Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Gift of Violets

There are moments when I doubted this move to the Cariboo. And there will probably be more.

But on Mother's Day, on a walk around the property, I found these tiny, bluish-purple Violets. And they are blooming all over, under Trees and Bushes, in the open Grass, never minding the hooves, paws and feet tro
mping on their gentle, raised faces. They show me what resilience is.

re are many signs of other wild flowers just on the verge of popping into bloom. At the moment, we have rain...after two days of very lovely warm weather. And there is even warmer weather forecast...perfect conditions for growing.

As it looked as if Spring was finally beginning, I took the opportunity to plant a few tubs on the deck last week, just before Mother's Day, crossing my fingers they would be protected enough against Frost. The Dogs, contentedly gnawing on bones, had grown drowsy and had retreated to their beds for a nap.

I continued, letting my hands feel the soil, taking the baby plants and tucking them into the earth tightly. I gave each a blessing, feeling the Reiki energy flow from my hands. I felt the special warmth in return, from each Plantlet.

Intent on let
ting creativity and harmony flow, I became unaware of anything outside my sphere of work. So when I looked up, straight into the eyes of Mule Deer who happened to be browsing next to the deck, as unaware of me as I was of him, it took me aback.

We stared at each other, startled yet not. His jaw stopped its sid
eways motion, becoming still. It seemed we greeted each other, as we gazed and gazed. And then he continued browsing, slowly moving away...and I went back to my work.

Once again, I focused my attention completely on planting. I glanced up to reach for scissors...and saw Owl, his huge wings spread, his legs extended, silently and with deadly speed, grasp a small bird in his great claws. The small bird, a youngster, had been as intent as I, as he foraged for what was to be his last meal. Owl tried to rise...and out of nowhere Mama Bird arrived and attacked Owl, to no noticeable avail.

But it gave Owl the lesson of awareness as well, since he was taken completely by surprise. It is good, at times, to repeat lessons, even for Owl.

Mama was no match for Owl, however, as he flew off with his prey. And Mama Bird lost a child, no matter how hard she fought...

There are no prisoners, I thought to myself, as I went back to planting, a little chastened by what I had seen.

The dogs came out, perhaps to see what the desperate noise Mama had made was about. But all became quiet and drowsy once again, with Wind gently swishing his way through the Fir Trees...and both dogs once again retreated to their beds.

I found my way off the deck, to the lower bench to retrieve a rake I had left leaning against another Tree. Just as I was about to grasp the rake, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Black movement.

It was Black Bear. I had noticed signs for awhile; scat cau
ght on the bottom of shoes is as sticky as fresh toffee and many stumps had been torn apart, in his search for insects. And the dogs would exhibit nervous behaviour, when he was about, pressing closely to me.

It was only the second sighting, however...on the first, I barely caught a glimpse of his rear end. Seeing a full frontal view confirmed my suspicion...he was a big Bear.

And I was off the deck, where I usually watch wildlife. It tak
es no special courage and gives great safety, to watch from the high deck.

Thoughts ran through my mind...would I make the steps to the deck easily?...as I continued to watch Bear. I would have to climb...and I was clumsy, at the best of times, at climbing the side of the drop-off to the lower bench.

Bear's vision is poor; he relies on his keen sense of smell. He waved his enormous head back and forth, and stood on his hind legs. I prayed the dogs would remain asleep. And that I was right in my assumption he was a male...if he was a female and had babies about she wanted to defend...

When he stood up, I decided I had stayed off the deck lo
ng enough. Clumsy or not, I managed the climb, glancing over my shoulder. He had dropped to all fours; still, he waved his massive head about, grunting as he did.

All I wanted was the safety of the deck, behind the latched gate, before the dogs woke up. As Bear started his unique bawl, I felt sure it was only minutes before both dogs would tear out of the house...

But I made it. I closed the gate, just as the dogs started a thunderous barking. Bear decided it was not worth his time to investigate further, and turned, making his way down the knoll.

I calmed the dogs, who were wide awake, sure of their safety on the deck, and were giving Bear what for with ferocious growls and barks.

What kind of energies were about which were sending these animals here, altogether, on this day? And then, I remembered Coyote's odd behaviour the day before.

Coyote had visited for a long time, sitting on the same knoll and watching us on the deck. He wouldn't leave even as the dogs set to barking and growling, even when we shouted at him. It seemed to me he was not going to leav
e, until he received the answers he was looking for.

He was silver and huge, with bright, blue eyes that bored into mine, almost hypnotizing in their intensity. Previously, I thought Coyote had yellow eyes, but not this one.

Imperiously, as an Emperor might, Coyote left only when he was ready. Perhaps he felt he had made his point.

I was a little rattled, with all the animal visitations. Was I passing whatever test was being given? Were the animals, either at peace or on the hunt, letting me know who lived here? Never before had all these animals shown up on the same day.

