Monday, April 21, 2008

A Large Rock

Our property is criss-crossed with game trails. When Snow arrives in the Spring, all the trails are looks very like Hobbit pathways throughout. As cold as it is right now, all over British Columbia, the dogs and I cannot resist following those trails, in the early morning, before Snow melts.

As a result, I have found many paths that I may not have been aware of so easily, had we not had Snow overnight.

And down one of those trails, coming from a hillock covered with Berry bushes and other delicious plants yet to be identified, the dogs and I came upon a very large Boulder, which completely blocks the path.

I noticed immediately that the Boulder had been there for a long was covered in Lichen and Moss, and his base was deeply grounded. I was interested in the Plant life covering it and knew I would have to later bring my camera to take pictures of the configurations all over the surface of this Rock.

In order to go around the Boulder, I had to push my way through Rose Bushes which grew very close to him. I stumbled a bit, and placed my hand on his surface for balance...and received a powerful, very warm jolt of energy. Taking my hand away, and caught in the Roses, I stared at the Rock in wonder.

And then I noticed the ring of Stones, covered in Moss, which surrounded the bigger Boulder.

Oh! Had I stumbled upon an ancient Medicine Wheel?

The Circle was still intact, but the larger Stones, the ones which would have been placed for honouring each direction, were piled off to the side. Old, crumbling branches had been gathered and heaped, barely visible now through Aspen Tree, Rose and Berry bushes.

This large Rock is directly in line with and just below The Bench. There is a distinctive Fir tree close by, his Bark shining golden in Sun's rays, the only Tree which shines like this that I have noticed so far. It is easy to notice the Tree; I had wondered what his kind was, when I saw him from the deck of the house.

Suddenly, all the small pointers, blazes and Altars I have found on the Trails made some sense. Again, these are in a direct line to the Rock. Did they once designate the way to the large Stone? Or were they small offerings to honour Mother Earth along the way to the gathering place?

Long ago, the Native peoples would have followed the game trails, hunting Wildlife and gathering Berries. This land was tended by them, just as a farmer would tend his crops. They were expert at it, pruning the Saskatoon berries, and using the whip-like branches for baskets. They would use controlled fires, close to Rivers and Creeks, to rejuvenate the growth on the land.

The Natives knew their land and what was required to honour it, thereby honouring Spirit.

A Medicine Wheel, put very simply, is the demarcation of Sacred space, a holy place where all are reminded to live in harmony with all life. These Stones, then, mark a vortex of energy where all life is honoured, and joined in the Wheel of Life; the unending Spiral or Circle or Wheel of interdependence. It is a space to honour oneness with all Beings.

In the centre of the Wheel is a large that represents Spirit. And then there are four more Boulders, which are gateways to the four directions...North, South, East and West. These hold archetypes and patterns to life. There would be more Stones, more lines, their meaning clear to the builders of the Wheel.

Each element of the Wheel holds a different meaning...and it takes years, sometimes, to understand the deeper significance. When I built my Medicine Wheel, I felt directed to use Grandfather Tree as representing Spirit. He did not let me down, but I lived there for a couple of years before I understood him and what he was about. I had only begun on the directions and their meanings in my life.

Whether or not this large Stone marks a spot once considered sacred is of small consequence to me. I feel he was utilized for something...he may have given warmth and shelter to travellers through the land, as he is situated at the bottom of two hillocks, giving surcease from the North Wind. Or, perhaps, he was a Stone who children learned to climb upon, sitting on his warm back in the strong Sunshine.

He was left here by Glaciers; I know he has many stories to tell, if he would share with me. I have only recently met him; this morning, in below-freezing temperatures, when I laid my hand upon his back, again, he felt warm...and again, he sends a warm, energetic flow.

And lately, my dreams have been extremely vivid...extremely telling. Have I met this large Boulder before, in another reality? And will he invite me in?

I imagine I will clear the area a little...keep it cut back, when Spring arrives. There are ticks about.

Because I believe I will be visiting this large Rock many times over, during the time I spend here.


  1. What a wonderful discovery! Please keep us posted on what you find next.

  2. how wonderful to be able to communicate with nature, ya... do update us with your new discoveries!

