Friday, April 11, 2008

The Bench

On a bluff on our property, high above the tops of the Aspen and Birch far below, sits a small Bench, made out of stumps and a plank, painted an unfortunate green.

The Bench is innocuous, blending in with its surroundings, not noticeable, really, in any way...yet if one should happen to sit upon it, to gaze over the is transported, without noticing a thing, to another realm.

It is a calm journey, not one that would frighten or startle...but suddenly one finds oneself soaring over the treetops, seeing the homes and the fields of the valley below. It is as if one were on a Magic Carpet...a little dizzying, but not a lot to be concerned about.

I first saw the Bench after the former owner told me about, from there, it was possible to view the entire property. But I was below it, and didn't take the time to climb through the Snow to sit upon it.

I remembered it the other day, however. Snow is melting, dripping, gurgling and singing its farewell song, and the Bluff is clear, covered with Kinnikinnick, Roses and other Berries yet to be identified. The dogs and I climbed the small incline towards the Bench.

I sat down, the dogs panting and resting by my side.

It was one of the few warm days we've had. As Sun's golden rays touched my face and Wind tickled my ears, I closed my eyes, in order to listen more closely to Wind's guarded whisper. His caress over my face made me drowsy, like a child being stroked by his Mother.

Watch, said Wind, Listen and Remember...

How odd, I thought, Remember what? But Wind moved on, branches swaying in his path, leaving me to discover whatever it was for myself.

I heard Coyote in the distance, singing his lonely that reminds me of Loon, who once aroused the same feeling within me. A long time ago, by the pond of my childhood.

And as I followed Coyote's call, the land changed. Spring, with its attendant Bird calls and buzzing of Insects, was in full fruitfulness all around me. There were Flowers, colouring the landscape yellow and blue and pink and red, along with bright, young, green Grasses and Leaves.

I flew over the Aspen and Birch, noting the difference in their leaf colours, hearing the whisper of the Aspen leaves, like soft, gentle coastal Rain. I was shown, in the deep gully where the Grove grew, a huge stump, rotting and being further torn apart by Bear in his search for food. I saw where Moose congregated and Mule Deer browsed within their herds.

I heard the warning...Be aware, it is Spring. There are Youngsters about.

I journeyed on. I saw a large Rockery, filled with Herbs...Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme...and Sage. I saw Lilac Trees filling the air with their perfume. I saw Calendula and Clematis, tangling her witch's seed heads throughout the Big Firs. I saw a garden, and realized it was mine.

I saw an Eagle. I watched as he chased Snow Owl, who silently ducked into the Trees, with the prey he had stolen from Eagle. I lost sight of Owl, but my eyes followed Eagle, listening to his disgruntled rebuke. He circled and circled, trying to catch sight of Owl...but then wheeled off, calling once more. I flew with him, so easily, it seemed, from my perch on the Bench.

I flew over the countryside, a different land than the one I was familiar with. Lady Spring had touched her Wand over every Field, Tree and Flower and had painted the Cariboo all the colours of the Rainbow, shimmering and unreal to my startled eyes.

The dogs roused me. A nose nudged my hand. It was time to wander on.

After a deep dream such as this, when I am caught unaware, the colours that surround me are intensified. It is as if each Branch and Leaf, each Boulder, from the biggest to the smallest, have a luminous light that shimmers and shines, delineating each and every Being. The Land, though not Springlike, looked beautiful.

And I realized...each Season in its time.

Spring will arrive in all its glory. So will the warm, golden days of Summer, the crisp days of Autumn, and the cold, clear days of Winter. As sure as anything.

And becoming impatient for the end of Winter will not cure a will not change the cycle Mother Earth has found for herself.

I left the Bench, glancing back in awe and wonder. Had I, after only a couple of weeks, already found the Magical Place? Where journeys transpire, and where one understands the language of the Beings who inhabit this place?

A small, innocent Bench, painted an unfortunate green...who knew?


  1. What a beautiful place you (and the dogs) have to explore, each season with new surprises.

    I do think I would paint that bench though.

  2. May your magic meet you daily at the bench and gently follow your every move!

  3. The picture you paint of your new home is beautiful. I felt as if I was there with you. Much to look forward to.

  4. What a wonderful place to be in quiet and with so many wonderful neighbors that go about and make you feel as you are just another participant in the grand scheme. Thank you taking us there and letting us enjoy your world.

  5. Jan,

    The paint must have been left over from painting the shed...which sits by the front entry.

    It is SO LIME GREEN. And stands out like a sore thumb. But you know what? I think it's growing on me.


    Thank you for the perfectly lovely blessing!


    I fell in love totally with this place on Saturday, when the Snow was mostly gone and we were able to walk it all, in warm temps, with a was glorious. With all the game trails, it's like a park.


    I hope you had a great holiday! It's great to see you back. Thank you for following along, as I figure out this new home!

  6. Magic carpet indeed. What a lovely journey you took us on with your words. Maybe the color helps one find their way to the bench from a long way off?

  7. Thanks for this wonderful landscape you painted. It looks like you're going to love this new home of yours!

    Does that paint look any better on the shed, I wonder? It's kind of uncanny though. There's a hedge down one side of our new garden which turns into a fence just before the end - and for no obvious reason a small part of that fence is painted in a series of vertical stripes of a very similar shade of unfortunate green.

    I've been wondering about those stripes. Now I'm wondering even more...

  8. Barbara,

    Thank you for being so aware! The returning point.

    Because the colour bothered me, at first, I will not forget it, and in the seduction of a journey, that is not something I would wish on myself.

    I am beginning to consider it quite charming...evocative of where I live.


    I would listen to my intuition. If the green bothers or intrigues you, find out why. You are very proficient at this kind of thing.

    Let me know what happens. Do you feel a connection to...somewhere else?

  9. what a magical place you've got there. it just keeps getting better. looking forward for spring stories... :)

  10. Beautifully written account of a magical experience. I was flying with you.

  11. Another great post Marion. I felt like I was floating on the magic carpet with you on this wonderful journey. It sounds like a great place you have moved to Marion, even if the bench is painted green!

  12. Lovely piece, Marion. There is a similar place locally, here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mts, called "Pretty Place."

    Someone built a chapel up there, as is just SO fitting, since lots of people choose this spot for ceremonies, baptisms, marriages and all kinds of stuff.

    And I imagine it has been so since the beginning of time. :)

  13. What a magical place it is turning out to be. I am sure you are really going to enjoy Spring when it fully arrives.

    What type of bears are they, if they are still around, and do you have to be wary of them or will they run away at the sound of you and the dogs?

  14. Love the "magic" of your blog, and your knack for story telling.


  15. Alison,

    Spring stories would be good...It is -10C and snowing hard. Hope Spring arrives soonest!


    When I meditate, I can fly and feel Wind and Air currents against my face, and different scents. Thank you for coming along.


    I believe the green is becoming a part of this place. I could paint over it; I'm just not sure its required just yet!


    What a beautiful place. I'm absolutely certain it's been used for many ceremonies, and will continue to be.


    The ones I've seen are Black Bear, although the Spirit Bear is on the Coast, and the Chilcotin has Grizzly Bear.

    The dogs and I make a lot of noise as we walk the trails. Unless they feel threatened or there are young about, the Black Bear I am accustomed to usually run when they run into Humans. And hopefully the other way, lol!