Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter Virus

This past weekend, both Graham and I tangled with what I call a Winter Virus. These viruses worm their insidious way into my body, which has many defenses put in place by me. As a result, Winter Viruses rarely last long...but while they do, while I am fighting a Virus War...I focus on being well.

And for the first time in a long while, I did all that focusing from the comfort of the living room couch. I was down...out for the count. For a period of about two days, although I fought it, all I wanted to do was sleep.

Eventually, as I still tried to do day to day living chores, I wondered why I was working so hard to ignore the droopy eyes, the pain in my joints, the rumbling belly, the incredible weariness. Sometimes, beating my head against a brick wall and not accepting the circumstances becomes just too stupid.

I lowered myself onto that couch, not even moving the pillows adorning it...pillows that make it impossible, usually, to sit comfortably. I fell into an instant sleep, interspersed with dreams of water, coloured lights, fields of green... and words of comfort from someone, a woman I do not know... which I instantly forgot upon awakening.

I woke a few hours later, convinced I had only been there for a few minutes. I lay curled between the pillows, in a position I would never allow my body to be in for long, had I been aware. Graham later said it was a toss-up as to whether he should wake me and move me...or let me sleep.

He probably felt I was going to emulate Grandfather Bear either way.

I sprang up...a mistake. Sinking back into those wonderfully comfortable, now squished beyond recognition, pillows, I closed my eyes. I wanted to return to those dreams and the lady who whispered such words of comfort. I drifted and re-visited, and wandered among green, green fields...fields of Spring.

Bees and birdsong, warm, shifting breezes, the scent of lavender...all these offered solace to my felled body, soothed and gave me tranquillity and ease.

At other times I felt I was underwater, floating in a warm, viscous blue fluid, feeling weightless... renewed. I felt awe, too, at the way such comfort was being given to me, here in my dream state.

Shafts of yellow, orange and pink light pierced the fluid surface of the water; suddenly I found myself once more wandering in that emerald field enclosed in that golden light. It was so comfortable. I cannot begin to tell you how warm and hopeful the atmosphere was where I found myself in my dream.

I felt so well! In this field, I did not have to force myself to do anything...I wanted to, needed to! My legs did not feel weak and watery...they were strong and ready to walk. I could breathe fresh, warm more stuffed up nose. All the ailments that the Winter Virus plagued me with disappeared...and I revelled in it. I wanted to immerse myself within the greeny golden light that surrounded me, roll in the impossibly green grass I walked upon.

This time, as I drifted towards wakefulness, I remembered the field and the water...but most of all I remembered how well I felt, in the green.

I spent another day yesterday giving in to rest and warmth. I drank so much seemed my thirst could not be quenched. And last night, I slept a full nine hours straight.

The Winter Virus has not fully been vanquished. Graham, who suffered his own battle with it over the weekend, has emerged the victor this morning. I started out like gang-busters upon arising; but I am recognizing signs of the Virus attempting a comeback.

It will only be a slight skirmish, however...I will just wander back to the field of Green, a colour I use often for healing with Reiki, and allow the golden light to give me further energy.

Winter Viruses cannot last when I finally become aware of what the Universe and all knowledge since the beginning of time is telling me. I just like to believe my mind is clouded with the Winter Virus, and that's why it takes me so long to see that rest and fluids are required behavior! Not laziness!

And using visualizations, dreams, colours and Reiki certainly helps too!


  1. Hope you've managed to see it off Marion. Bugs like that are annoying and really bring you down. Spring really is around the corner ......honest.

  2. Our body and our spirit has unique ways of telling us what we need. When we need quiet time and rest it has its own way of getting what it desires. Our spirit guides work in harmony with our physical body. If the energy becomes blocked and we feel the effects of it, then we become ill and we have to take care of our needs. Like Grandfather Bear we have to rest and we have to dream and leave this physical world to let the energy of Mother Earth enter our bodies and bring balance to our being. After we recharge then the feeling and the power of Father Sky is in us and we are one with all again. My friend, rest well and dream.

  3. Rest easy. I don't think I've ever read quite a description of being sick crafted in such a poetic way.

  4. Marion, I'm sorry you are sick, but what a beautiful post! Simon of The Secret to Life (on my blogroll) also just had a post about a dream in which the color green figured prominently.

    As I recently commented on Winsome Gunning's post on silence - whenever several different blog posts intersect I always pay attention.

    Be well!

  5. Sorry to hear you had it bad for a while but hope the virus has been vanquiched Marion. Whether we like it or not (as you know) our bodies do know what we need, rest, especially sleep, is a way to healing, not lazyiness, we mustn't feel wuilty because we "give in".

    I love your sense of awareness and oneness with the natural world Marion.

  6. I hate to say it but you don't seem to be a poster girl for "herbal healing". Although I could be wrong. I suspect that you guys live in an area of deep humidity and bone-chilling cold?
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate your comment.

  7. I'm feeling much better. Just a few twinges now, which I ward off by getting to bed early, and reading a good book!

    Thanks for your optimism, Davem...I went outside today for a bit of fresh air and found pussywillows! What a gift!

    Dave, you always put it so well...thank you for your immense wisdom and teachings...I so look forward to your comments!

    Thank you, matter what, seems I can always write!

    Sunflower, seems like a lot of synchronicity going on.I am going to check out Simon's site. And by the way, those are beautiful misty photos on your site!

  8. Thank you, Sandy...I think it is all about past beliefs and teachings I grew up with. In my family, one never gave in to sickness...there was always such protocol involved, lol!

    No kidding, Goatman...all the herbal preps I know of didn't help me that day! Or maybe they did, and I might have been far worse without them. I'm just glad I feel better!

    Your description of where I live sounds correct about this of the worst with regards to wind and cold, on record.

  9. You certainly must have needed that rest and what a beautiful dream. You were receiving healing on all levels, best wishes, The Artist