Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Dwelling Place

These photos are the first taken of our new home...our new dwelling place.

There are aged Boulders and Rocks...some covered in my old friend, Moss. And there are Trees...many, many Trees.

Apparently, there is a view of the entire Borland Valley...prime viewing, indeed. But, in order to see it, I will be required to sacrifice a few Trees. A daunting prospect; taking down Trees will be a difficult decision for me.

Graham will be building a Wood Shop; there will be some clearing done then. The Trees that must be removed will be used for fencing, showing their usefulness and beauty long after their lives have ended.

There is still much Snow lying in drifts, making walking any distance away from the house slippery and difficult. The Snow makes it difficult, too, for me to grasp how I might want to landscape...photos of the land in Summer and Autumn depict an entirely different land than the one I see today.

At one time, a small creek ran beside the house. I suspect development and diversion have taken it away. I imagine steps taking me down into a dry creek bed, planted here and there with ferns and mosses, as it will be in deep shade, across from the North entry to the house.

And there is the West side of the house, one of two spots chosen for the new Shop. There are many, many Trees there...some starved for Light, growing lank and spindly. Care will have to be lavished on this wonderful, unused area, to which I could feel the beginnings of attachment to the land.

The West side is underused and ignored, yet the whispers of energy were strongest here. Because of all the Trees, it is in deep shade, with those Mossy Boulders...the kind which look and feel as if they have the wisdom of the Ages deep within.

I questioned the previous owner...where would she plant Apple Trees, if she were me? Pleased to be asked, she elaborated on her favourite spot for Fruit Trees, where she had always intended to plant them, and which kinds. She would situate them on the lower South bench, she said...there is much Sun there.

The East Side of the house is the first face to be seen, from the driveway. It is the second choice for the Wood Shop, but it is a prime area for a Vegetable garden, as well. Close to the house, there might be a slim chance the Animal Browsers won't bother with it, especially if it has an eight foot fence around it. There are stairs which would lead me directly to the Vegetables, just off the deck. This, too, is where I would place the compost bin...inside the garden's fence. Compost, especially during fruit season, draws Bears, but it is such a valuable part of gardening, it would be difficult to leave it out.

And in the North entryway, which has yet to be planned out, I want to introduce Hosta, Hydrangea and Sword Fern. I plan on researching different Vines and their hardiness. They will be used to soften the edges of the entry, with trellises.

I want to plant daffodils throughout; it will take me years. But one day, those golden heads, with their distinctive scent, will herald Spring throughout this new Forest.

There are many, many wild plants here, both strange and familiar...Groundcovers, Shrubs and Trees. I will utilize them everywhere; I love to use wildlings. They are tough and strong and know the climate...and they usually feed the Animal Browsers with Berries. I am told there are many Saskatoon Berry bushes dotted here and there. Spring will be the time of discovery.

There will be changes to the interior of the home...a new kitchen, wood floors and painting...general redecorating...will take up my time, for awhile.

I look forward to quiet times on the deck, overlooking the Forest, when indoor chores overwhelm. With a cup of Tea and my binoculars close at hand. In this way, eventually, I will know the Birds, the Trees and the Animals that make this land their home.

And, exactly like this. over the Summer's season, will this dwelling, tucked into its own Forest, become part of me, joining my Soul.

Just as all the other Land I have had the privilege of caretaking for Spirit has.


  1. What a beautful home--wow.

  2. What an exciting time you have ahead of you.

    Just don't get so caught up in activities that you don't have enough time on the deck to reflect on what surrounds you.

  3. This is wonderful, Marion. May your new home be blessed with much happiness.

    Amazing timing on this one, I must say. It would be great if you point the camera out one of your windows and share the view.

  4. It looks beautiful with plenty of space around you. Are you far from a town shops etc.

  5. That view from the deck is so peaceful. And I could just see you sitting there writing and reflecting on the beauty.

  6. Diane,

    The home has a warm, clean feeling. It feels familiar to me already, and I am looking so forward to tramping the land that surrounds it.

    Thanks for stopping by, Diane. I enjoyed perusing your site the other day.


    Thanks for the reminder...it is so easy to get caught up in the mundane items and forget to smell the Roses...or whatever else happens to be in bloom in the Cariboo, lol.


    Thank you for your good wishes...the home, so far, feels very warm, inviting and inspirational.

    I love the idea of your new blog. As soon as I move in, I will take a photo and send it to you. Move in day is March 30...I am counting the days!

  7. Davem,

    The house is actually about seven miles out of the City of Williams Lake, in 150 Mile House. There is a post office, a pub, a Sears outlet, a general store and a Video store. We live a mile or so from this little centre.

    We have three acres of forested land. We face south and are just above the Borland Valley, on a sloped property.

    I have no idea what lies beneath all that Snow. There is a first for everything, and this is the first time I have ever bought a house with its land covered in Snow!


    Doesn't that sound peaceful? I've seen photos of the view which were taken in the Autumn...it is breathtaking.

    I have a lot of plans for that deck, almost to the exclusion of the interior of the house, lol!

    It faces South; once more, I am looking forward to my tomato crop, which I'll grow in pots on that deck!

    Because it is further North than the Island, the days in Summer are longer here, so the plants will get more Sun. Makes for a very quick start to the vegetables, when they are planted out.

  8. I am heartened by your enthusiasm. You are going to have much fun and satisfaction getting the place into shape to match your desires.
    Does the house have a wood burning fireplace or stove? Wood is handy for this, if so. With the snows your area probably gets in winter, the power may go out and require alternate heating and comfort.
    Enjoy the second spring and thanks for brightening my day.

  9. Just beautiful! And perfectly suitable for a spiritual seeker, too. :)

  10. Goatman, we have a gas fireplace, which is very good during power outages, too...at least on the Coast. Here, it may not keep up with the cold.

    Some places here have outdoor wood furnaces...they seem to work well,also.

    I am very excited to see the second Spring on the new property!


    Thank you, I believe it will be!

  11. wow! so so lovely! looking forward to more pictures as the ice and snow melts away... i wonder what more surprises is in store for us... :)

  12. Thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful new home. These are exciting times for you Marion as you are in transition to a new home and a new chapter in your life. It will be better when you start renovating and putting your personal stamp on it. I wish you and Graham every happiness in your new home.