Or was it something else entirely?

Could Katrina be sending me gifts, for Mother's Day, of animal friends, sending me her love via Owl, Bear, Deer and Coyote? My question, which made my eyes well up, was answered by the loving wave of energy which suddenly engulfed my very being.

And it was answered further still, a little later, by a s
mall brown bird, who flew into the house, quite unconcerned about dogs. I have written about Small Brown Bird before; I associate her with visitations from Katrina.

She's not shy, this Bird. And the dogs ignore her, strange behaviour in itself. She flew around the big, open area, settling herself here and there. I went into the old kitchen area, a very small room off the open living space. She followed me in, onto the cabinets, where she sat, watching me grab a soft towel.

She followed me out, and sat on the dining table. She hopped onto the back of a chair; I saw my chance to settle the towel over her, hoping thereby to take her out of the house.

She sat quietly, and I fumbled the towel, as I tried to drop it over her as gently as I could. The towel dropped to the floor.

She flew under the table; I couldn't reach her there, and she had a great view of the room. She flew next to Lucky; I held my breath. Lucky lifted his head, they communed, and she flew to the window.

Small Brown Bird waited there, as I opened the window. She hopped to the sill and sat there, ruffling her feathers a bit, making sure every tuft was in place before she faced her world...

Tears flowing strongly at this point, I watched through wavering sight as she flew to the Tree next to the deck and chirped loudly, before she flew off...

I knew the visitations were over, for this Mother's Day, at least.

A gift of Violets and strong, positive, loving energy...what more could a mother ask?


  1. what a lovely mother's day gift! simply amazing!

  2. Anonymous2:53 p.m.

    This is a lovely story, Marion. To start with, it made me kind of grateful that when I go out to plant a few pots in the garden here, the most I have to worry about is getting bird droppings on my head! There's no danger from bears here. But then it turns out that you weren't in danger either, quite the opposite!

    Yes, it was a lovely mother's day present.

    Like you, I seem to be sensitive to the presence of those who have departed, sometimes even people I never knew when they were alive. The loving wave of energy you describe is very familiar to me. And it feels like such a wonderful, vibrant energy, doesn't it? As though they are more alive now than ever before.

  3. What a wonderful day. Full of love and messages for you. As I continued to read I had to hold onto my heart for it was pounding and my soul was full of white light. I did not know why, but before I read your words, I had to post something on my site about being a father today. Now I know why. Your energy and your thoughts made it into my energy and it had to go back into the universe. I give you blessings and thank you.

  4. Marion,

    As always, poignant, lovely, as I imagine you to be on the day that I finally get to meet you!

    Miss you and the other bloggers: job obligations this year have kept me from doing much commenting (my job is a bit political ...).

    Just wait'll next year, though ... I'll be back!

    Miss T

  5. I think that they are greeting their new neighbor. I suspect the previous occupants of your house were gentle people as well; else the animals would not be so friendly.
    You are lucky to have them about to gladden your day. And they you.

  6. Alison,

    it's the only word for it, it was an amazing day. After awhile, it didn't seem like co-incidence anymore, even if there were any!


    I believe it is possible to contact those energies, as do many others. Perhaps not in the ordinary way humans do with each other...perhaps through dreams or awareness of unusual events. This was one such, and yes, it is the warmest, most loving feeling. I love being sensitive in this way.


    that's the way it works, doesn't it. It's all a circle. It's lovely!

    Miss T,

    Don't let those politicos hold you back, Miss T! On the other hand, don't lose your job either. I will look forward to your exquisite way with words when you return, after the election.

    A lot of my cyberfriends have taken some time off...I miss you all! Wouldn't it be great if we could all meet someday. Here's an invite to visit the Cariboo...lots to do here!


    You're very astute...the former owners were Nature Lovers and gentle people. We are also situated smack dab in the middle of game trails, which have been there for a long time. All in one day was a bit unusual; I haven't seen one since. The mule deer have migrated to the upper slopes and valleys for the summer.

    It gives us a chance to build a fence, one much needed if we intend to draw a line between bush and us!

  7. This is a lovely poignant post Marion. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift, feeling Katrina's loving energy and presence all around you. The animals were obviously stopping by to make you welcome in your new home Marion! They obviously sensed your gentleness and knew you meant them no harm.

  8. This is a lovely poignant post Marion. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift, feeling Katrina's loving energy and presence all around you. The animals were obviously stopping by to make you welcome in your new home Marion! They obviously sensed your gentleness and knew you meant them no harm.

  9. This is a lovely poignant post Marion. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift, feeling Katrina's loving energy and presence all around you. The animals were obviously stopping by to make you welcome in your new home Marion! They obviously sensed your gentleness and knew you meant them no harm.