Monday, April 07, 2008

Histories to Learn

Well. What an odyssey this Move has been.

It seems I have been running non-stop for a week. It seems there is no end to the boxes I so foolishly insisted on unpacking myself. And the boxes are all labelled differently as to what is really inside.

When I want to unpack a box labelled Kitchen, for example, I end up with useless items I have no idea why they were packed in the first place, since these things serve no useful purpose. These items were placed way back in the cupboards, not to see the light of day until we moved. It would be really great if I could find dishes I could use...such as dinner plates. Those might be nice to find.

We moved in during a Snowstorm. But the weather changes so quickly here...Skies are bright blue, with nary a Cloud in sight, and then suddenly Snow starts to fall...

Yesterday we were sitting on the deck, enjoying the warm Sunshine, when out of the blue, Wind picked up and howled up the draw, bringing in yet another Snow shower. I have yet to see Rain fall is always, so far, Snow.

But it is less Icy in the mornings, the previous owner's Tulips are showing their tips, and I believe I can see the Grass greening up. Spring will arrive, even in the Cariboo...and points farther North.

What Heaven it was, on the first few days we moved in! After the cramped quarters of the Motel, it seemed we were living in the Taj seemed as if, as I unpacked, I walked miles placing items in the various rooms.

Previously, our home had been painted a very bright yellow. A very bright yellow. And, since there were a couple of days to go before the Movers arrived, Graham painted over it... a first coat of Greenfield Pumpkin...a warm nutmeg tone. First thing.

And we enjoyed the wildlife! Every animal that wandered through, I rejoiced and greeted...until the Dogs arrived.

But Lucky, who had spent time in a "Spa" in the Cariboo, had grown accustomed to the smells; Moose, Elk, Mule Deer and assorted other beings were not new. On his own with us for the first few days, he showed no signs of chasing or barking, even when Mule Deer walked right beside him. It was amazing.

We were not so lucky when Nate arrived, having spent his time on the coast with Graham's son. All these new smells, when he arrived, became too much for him...and even with the extremely heartfelt reunion between these two kennel mates and the subsequent relief both of them underwent...his tummy succumbed. And we had a few rough days and nights.

Mule Deer wander through at all times of the day. They didn't stop doing this browsing, just because there were Dogs here. There are two huge Stags who rest on a knoll on our property, every full view of us...and the Dogs. Oh oh.

The first day, with Nate on leash, the two Stags taunted the boys and Nate lunged, wanting to give chase. Lucky, who does what Nate commands, Nate being the "boss" between the two, went tearing off joyfully after the Deer...on his own, because Nate was being held back strongly by the leash.

I was horrified. But Lucky realized he no longer had Nate beside him, and only chased the Deer off our property...and came back. Had these two been together...

You see, the Conservation department shoots Dogs who run Deer or any wildlife, especially in the area where I live. It is a ranchers' right to shoot Dogs who come near their herds. I have suddenly been transported to gun country.

Shopping in a feed store in Williams Lake, I was told...Welcome to redneck country. You're one of us now.

I had no idea what to say. Stymied me completely.

So...a fence must be built, to give the Dogs their boundaries. And an excavator is coming in, to level an area for the Woodworking Shop. And a new kitchen is on order. There is much unpacking still to be done. There are items on every flat surface...and every bit of furniture, each dish and cup, has a film of dust on it, from the Move.

But I feel at home here, high amongst Trees I am only beginning to know. I have yet to pick a favourite Tree. That will take time, before one friend will introduce himself to me and become another mentor, just as Grandfather Tree was.

I live in a Forest, on the side of a Mountain. There are many, many Trees here of all varieties. And Boulders...age old glacial till, huge, enormous Beings with so many stories to tell. And Kinnickinnic and Mahonia and Elderberries and Saskatoons. So many Aspens and Birch.

So many histories to learn.

The journey has just begun.


  1. Welcome to the Cariboo!

  2. I hope all the trees will be your friends. I know what you mean,though. I have a special one here in my back yard.

  3. What a beautiful place to live and what an exciting time for you even if it is going to be a lot of work. Nate and Lucky will adapt I am sure.

  4. Beautiful photos, beautiful home. :)

  5. Terri,

    Welcome to my blog! How nice to meet you!


    I have been drawn to a Tree, on our morning walks, that is very peculiar.It is unusual in that it almost twines around the other Tree beside it. It is a Fir; unusual behavior for that variety.

    I think you're right...they'll all become special in time.


    Thank you for your assurance about the dogs...already they're becoming more used to the wildlife.

    And didn't your dogs begin to love the guinea hen? If that can happen, my dogs will certainly accept any animal that lives here.


    Thank you...there is no doubt the place is beautiful, especially in the very early many wildflowers and plants that I am not familiar with show signs of bloom.

  6. Lovely to see photos of the new home. The living room looks so inviting and the color is perfect. Betcha you are glad to have the dogs back together even if they will cook up more mischief between them. Wow! Lots more work to go before you can really rest.

  7. Sheila,

    We had a lot of built-ins in the house in QB. There are none here, until we build or buy furniture to suit. So it's really difficult to put items away.

    But everyday is an adventure, the land is waking from the long Winter sleep, and the good energy here is very palpable.

  8. Now's the time to paint, before all the stuff needs placing. It looks a wonderful house and will be a comfort to you both I am sure. Maybe you can post newspapers on the attic walls for future denizens to wonder at!!
    Nice to meet the dogs. They need only to acclimate as you do. I am not sure of dangers though, cept for the stag.
    Spring will be a treat.

  9. ohh... glad you're settling in well, nate and lucky are just adorable! makes me smile looking at them sleeping! :)

  10. Welcome to the Cariboo and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'll have to look into your two blogs more but at the moment we are heading out the door on a bit of a walk.

    We have lived here a little over two years now but my some of my husband's family longer so we feel we have lived here longer as we spent a lot of holidays here. No better place if you ask me! Enjoy.

  11. Goatman,

    The landscape changes day by day, buds are forming now, and I can see the Spring "glow" around the Plants.

    In a perfect world, we would have been able to paint before we moved in, but we were completely tired of the Motel. So, we're in and having to move furniture to paint, lol!

    I've been warned about the babies that are about now, and the defense of their Mamas. We make a lot of noise as we tromp through... there are so many game trails, so it's easy walking. Some climbing...good for the heart!


    They're different dogs from when they lived in a fenced yard. So much exercise is good for them...and me!


    Welcome! I enjoyed your site and would like to use it as a reference site, if I find some of those plants growing here.

    I love this grabs my heart!

  12. What a wonderful journey you are on Marion. This is a very exciting time in your life, getting used to your new surroundings. I'm sure all the trees will soon be your friends.

  13. Sounds wonderful there but will take a bit of getting used to for both you and the dogs. I don't know what I would do if called a redneck, either collapse laughing or throw something at them, depending on my mood LOL.