Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spider's Visit

Years and years ago, my son-in-law told me a story about how a person could swallow Spiders whilst sleeping. 

I didn't think I was concerned about this phenomenon one way or the other. People either believed or not; there are endless stories for and against here, in the UK Guardian newspaper.

And I like Grandmother Spider.  I wrote about her in a former post entitled Weaver of Dreams. I know what she represents and what her message is. I only wish she wouldn't take such extreme measures to give it.

My sleep has been disturbed, these last few days. I am fighting a virus, I think...and so I went to bed early one night, remembering the old mantra of plenty of rest and fluids in battling the flu.

I fell into a feverish sleep. I swooped into a dream about Grandmother Spider...in my dream, she wore a huge, slightly malicious grin, as she spun her web around my head.

I awoke, feeling dreadful. It felt as if my braid had draped itself over my forehead, and I moved my hand to move it...but my hand encountered Spider instead.

Involuntarily, I swept her off.  It was very dark; I felt ill...and I felt sure I had dashed Spider to the floor, where no doubt she had scurried for cover.

Settling myself once again, feeling very hot, I left my arm out from under the covers. It was not long before I felt Spider's quick crawl up my arm, back to where she had begun her web...which happened to be somewhere in the vicinity of my head.

Irritated now, I once more swept Spider off into places unknown, into the dark. And then, I turned on the light...enough was enough.

And there was Spider, quite brazen and bold, on the coverlet, once more heading, very quickly, towards where my head had lain. The light stopped her, and she hesitated.  And then she stood up!


Here's a video of a Spider standing up.  Although my Spider wasn't as big, she looked very similar to the Lady Spider in the clip. My Spider was hairy, too.

Spider was feeling threatened. As was I, if I'd had time to think about things. It seemed to be a stand-off for a small moment in time.

(How can Graham sleep through all the commotion around him, these last few weeks? This never ceases to awe and amaze me.)

I remembered my dream...Grandmother Spider had been grinning,without humour, in that dream...this Spider showed a lack of humour, as well.

The split second stand-off over, without really thinking, I dashed Spider to the floor with my hand.  Had I taken a tissue and deposited her outside, into -8C windy weather, as I do during the normal course of events, I would not be in the predicament I'm in now.

I did not have my glasses on.  Feverish, sure I would succumb to the nausea that threatened, I searched myopically for Spider.  

She was gone. Nowhere to be seen. This Spider moved faster than any I had ever had contact with.

I have not found her.  I have vacuumed every inch, I have changed the bedding, I have dusted throughout.

My son-in-law may have been right...One thing I am positive about is Spider could easily have moved into my mouth, probably climbing out again, given her size.

Unless I had swallowed. 

There is always that to think about.


  1. This is somewhat timely. Check out my profile question. LOL

  2. Hm, I've always considered spiders to be my friends, killing harmful insects. I'll have to make sure they know there are no insects in my stomach. :-)

  3. I have always been fascinated with spiders. I can remember as a child, sitting in my own backyard watching very large field spiders as they wove their marvelous webs. I'm not sure exactly what kind they were - I only know that they were predominant in the large field behind my house.

    They didn't seem to mind as I watched them work, and I didn't mind as they wove their silken trap across a very well worn bicycle trail as if their very purpose was to catch me as I pedaled through.

    Like you, I will do what I can to safely remove any spiders from my house; my basic premise being live and let live. That is until such time as one of these magnificent creatures begins to crawl on me. It is at that point that all logic and curiosity vanish, only to be replaced with an irrational fear and uncontrollable instinct to kill the giant menace at all costs - I stress the word "giant" because of an inexplicable phenomenon that occurs, causing any spider that comes into personal contact with me to suddenly expand to 1000 times their original size...

  4. Livia,

    Lol! That's neat! I'd want pepper as well.


    In the middle of the night, when I'm feeling poorly, I'll forgo a visit from Spider. But Spider is known as the word master...and as a writer, I am happy she came, whatever time it was!

    Spiders are soooo important and I wouldn't want to be without them, ever. They actually make human life much easier, by eating vast amounts of insects.


    Thank you for the super comment! I love it...you certainly made me giggle.

    Now. This Spider wasn't huge. I have certainly seen bigger ones. It may have become bigger in my mind, as I visualize it. In my mind, actually, it is as big as the duvet...

    I think what bothered me most about this Spider was her aggressiveness. She was MAD. I have never witnessed something like this before.

    And in the dark,in bed, I can visualize mightily...

  5. I knew a person in Texas who clai s that she swallowed a roach once(they are common down there), and a neighbor who ate poison ivy to build up the resistance, but no one who ate a spider.
    I waved away a spider the other night, while sleeping, from my exposed arm but it turned out to be ginny's breath on my arm.

    I think and hope!!

  6. A spider for a late night snack!! Perhaps this spider had been in the house before and considered you the intruder. I would have reacted quite differently I would have been a basket case. For some odd reason I get low energy from a spider.
    Thanks for sharing your story and I hope you are feeling better.
    Drink hot tea and honey.

  7. Goatman,

    I'll bet there's lots of insects that crawl around us as we sleep. Did that guy get sores in his mouth, when he ate the poison ivy?

    That roach must have been crunchy! Lol...and I hope she had salt and pepper.

    I know people eat insects, all over the World...I'm just not one of them, if I can help it!


    That's great you're aware of low energy from Spider to you. You've got me thinking about what being might do the same to me.

    Very interesting comment, Dave...and yes, thank you, I am feeling better now. Hot tea and honey always works!