  3. There again, the altar sought you out. Funny how easy it is to believe the seeking is our initiation. I repect your insights and the time you gently spend with time.
    Gentle Blessings,

  4. I feel like I'm out in the woods exploring with you Marion. Soon, you'll know every nook and cranny.

  5. Seventh,

    The former owners were deeply reverent of their land and involved in Native spirituality; I imagine some of the cairns and markers were made by them.

    It is like a treasure hunt!


    I will certainly write about where these discoveries lead me! The Universe has much in store, I believe.


    Perhaps it is; I prefer to go slowly (sometimes very slowly, lol) in such matters. I find in the time I dither about, the answer very often has presented itself.

    Beautifully written comment! Did you receive my email?


    That's my goal! One I think might be a little inflated, from this point. The discoveries here seem never-ending. It is only the very beginning of Spring, and already the landscape has changed so much.

    What I really love are the trails is like a maze. I'm anticipating leaf out; they will look a lot like tunnels, I imagine.


  6. Glad you found my blog. I wandered here from your comment. We need a different connection to the land and the world around us than we are getting from the stories told by the current culture. People like you, reconnecting, or maintaining ancient connections are real treasures. Keep sharing!! I'll keep reading.

  7. It always surprises me how often the wheel appears as archetype of life in so many cultures (I remember the first space station was to be a wheel.) Whether this arrangement was intended or not doesn't matter as much as what it means to you and to those in the future you pass your leavings to.

    I've been busy with spring preparations. Had to put new rings in the old Kohler engine (was burning oil) and get ready to cut grass. If it were up to me the woods would come all the way up to the door as it would for a Hobbit's house, whose trails you mentioned.

    I look forward to hearing of more travels around your neighborhood.
    What are the neighbors like?

  8. I honor your discovery and am honored that you have shared this with us. What a wonderful circumstance to happen upon. Your spirit is radiant through your post.
    Thank you, I can feel the energy.

  9. Have you heard of the legend of the eagle and the condor? I must track it down properly and do a post about it. It's all about how the worldview/ways of the indigenous peoples of the world will someday reemerge and combine with our own to create a new golden age. I get the feeling this is already happening in your backyard, Marion, every time you go 'walkabout'!

    What a wonderful place you have ended up in! And of course, this will not be a coincidence. Most people would not be able to interpret what you are finding. I'm with Harmony here. The rock has called you...

  10. Oh what a treasure to find in your own backyard. Even if it isn't a wheel placed their by Indian peoples it sounds like you've found a strong, energetic space. Good for you, I'm jealous.

  11. What an incredible find. And what a great creative mind you have to see not just a boulder, but a place to feel the forces of the universe and to communicate.

  12. Alan,

    Welcome! I enjoyed visiting your site as well...I have always had a great interest in sustainable living.

    I'll keep reading yours, too!


    Everybody seems very friendly and upbeat in the 150. I have met a few of my neighbours...they aren't too close and there are many Trees in between each neighbour and our house. But I expect as the weather warms, we'll meet more.

    We're using our old mower to cut trails, since at the moment we have hardly any grass. Hope the mechanics went well!


    I wondered if you would feel that wonderful energy the Rock sends off. I'm glad you did.


    He may have, indeed. There are many things here that seem intended. Everyday I anticipate finding something else.

    What a wonderful post this story about the Eagle and the Condor would make. I look forward to reading it!


    Yes...a great way of putting it...a strong energetic space.

    There are many such, Livia...I know you could easily find one.


    I am really grateful to be able to do so. There is so much to be learned from other Beings and this Boulder's energy is so completely grounding. It is very, very nice.

  13. An interesting piece of information, I'll keep an eye out on walks to see if I can find something similar in our countryside. Iron and Bronze age people used stones for religious ceremonies too, but I have not heard anything similar to your story.

  14. Great post Marion. I felt like I was out there exploring with you. It's a wonderful gift being able to communicate with nature.

  15. Wonderful post and photos. How exciting for you making all these exciting discoveries in your new surroundings.

  16. Davem,

    You have so many historical and mystical sites over there in Wales, as shown by your great pictures on your blog.

    You have stimulated my interest in day I will visit many of the places where you have taken those photos.

    Certainly the Druids were very fond of circles and spirals.


    The countryside is beginning to spark up with green...for awhile I thought the dun colour would be all I would see. Apparently wild flowers sprout up all over, when it is time. I wait impatiently for true Spring to arrive.


    I know you would love it here, with so many different species of plants to discover.

    Sometimes I wish all my cyber friends could come and visit...just to see!