Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First Birthday

Time really does fly baby grandson is a year old today.

A year ago, when Graydon was born, nobody could have convinced me I would be living in the Cariboo a year hence.

I am still surprised it ha
ppened...this move away from my family. I am not sure I have completely assimilated it yet, even as I live here.

My family will celebrate Graydon's birthday without me and Graham this year, but there will be a DVD of the proceedings. I am happy he received his first parcel from us, in time to open his present.

Parcels cement grand
parents' connection to their grandkids, if there is distance involved. I remember the wonderful surprises my Oma sent me from Europe. There were exotic chocolates and candies...and German comic books. Those comics taught me to read the German language.

And these comic books taught me a bit about my German heritage and background. It will be small things like these which will fill the parcels I never knows exactly what toy or book will enhance a child's life.

One year ago today, life changed for us, when Graydon arrived. And a year later, life
changed again.

There will be a celebration here, in the Cariboo, as well. It is the day we will be moving into our new home. A double celebratory event for us.

I will wander through the
house, imprinting the feel of it, the energy emitted. I will plan where items of furniture will go, when it arrives a few days from now. And I will remember the night Graydon was born...

I will not forget to send gratitude to Creator for the w
onderful gift given to our family that night. In my humble opinion, there is none greater.

And now, a year later, we enjoy and dearly love our grandson... from afar, albeit...but even with the present uproar we are in, I remember the feel of him in my arms, how he snuggled and curled into my very soul, when he was born. And distan
ce cannot harm this memory.

I will enjoy planning the guest rooms, one adult orientated, and one more suited to our grandkids, Bree and Graydon. A room where they will be comfortable, when things get a little hectic with the adults, with books and DVD's to curl up with, when they visit in the Winter. A warm room, one that welcomes after a day spent in the Snow, or on a Lake.

This is how I will bring my fami
ly to the plans I make as I decorate their rooms. Other guests will use them, of course...but the primary purpose behind the decorating will be our family, and their likes and dislikes. It keeps them close.

I know, deep inside, most holidays and family celebrations will be spent together, but there will be some where distance or circumstances will keep us apart.

Those are the times when a memory of Bree's flashing smile or Graydon's chuckle will warm my heart. And there will be gratitude, once again, to Creator for the ease of contact, be it telephone, mail or Video in this day and age.

I hear Graydon's voice on the telephone...the soft babble that comes over the wires melts my heart. Bree, a non-telephone user, will overcome her dislike for speaking on the phone and give quick updates on her life, leaving me with her heartfelt expression of love for me and a giggle...the giggle which has not changed much from when she was a small child.

This morning, I went out on the Motel's deck, and sent Birth
day blessings on the Breeze, sending Reiki energy to my family. A Mule Deer greeted me, meeting my eyes with the familiar thrum of energy which occurs when I meet the eyes of a Wild Being.

I know, intuitively, my blessings have been received.

I have found a way to make distance from family work as well as it's going to. After the next month or so, when we will be busy with making a home, I will travel to the coast...and then will travel as regularly as I can, in order to keep up with the growth of my grandchildren.

This past year, since Gr
aydon was born, has presented many changes.

Being part of Grady's Birth
day celebrations from afar is just one more of them.

So much Love and blessings to you, so many hugs and kisses, dear Graydon, on your First Birthday!


  1. May this be the first of many birthdays in a life filled with joy. And, for you, many happy days in your new home.

  2. Oh boy, Marion. This post touched me on several levels but first, Happy Birthday to beautiful Graydon.

    After being away from home for two weeks, I posted this morning what may be the same daffodil photo--if not it is damn near the same one. Random? I wonder.

    Anyway, as a new grandmother who has yet to hold her new grandson, I sense how much you must miss both of your grandchildren. This missing I wrote about briefly. I haven't even been back for 24 hours and I am missing Nicolas something terrible. The circumstances of Nic's birth were not typical and it will be some time before I write about the last six weeks, but I sure share your longing to be nearer. I will remember the package idea to help build connections.

    May you and Graham have the best of times in the new home.

  3. I can't believe Graydon is one already Marion. Gosh time flies by! He is so blessed to have you as his grandmother. Hope your house move goes well. Take care Marion and all the best!

  4. I can't believe Graydon is one already Marion. Gosh time flies by! He is so blessed to have you as his grandmother. Hope your house move goes well. Take care Marion and all the best!

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  6. happy birthday graydon! weee one year old! how time flies! i hope you're doing well in your new place. how's the weather?

  7. I hope Graydon had a nice birthday - and that you are now successfully installed in your new home! I hope you enjoy getting into shape. (Which reminds me, I should start painting that bedroom...)