ones, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island hardly makes the News, when there are hugely terrifying events occurring elsewhere.

I feel Mother Earth is re-balancing herself, ridding herself of eons of negativity and pollution the human race has placed upon her. I am not making light of the terrible Floods, Fires and Quakes which keep happening...I send Oceans of Light and Love each time I hear about another Flood, another Fire, another Earthquake. It is about all I can do, at this time.

I find safety here, surrounded by the Forest and its creatures.With tall Trees ringing the entire property, the World and its problems so easily disappear from mind.

Lucky, my dog, and I, go for long walks around the property each morning. I check out the garden and Lucky checks out who visited overnight. It is not uncommon for me to go out in my pyjamas and slippers...this is a reward for living on acreage in the country. There is no one to see and judge and shake their heads.

It is peaceful and calm in that early morning hour. Last year, throughout the Forest Fires and the Smoke, many Animals and Birds converged here in this Forest, seeking safety. This year, there are not so many.  The extremely wet Spring took care of any Fires which might have caused chaos and even though we experienced  a heat wave recently, the nighttime temperatures are becoming frosty. The likelihood of any big Fires this year is decreasing daily.

And so, I have not had occasion to visit with as many Birds as I did last year. But there are a few...

Chickadees. Oh my, there are Chickadees. Let me tell you a story about those Chickadees and Lucky and I.

I was standing beneath the only Birch Tree inside the fence-line, beside a garden bed filled with flowering Plants, all seeded directly into the ground in late Spring. I was marvelling at how lovely it looked, after all the Rain we experienced over the last Spring. The Plants were still lush and wildly flowering; my attention was focused completely on the pinks and blues, reds and oranges of the different kinds of Poppies, Bachelor's Buttons, Daisies, Digitalis, Coreopsis, Cosmos...

By this time, Lucky was waiting for me to open the gate and continue on our walk. But I heard a Chickadee in the Birch Tree just above me. I looked up, and without a thought, I mimicked his voice...Chick-a-dee, dee, dee...over and over. 

It seemed as if he answered me and then his head tilted from side to side, as he watched this two-legged creature try to speak with him.

I noticed another Chickadee settle on a branch...then another and another...until the whole Tree was covered with the small, fluttering and hopping Birds! Each one's attention was entirely focused on me and my continuing bird speech...Chick-a-dee-dee-dee, Chick-a-dee-dee-dee...

Lucky was becoming aware something odd was happening. Whining, he looked up at me, as if to say...Stop this! Who knows which kind of Bird will appear next!...

I stood there in awe, still calling. More and more Chickadees flew in...the Tree was alive with them. I stood there for a good half-hour, sometimes speaking bird speech and sometimes human. I have no idea whether any understanding was reached...I certainly had no idea what the twitterings and chirpings, chips and calls meant.

But the energy surrounding us...the Birds, the Tree, me and the Dog...was warm and loving. I wanted to stay all day in what seemed like a comfort spot. But Lucky became restless, wanting to continue his walk and wanting to go as far as possible from the Birch-Bird Tree, which was just too odd in his mind.

I didn't know how to say good-bye to all the little Chickadees who had graced my morning. I didn't want to leave them, either. But I raised my hand, said a final Chick-a-dee-dee-dee, and walked away.

And the Chickadees flew off, as well, to do their daily foraging, I imagine.

I felt like a child on Christmas morning...what a gift Creator had seen fit to bless me with!

Lucky cannot forget what happened that day. When an Eagle flies overhead, most times they will call...and now, I try and copy the eerie sound they make. Lucky goes ballistic. I'm sure, in his mind, all he can see is Birch Tree filled with Eagles.

He has problems with the Raven who lives in this Forest, as well. Raven and I have had many conversations, his usual call being quite simple to emulate, although it can hurt my throat. The other day, though, Lucky had occasion to go outside, just as Raven was filching some of Lucky's marrow bone. Lucky rescued it, of course, and Raven flew up onto the Birch Tree. When I came outside, after watching the kerfuffle from a window, Raven began the most awesome speech.

He made glottal sounds, burrs and purrs, sounds like a motor running...Raven had quite a repertoire. His head bobbed, around and up and down. His long, black wings were spread at times, to give him balance, as he danced along the branches.

I wanted to answer him, in Raven speech, but could not mimic his sounds. So I spoke to him in Human speech...and it seemed as if he listened. He would stop his movements when I spoke. He would tilt his head towards me, and when I had finished what I had to say, Raven would continue his awesome talking.

At first, I wondered what he was saying. But then, I noticed that warm, loving energy again...and I found it really didn't matter...

