Thursday, November 06, 2008

First Snow Storm

It snowed during the night...and the temperatures dropped to -5C.  

This morning, as a weak Sun filtered through the Trees, I decided a first Snowfall was worthy of a few photos.

I suited up.  I have many layers of clothing to put on each day, in order to keep from pushing up the thermostat. All those layers...they keep Arthritis at bay, a little.

It took awhile to grow accustomed to all those the end of the day, I feel somewhat like a stuffed sausage. Long underwear seems to get tighter as the day passes. But I wouldn't go without...the extra clothes and underwear are comforting, when Wind howls and Snow blows.

We are expecting another Storm this afternoon. I fear I will no longer, this year, at least, be able to build garden beds. I left my tools under a big Tree, convinced I would have a few weeks left to work...but it's not to be.

Snow which falls will freeze, over and over again. Eventually, I will walk on  built up frozen Snow...last year, there was three feet of it.  It gives a different perspective to the land.

As I take photos, meandering about in the soft, powdery stuff, I remember my vow to learn to snowshoe. Our property is great for it...there are game animal trails throughout. It is an extremely pleasant hike during the gentler months, but will be largely unavailable during the rest.

I have trouble imagining myself snowshoeing....however, there is a first time for everything. I say this rather defiantly; my vow to snowshoe brings laughter or, at the very least, a gentle smile, from those to whom I have divulged this vow.

My camera lens fogs up...and Wind from the West is rising.  The feeble reminders of a Sun warmed land dissipates...gentle dripping stops.  It is time to sit by the fire with a cup of tea, and watch the Storm.

And what a Storm it is...the thermometer on the deck drops impossibly quickly. Wind howls through the Trees, taking hunks of icy Snow and hurling them at my windows. The house stands strong against the blasts of the swirling Wind, but I can feel when a particularly large gust hits...there is a muffled booming sound when it occurs, as well.

It would be impossible to take my camera and shoot photos, at this point.  Sometimes, I can't see the Trees for the driving Snow. The Boulders and Stones I am attempting to find a common ground with will be covered in softly rounded mounds, which will grow as more Snow falls and freezes.

I suddenly take in, for good and all, the fact that gardening is over for this year.  I take another sip of Tea and reassure myself I will find other creative pursuits...inside.

Graham's Mother has given me a sewing machine...a Janome Quilter's Companion with a Quilting Table attachment.  The last time I used a sewing machine was close to forty years mother's.

This one...this machine which sits on the dining table eyeing me with reproach...this one will take some getting used to.

I look at it balefully. The machine brings back memories of sewing clothing which rarely lived up to my mother's idea of perfection...she was a seamstress par excellence...and I was not.

In my youth, I did not have the interest...I wanted to get from A to B without all those seemingly unnecessary steps. Impatience...a trait I have not yet mastered...held sway, at the time.

However...however, as the Storm rages, as Snow finds crevices in the landscape formerly unseen to my eyes, I think of the feel of linens and cottons as they flow through my hands to the machine...I remember how soothing it felt.

And there are newer materials out there now...materials like hemp and bamboo I would like to work with.

It no longer matters, if items I have sown are perfect, in another's eyes.  If I am satisfied...I will be happy with its imperfections.

I take another sip of tea...still comforting, still warming my hands and soul.

There are revelations to be found, during a rattling, bone-chilling Snow Storm, when I am held captive inside.

A cup of tea, a Wind and Snow Storm, a warm fire and a sewing machine...I believe it might be a great day.



  1. When I lived in a snow climate I loved the first snowfall. It seemed so cleansing and spiritual.

    That passed.

    Today when the temperature dips into the fifties where I live, I am content to sit by the fire and quilt.

  2. Oh brrr. Now you are really going to get those wild visitors coming in for food. I don't want to see a scene like that here till next February, maybe not even then!

  3. Gemutlicheit...

    By far my favorite word in any language, and certainly the only way to describe what you so eloquently put into words; sitting inside, bundled up, sipping warm tea as winter rages outside your door.

  4. Hot tea and a warm fire on day like you have here does sound comforting. The snow and the land in your pictures gives a grand tranquility and shows us how wonderful the energy that is provided to us by the universe. The spiritual nature sure does speak volumes in your post.

    Thank You

  5. Stunningly beautiful photos... but truthfully? I don't miss snow at all!

  6. A chill went through me when I saw your reminder that soon we here in Chicago will be facing winter. Snow in November is hardly serious here, but we have already had a flurry or two. A white Christmas is not impossible to hope for but January and February are the cash-cows snow-wise here. I have lived through -26 F and 26 inches of snow on the ground (two separate events) and I know these bouts are nothing compared to the winter you are in for. Stay warm my friend and nurse that hot tea. Let's see who finishes her quilt.

  7. That's the great consolation of winter: sitting warm and snug while it prowls outside!

  8. Jan,

    Lol! When I lived on the Coast, I enjoyed Snow...we might get a lot there, from time to time, but it never lasted...rain would wash it away.

    Up here, it's a different story. Snow stays and it gets very cold.

    I am not accustomed to relaxing by the fire, in the middle of the day, and I am having a tough time with it. Relax? In the middle of the day? What on earth would my mother say, lol!


    The mule deer are on the way down to Winter pastures, and they travel right through our property. Predators follow them. Again, right through here. I have yet to see the Moose, but I hear them and see the scat they leave behind.

    It is cold, no doubt about that, but it is dry cold. I am surprised at myself, that I can walk around outside in minus temps. and enjoy it!


    You know gemutlichkeit is one of my favourite words...thank you for reminding me. It's the way I feel after a long day, when I snuggle under warm covers in bed at night!


    Congratulations on your new grandchild and on recovering from heart surgery! You've had a wild ride for a while...but how wonderful to recover with your grandchild there to shower you with love.


    I don't know that I would miss Snow either, after living here for awhile, lol. We'll see what the future brings. I have a feeling I'll always live in an area where there is Snow, though.


    I've got to learn how to use this computerized sewing machine first! The last one I used was a very long time ago...and this machine even threads its own needle. How cool is that!

    By the way, that sweatshirt I ordered from you is the warmest, fleeciest I've ever owned. I think of you when I wear keeps me nice and toasty.


    I love the thought of Winter prowling outside, as you put it. Lovely!

  9. Even the Uk has had a snow fall, on Ocober 16th, very early for us. It must be a nice feeling being snug and warm with everything you need to withstand a long cold spell. If it were me I would be very grateful for todays means of communication. Imagine what it was like 100 years ago. Thanks Marion.

  10. Any chance any of these photos were taken from your window? (hint) :-)

    Well, Marion, we've been trading messages for a long time. I thought it would be only appropriate to stop by to invite you to my three-year Blogiversary Celebration Carnival.

    Hope to see you!

  11. Temperature to -5 degrees?? ohh!! i hvnt ever experienced that.. there must be fun to seat near burning wood in such a freezing environment!!!

  12. Davem,

    I have read many books since moving up here, telling about life 100 years ago. I am in awe of how difficult it was, in this climate.

    The computer, as long as the power doesn't go out, is one of the greatest inventions. The World at my doorstep, even with howling Storms outside!


    I tried to take some photos yesterday through the kitchen window. I haven't downloaded them yet, but if they work out, I'll email them to you.


    Thank you for visiting! There is no doubt a warm fire is my favourite place, during a cold spell.

  13. Amazing, this snow world; thank you for the view of your world. I grew up in the North Country of NY where snow fell all winter. Your post brought back many memories of childhood "first snows" each a miracle.

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