Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Painting for Hope

This morning, I wanted to return to a time when I painted in watercolours...the Sunrise was a wash of lavenders, greys, blues and pinks...my fingers itched to put what I saw on paper.

I imagined the smooth glide of the Water and paint on a large brush, washing in the shades of greyish blues and pinky lavenders, on a smooth, unmarked sheet of paper...

I imagined how the Water I used to paint the loving message from Creator would flow directly to him...giving him my message for serenity and peace for the World in all its anguish at the present time.

This morning, while waiting for the Prime Minister to make his appearance in front of the Governor General's residence, I felt so very sad that Canada's government was in this divisive and confrontational position.
And at the same time, I felt the inevitability of it. Change is occurring at a rapid rate all over the World...Canada and its elected officials must change as well.  The old guard, with their outdated power hungry ways, will fall.

And so, I imagined my paint brush, filled with the pinky-lavender hue, signalling my acceptance...sending gratitude to Creator for giving me the ability to stand and watch this fearsome and chilling change...history in the making...in front of which my country stands.

As my brush sends ripples of coloured love towards the new Day light...I send my prayer for a united front...a front in which all the diverse population of Canada stands as one.

As the light washes onto my imaginary paper, I see illumination and understanding entering the picture...a faint line, as yet, but there all the same.

Far off, just outlining the hills...

I go in and hear the Governor General has allowed the prorogation or suspension of Parliament. I see and feel the shock of the media and the people surrounding them...it feels as if the Country has suddenly declared it will no longer hear the voice of the people, with Parliament closed.

It is deeply disturbing, as it is meant to be...it takes a great deal to shock me out of complacency.  It takes a great deal to wake me to what is really happening with the government of my country.

And I imagine I am not alone.  

My painting has suddenly been obscured by a deep, dark cloud...

And yet, as an ongoing student of history, I find it infinitely fascinating, at this time in my life,  to watch the eyes and body language of the politicians and spokespersons. To watch the auras and feel the energy...to really, really see.

Disinterest in government policies clouded my vision, for awhile. The scales only departed when the government's  last financial report came down...

I watch as my paint brush struggles to contain the light rimming the hills on the horizon, fighting the deep dark Cloud which threatens to overwhelm, having already obscured the loving colours of Sun's rising.

I fight and lose.  But it is only for a time...my painting can be begun anew, each Day.  Each Sunrise.

With my eyes and mind wide open to new possibilities, I will take a new sheet of paper tomorrow, and fill it with hope.

Hope for a country in limbo.


  1. I thought of you and my other Canadian friends when I read about this. I've always considered Canada to be a pretty peaceful, laid back place. And this just shattered that idea. Here's hoping things improve for your country and for all of us.

  2. Anonymous4:59 p.m.

    I second Livia's thoughts.

  3. It's sad what is happening to the governments of the world. This global unity thing is taking us all to the lowest common denominator. I don't understand why the powers of darkness are prevailing when there is so much inherent goodness in the human race. Yesterday was the late John Lennon's birthday and I was playing his song, "Give peace a chance." If only the world would but that will only happen when people who don't desire power have it.

  4. I've got to believe that we'll come through this stronger than we would have otherwise. As upsetting as it is, what's happening is a sign that the system somehow works, even if it gets a little messy along the way.

    Maybe it's my Canuck nature, but I remain hopeful.

    And as long as we have caring citizens like you to follow along and share perspectives, it'll be a national growth experience.

  5. I await a true watercolor of yours. Much winter ahead.
    As our Thomas Jefferson is said to have said: "Government is best which governs least"
    I'm all for that.

  6. Anonymous2:50 p.m.

    It's a sign of how selectively we are fed information that I hadn't heard a whisper of this crisis in your country - even though I live in Britain and our queen is (as a figurehead at least) involved. This in spite of the fact that I regularly listen to the BBC world service. Which is kind of frustrating. How are we supposed to understand what is going on in the world if there are great gaps in the world view we're being fed? And we complain about the Americans being provincial in their outlook!

    Doing a quick Google, it looks like things are still unresolved over there? I hope your prayers bear fruit and the right way forward can be found.

    And I look forward to seeing one of your paintings proudly displayed on your blog one day!

  7. Livia,

    I find it really incredible how the World seems to be turning on its ear. Canada IS laid back, polite and quiet...this is why this prorogation came as such a shock. I heard one announcer say we don't do things like this in Canada.

    Guess we do, after all.


    Given time, that great equalizer, I believe things will turn around. I believe the World will come out of this a much better place, a much kinder place. One our children, already so aware of environmental and other issues, will bring to its fullest potential.


    Thank you so much for dropping by. I can't remember which of John Lennon's songs I heard recently, but I thought at the time how evolved he was...and how I wish he was still here.

    I am convinced the World is in the process of changing, for the better. Sometimes upheaval occurs before the light shines, making life difficult for awhile. My prayers go out, every day, to all those whose lives are in crisis.

  8. Carmi,

    Lovely to see you! I also believe things have got to get messy before we find the right path.

    And it certainly did!

    There's hope for me, however, with Ignatieff now standing as leader for the Liberals. I like him, he portrays much strength and wisdom. And he's a writer and a humanitarian.

    I believe right brained people are what's needed now. The lefties, the logical number crunchers, may finally understand the importance of design and storytelling in today's world.

    I've just read A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel Pink. Can you tell? lol


    I agree. Governments have gotten carried away with themselves. I saw a sign during some of the protests...Stop This Nonsense!, it said...

    And that's really what the whole thing was...Nonsense.

    I wish I could still paint...my hands are trembly and misshapen now from Arthritis. It frustrates me terribly now, to paint, when what I want to do no longer is transmitted to my hands.

    I still remember the feel of it, however...how absolutely right it felt to use that paint brush.


    Things are still unresolved. And will be until January 25th or 26th, when Parliament will meet again. But one of the biggest opposition parties...the Liberals...leadership problems have been solved by naming Michael Ignatieff as leader, giving them much more strength.

    He's a very interesting man, with varied fiction and non-fiction books under his belt. I look forward to watching events develop in the New Year...he is an opponent I wouldn't want to trifle with.

    Canadian news networks seem to cover the World and as a result, I can usually find what's happening and where.

    But Canada and its news are rarely covered by other countries...even England. Guess it's because we're so quiet, as a rule, lol. It's rare for us to disrupt the status quo.

  9. Hi Marion, me again. I've given you an award at the magic blog.

  10. Anonymous10:15 p.m.

    You will be okay. Our country has been in hell for 8 years. I am almost scared to hope again.

    All the best holiday wishes.

  11. Anonymous3:53 p.m.

    Marion, were you inspired by the book THE ARTISTS WAY? Or did you take the course? If not, you certainly would enjoy it; much of the process you describe sounds so similar.

    As for politics, as you know, I DO go on, but I don't comment on other countries' bidness, usually. Ain't fittin or polite, when mine is so ill-behaved... but I will certain wish you the very best of luck, keep you in my thoughts and prayers and say extra novenas for you all. xoxoxoxox