But our Lucky is not so cavalier. He has taken to watching the Skies as well as the immediate surrounding areas, just in case I might decide to call another Avian. And when I tease him, by imitating Bird song emanating from the Forest, he becomes super excited, searching the Sky and the Trees.

It was interesting to hear from an acquaintance of mine, just after the Bird episode I experienced, how she was convinced that a Deer who visits her home every day seems to hold a conversation with her. She shook her head, as she spoke with me, telling me it was not a good idea to be that friendly with a wild Deer, but that she could not seem to help herself. She tells her Deer friend about her day, what she is having for dinner, etc. She tells me she swears she can tune in to what the Deer tells her, in return. And she says she only feels a little strange about the whole thing, although she also concurs that she rarely tells anyone about her Deer episodes.

I smiled. Welcome to my World, I say...

I find more and more people tell me about odd occurrences involving Animals. I believe it is because I don't judge, I only accept. If they say a thing is so, I know it is.

After all, it happens to me, more and more.

I feel the times are such that waking up wary is keeps me aware...the World and her re-balancing will go on for awhile.

There is nothing I can do other than accept this is the way it is, right now. 

Acceptance and learning Bird speech or Animal talk, even if Lucky disapproves, will see me through.

The Animal species knows a lot more about Mother Earth than I do...


  1. Marion, such a wonderful post! I believe and know that animals and nature can hear us and feel our intentions and emotions. How lucky we are that listen and hear them in return.All we every have is this moment and it seems to me you have been making good use of yours. xoxo

  2. A short story by Daphne Du maurier and a movie by Alfred Hitchcock gave me nightmares and scared me forever of birds flocking near me. You might want to listen to the wisdom of Lucky.

  3. What a wonderful vision I have of you and Lucky walking your property - in pj's and robe - and chatting with the birds! I agree. Acceptance is the approach that works best for me, too Enjoy your beautiful late summer days.

  4. You have a special way with nature. I can't say that I've ever had true communication with animals, but I think Bert and his barn swallow family enjoy our company at the cabin. Wayne just painted the exterior, but worked around their nest just to make sure it was ready for their return next spring.

    Our cabin isn't hidden away on our own acreage, but this time of year (in fact from September to June) we have our bay pretty much to ourselves. I love it that way, not worrying about other people and what they might think.


  5. Your experience communicating with the birds while under the birch tree sounds like a serendipitous magical moment that words can only describe to a point. That sense of full acceptance and oneness with the natural world and the universe is satisfying but can be rare in our busy lives. Animals have a way of bringing us back to our deepest roots … and duplicating their awesome sounds seems like a fun way to get there. :)

  6. Marion, what a gorgeous post! Yes, I am a believer too! I have been conversing with animals, feathery, furry and even scaley since I was a little child. I have never had such a prolonged *discussion* as you did with the wonderful! How magical!
    I feel all of Nature listens and waits in hope that we,*humans*, will start up a chat.

    There are big changes occurring daily on this Earth of ours.... I feel like you, I can only stress and worry so much....feeling limited in what I can do to help...I try to do what I can...and I pray... and.....I believe that if every one of us loves....not just one's family, but the entire world, it can only help.....soothe the planet's pain. Living in a state of *acceptance* is good....but, one still needs to take action at times...and to feel passionately about - well, everything!

    I love your posts....I often think of you and Lucky walking amid your, I will also imagine BOTH of you looking upward to the skies....waiting for feathery friends!

    Many hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Annie Coe,

    The energy surrounding the birds, Lucky and I was phenomenal. It was a great experience; I'm looking forward to having more like this. xx


    Hee, hee! Do you know that book and that movie had me frightened of birds for years, not just flocking ones! It really wasn't until I moved here that I came to understand and love them, without the images that came to mind from those two books constantly running through my imagination. I honestly didn't think of those images, however, when I was standing there with the Chickadees. It was a truly loving feeling...xx


    There is no point anymore in trying to figure out why certain things happen. Too many strange and wonderful events have occurred over the past couple of months for me to care, really. Might as well accept, heh...makes life so much simpler. xx

  8. Powell River Books,

    Don't you love this time of year on the water? Those fall storms are fabulous!

    We have huge old interior firs right beside the deck. I thought all summer I could hear chirpings from a nest, but couldn't see it. Then, after a windstorm and falling fir needles, I counted five nests, each on varying heights on the tree. No wonder there are so many birds at our feeder!! xx

    Aka Penelope,

    Maria, it is fun!! I wish I'd realized just how much I enjoy trying to mimic birds years ago. It is only now, when I live in an isolated area, that I have found my bird voice. There is nobody to hear, haha, other than the birds and a few animals, who probably wonder what it is I'm trying to do...xx


    What a lovely comment! I understand how you would have talked with animals for years...I have too. But I think it is because of the isolation of where I live now that I began to commune with our furry and feathered friends on a regular basis. There is no one to hear, and there are lots of animals and birds...who else would I talk with? Heh!

