Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scrambled Eggs

It's been a couple of months since we moved into our new home. It's been more than six months since the Tower Card of the Tarot came into our lives, turning my brain into scrambled eggs.

The upheaval hasn't abated. In fact, life has become a series of welcoming contractors, early in the morning, for this or that job which must be done. Change is a constant these days.

We began, after taking possession of the property, with the new kitchen. We decided to move the whole room to the other side of the house, leaving me with a workable kitchen while the new one is being built.

The new kitchen is now rea
dy for cabinets, which are floating around somewhere between different carriers. This morning, we were told the carrier had left a message with Ann and Bob.

And who might they be? I do hope they enjoy their new kitchen.

I wonder if it is possible to ever receive kitchen cabinets in the timeline stated by the seller? This is the third kitchen
I have built, and the same problem has surfaced once again. However, I have learned a few things in the years between the different kitchens...I no longer get upset about it.

The cabinets will surface when they surfa
ce...pushing the rope on this one really is useless.

There are other projects which are slated for completion before Cariboo Winter sets in. And these
are moving ahead with great gusto...to the point where I am having difficulty keeping up with all the changes.

Yesterday, we had Trees cleared from the West side of the House. The logs will be used for landscaping and general fencing...and the space for Graham's woodworking Shop. It was a morning where I had my heart in my mouth, watching the Fallers taking down tall Trees growing right next the House.

The Fallers were complete professionals, however...their expertise coming through many years of experience. Not a branch hit the House, nobod
y fell or had a Tree fall the wrong way, and the Logs are trimmed and prepared, for their new incarnation as a fence.

I also took delivery of the new garden tractor, which has a Trailer. I am looking forward to using it for moving Logs and Stones I
want to incorporate into the landscaping. And there is nothing like meditative mowing, where the World passes by while Sun shines and the smell of cut Grass transports me to different places, different times and different realms.

This morning, the Fencing Company arrived. Their machine is not bothered by Boulders or Slopes or Drop Offs on the land...it barrels through underbrush and Trees as if it were swimming through Water. I hear the long drill scraping Boulders as it tries to find a clinging anchor for the Fence Posts...I hear the sound often.

There are many,
many Boulders on this Land, all making a very strong statement. But, eventually, Man and his machines will find a way, including moving the more stubborn ones to a different location. And the Fence will be built, foiling Lucky and Nate's escapes for freedom, as they become more accustomed to the Cariboo and its ways.

When the Excavator arrives, the landscape will change once again. The West side of the pr
operty will be levelled and prepared for building, the Logs will be placed at the spots where they will be used. The slope will be tempered; the driveway will be extended to become a circular driveway around the house.

Taking Trees do
wn has made the Land look ever so much bigger. Having grown used to a small, enclosed space in my former home, I find so much space amazing. My morning walks around the property take me through Hills and Valleys and Meadows. I found someone's fort deep within a dark belt of the Forest, after following a game trail. The Land is still new, to me...its many surprises yet to be discovered, day by day.

t now, however, I hear the machine pounding posts into the ground and I begin to see the outline of the area being fenced. I hear another sound...a deep, growling, tearing sound.

I go to investigate.

The corner of the house is now hanging slightly askew. It seems the machine caught the corner, as it pounded posts...and knocked the house off its hinges, as it were.

Luckily, Graham has his journeyman's Ticket in Carpentry; he was able to look at the damage and figure o
ut very quickly how to fix it. I am sure the Fence Builder was grateful for Graham's expertise; I wonder if I have ever written about how grateful I am for his presence in my life.

Graham can take
almost any problem and come up with a positive solution. I am in awe of this gift he has been given...he is a wonderful role model for me, when anxiety takes hold of me and my brain becomes scrambled eggs...

The Excavator Man just called...he will be here in a day or two...

Changes are multiplying; one change begets another. I say to my Guides...Too fast, all this is happening too fast. Help!...And the answer comes...You wanted it done quickly...are you asking for delays?

And of course, I'm not. Delays are excruciating for someone as impatient as I can be. And then, I am directed to Talking to Nightlights newest post...

Scrambled eggs or not, life is accelerating, going from 0 to 60 in a minute second.

I guess I'll just hang on for a very fast ride.


  1. Things are moving along at a rapid pace Marion and It will be a fantast place to live. I hope you are taking before and after pictures.
    Your comment about Tarot cards is a topical one for me as I am reading Sepulchre by Kate Mosse. Have you read it?

  2. WOW!!!! What a busy time you are having!!! Good things happening for both of us, I see. It all sounds so exciting, I am tickled pink for you. Do people outside the South say "tickled pink"?

  3. What fun and exciting changes are going on. You make my life seem so totally dull, but I do enjoy the vicarious adventures I have with you.

  4. What a time you are having. I am like you, my patience is not one of my strong points. I marvel how you and Graham compliment each other. You seem to feed each other spiritually and emotionally. Your new adventure in your new home is just another direction you have to take. The lessons you are learning and are teaching is something that will cause your knowing of life and the universe to only be enhanced. I love reading your stories. It always keeps me close to mother Earth and all of her children.

    Thank You

  5. Hi Marion!

    You are having quite the time in the Cariboo. Pretty exciting, I would say. I thought we were having major stuff done around the house, but it all looks pretty minor, now! It looks like you have a beautiful property, Marion. Enjoy! Tim

  6. Davem,

    I haven't read Sepulchre yet, also I have read Labyrinth. I'm looking forward to reading her new book, as soon as I have a little time for it, lol.


    I think the term is universal...at least I've used the term and have heard many others use it.

    Tickled pink...the point of bursting apart...with pleasure in your case and mine.


    Life will be for more exciting for you once you recuperate. Can't be much fun at the moment. I think of you often and I hope you're doing well.


    Thank you...for sending such peace and serenity to the World with your blog and your comments.


    I am having trouble deciding between the kaleidoscope glass chime and the iron chimes. I will contact you on that.

    The Cariboo is fiercely beautiful...but I need a reminder of the Coast and your art does just that.

  7. Scrambled Eggs was the original name for a Paul McCartney song that was renamed "Yesterday" and he didn't do too badly with that did he? I am sure you willdo well with all the changes around you, too.

  8. Things are very busy at your end I see.

    Had to laugh at your kitchen problems as we tend to have them here, my friend's kitchen cabinets took over a year to be put in properly....I would have had a fit but she took it in her stride.

    I keep forgetting you have wooden houses whereas ours are always brick.

  9. Sounds like your life is exciting and things are happening fast. I have been clearing land, by hand, and planting wildflowers and vegetables. The hot sun is withering my dreams and my new landscaping, but I will endure. I put in a small pond as well.

    I wanted to tell you that any logs, trees you do not use, you can have chipped for mulch. We had our trees trimmed this year and we had them mulch the leavings. We had a pile of mulch as big as a RV. It is nice not to have to pay for it.

    Well, I will come again soon. I missed so much, I have to catch up with your life.

  10. Seventh,

    Thank you for your vote of confidence! And I didn't know that "Yesterday" was once named Scrambled Eggs, lol! He did very well with that, for sure. One of my very favourite songs.

    I felt overwhelmed on the day I wrote the post; we are at a stalemate now. Weather and unavailability of equipment is hampering the proceedings...time to take a deep breath (or a few!)and relax a bit.


    You'll laugh even harder when I tell you the cabinets finally arrived, with the corner cabinet...the one we have to start with...is damaged. So we are still waiting, for a replacement, now. And, I am trying to take it with grace. It's getting more difficult to do so, lol!


    You've been busy as well! I have cleared land by hand, and as difficult as it is, it is soul satisfying. Sometimes, there are wild plants I want to keep, and with machinery, they only get lost.

    It's been raining here, an odd thing for the weather to do in the Cariboo, I hear. Everything is quite lush and beautiful, drawing in closer and closer to the house...soon there will be Saskatoons growing through the Deck, if I'm not vigilant.

    Thanks for visiting...it's nice to see you. I know how difficult it is to visit the blogs I keep up with in the Spring...gardening and moving and renovating has kept me busy this year, as well.

  11. It sounds like things are moving along at a fast rate of knots there Marion. Even if there is quite a lot of upheaval at the moment, it will be worth it in the long run when all the work is finished and you and Graham can sit back and survey your efforts!