    One never of these days I may hear some advice back from the animals...xx

  9. What a beautiful blog, I hope it's alright to hang out awhile and read more.
    I do agree that Mother Earth is trying to re-balance herself. We just had Hurricane Irene on the East Coast of the U.S. It was a scary, yet also curious time.
    It's wonderful that you have morning time with your dog to walk and think. The time communing with the chickadees sounded wonderful.

  10. i love the chickadee story, and I can just imagine Lucky getting nervous about birds - I think that's hysterical! imagine a tree filled with ravens, or hawks - what an amazing site that would be.
    I think there are some animals who can tune into something that is invisible and mysterious and if they find that you too can dial into this station (as it were) they feel that energy and try to communicate, or something. I've had a few bird messengers myself - not a whole tree of them, but individuals...and I love it. Enjoy it!

  11. I haven't tried speaking their language (will now, thanks to your example), but it does seem as if they enjoy the sounds we make as much as we enjoy their birdsong. They're curious, to say the least, and seem to know we're speaking to them.

  12. Also, chickadees are very brave. If you stand still and are patient, holding out your hand with sunflower seeds in it, they will eat from your hand. I'm not that patient, but my son Everett is and has done it several times.

  13. Lavender Lady,

    Very nice to meet you! I have blog friends on the east coast of the US, and some had a difficult time during Irene. Right now, we are experiencing wind and rain from the typhoons from Japan. The weather is certainly day, it will be frosty and cold and the next, very warm from the Pineapple express bringing that warmth from the tropics.

    I'm sure the birds are confused as well...and insects are hatching we wouldn't normally see until spring. Curious, indeed!


    I love going to your blog to see what bird or animal you have captured with your camera. It is really neat to discuss world events with a bird, who is only concerned with where his next meal comes from. But they make great listeners and I've actually found anxiety leaving after we've conversed...they do send out incredibly warm and loving energy!xx

    Stubblejumpin' Gal,

    They ARE curious and brave as you say. I have had a chickadee walk over the back of my hand and alight on my head. Everett would love it can stand in front of the bird feeder just off the deck, and entice nuthatches and chickadees to eat seeds from the railing. I have never actually tried to feed from my hand, but will try now.

    The birds in the tree were simply unbelievable, there were so many of them. It was just the neatest thing! xx

  14. dear marion, i have been out of commission, i and my internet, so i will be back here soon to read and comment. but for now i just want to tell you that i love you.


  15. You must fear the onset of winter more than I --being northerly and all. Not fear, really, but trepidation, wondering how fast the life around us will die out for now.
    We are in full-tilt fall here so at least there is a buffer.
    Nice post . . .

  16. I've often thought if we just slowed down and listened often enough we could train ourselves to understand Bird or Deer or Rock or Tree. Sometimes I think, as you do, that I am in a conversation with nature. People may look at us oddly, but we know what we know.

  17. kj,

    Keep writing, Karen...far more important to finish that book, just so we can all read it! Talk with you soon...and I love you, too! xx


    We have had horrendous winds these last few days. I was afraid one of the Trees was going to fall on the Tree actually had its top snapped off which was hurtled, thankfully, in the opposite direction of the work shop.We were lucky.

    By all accounts, it is supposed to be a cold, snowy Winter. You can rest assured I'm not looking forward to the cold...but I don't mind Snow. Graham, who clears the driveway with the little tractor, probably would not agree with me, heh! xx


    Thank you for understanding.I have found Boulders will offer wisdom and balance, while Trees offer comfort. And I know you would not be able to write as superbly well as you do if you were not in conversation with Nature...there is such a sense of peace on your blog! I love partaking of some of that serenity as I read your posts. xx

  18. Nice blog! I, too, love birds, herbs and nature in general. I will be a follower from now on!

  19. I so wish I could go on those walks with you and Lucky...take me with you in your head next time you set out. And a Raven....wonderful xxx

  20. dear marion,

    here i am. that you are accepted by birds and animals is no surprise to me. to me you are the wisest bridge. when you tell me the earth is rebalancing, i believe you. when you tell of your animal and rock friends, i believe you.
    truthfully you are a blessing in my life.

    i love birds and i long to connect with them. it's funny (curious) to me how as a species they keep their distance. i often wish they would trust me and come closer :^)

    thanks for your encouragement. the book is a bear. but i'm consumed and loving it.

    with love

  21. Grinning and nodding in agreement with you Marion, have to chat with the natural world ... too weird not to ;)

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